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Gold Coast Airport 101 for First Timers in the City


Australia’s Gold Coast has a lot to offer that even just their airport is amazing. The runway is situated in both New South Wales and Queensland, so if you set one foot in the NSW border and one foot in QLD, you are in two different places at the same time!


This is just one of the many amazing things about Gold Coast Airport. It has excellent restaurants and shopping hubs, which we will be talking about below.

Start with Airport Parking


If your friends or relatives are picking you up at the terminals, tell them to bring their car and park at Gold Coast Airport. It’s more convenient than taking public transportation and way cheaper than ride sharing or hailing taxis.

Gold Coast’s Favorite Dining Places

Nothing is better than dining out with your family and friends. Enjoying a sumptuous plate of steak and a good glass of wine with your loved ones while catching up on life is one of the best bonding experiences. If you have a flight to the Gold Coast airport soon, then make sure to visit these restaurants that are near the airport.

Blackstone Bar and Lounge

The Blackstone Bar and Lounge opens as early as 5 in the morning. If you have got an early flight and you land at the Gold Coast airport at 5 AM or at a later time, then tell your friends to meet you at the bar. It might be too early for drinks, but do not worry, as the bar serves delicious breakfast as well! Try their eggs benedict, croissant, tapas, and Lavazza coffee, you won’t regret it!

Red Rooster

The Red Rooster is a very well-known Australian restaurant. It is well-loved by Aussies, and every Aussie you ask will probably say that they have eaten in this restaurant at least once in their life. Have a taste of their sumptuous burgers, baguettes, chicken wraps, and roast chicken.

The Coast Cafe

If you have had a stressful flight and you feel like drinking right to the minute that your plane lands, then the Coast Cafe would be your best option. It is situated at the airport’s entrance, and they serve both premium imported and local beer. This bar is your best option if you just cannot wait to chug good beer!

NRG Express

NRG stands for “Natural, Refreshing, and Good”, and they obviously serve healthy (but really good) food. If you are trying to stick to your diet but you are craving for a good burger, then this restaurant would be the best choice for you. They offer “healthier” versions of pizza, lasagna, nachos, beef burger, and steak sandwich!

Free Wi-Fi and Internet


The Gold Coast airport offers fast and free internet service in several airport lounges. Make good use of it by replying to important emails or messages. If you have got some time to kill, then watch some of your favorite Netflix shows right then and there! If you want even faster internet, then try visiting some of the internet kiosks for a minimal fee.

Use the Massage Chairs

There are a few massage chairs available at the airport, so why not use them? You have had a long flight, and now, it’s time to relax and take a break while waiting to go on your next destination. Go on and indulge!

Gold Coast is full of pleasant surprises, and it would be a shame not to explore the city. Go on and enjoy, you deserve to be stress-free!

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