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Front Row Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

It was years ago when Tina, Shar, and I went to Clark Pampanga for a hot air balloon event. That was my first time and we had so much fun. But a part of me wished that we rode one.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

Last year, I was invited to participate in Clark’s hot air balloon event. Unfortunately, I had a trip planned to Kanchanaburi with the same date. I was not able to go and was so sad because that was an opportunity to ride a hot air balloon. It is something that I want to really try for myself.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

Then late last year, while Tina and I were in Asheville, another opportunity arose. Tina’s cousin immediately asked us if we want to attend a hot air balloon fair. My face lit up and of course, I said “Yes”. We made a full day out of it and as expected, it was a fun experience. But I still didn’t get to ride one.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

This year, I guess my dream finally happened.

On April 12 to 14, in Clark Global City, they held an event called Frontrow Hot Air Balloon Festival. And this time, I didn’t miss my chance.


FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

I woke up really early for this experience, hoping to finally get that ride.

To attend this event, the admission fee cost Php 350 per person per day. Children of 3ft below were free of charge but they only allowed children who are 6 years old and above to ride the hot air balloon with an adult to accompany them.


On the large expanse of the field, I can see a lot of hot air balloons even from far away. I didn’t count but it was announced that there were 20 hot air balloons participating in total, and 5 of those were special-shaped, unlike the regular ones that people commonly see from postcards.

One of the special-shaped hot air balloons looked like a pig to refer to the “Year of the Pig”. I actually found it funny because it reminded me of that idiom, “when pigs fly”.


YES!!! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! I now experienced it! I rode a hot air balloon!

To be in that basket with a big balloon carrying you up is an experience that everyone must try for themselves. It was both exciting and thrilling that I can’t stop smiling.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark
With Aylin

It was announced beforehand that the ride will be tethered. It didn’t actually take flight but I don’t care. It is still one step closer to my dream.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

The balloon ride cost Php 500 per person. They were only allowing two persons per ride, so I rode it with my friend Ay Lin.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

A lot of people came to ride on the event so I was really happy to be one of those who gets to ride one. The schedule for flying was from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM and 5 PM to 6:30 PM. The ride was a short experience but I will always remember it.


Different countries had participated in this event. Aside from the Philippines, the other countries were South Korea, the United States of America, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, France, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, and India.

There were inflatable attractions and slides where kids can play. I also saw some mascots and they also held some shows to keep the kids entertained.

During this three-day event, they also featured motorsport events like racing and motorcycle stunt show.

There was also a dance competition that was held on April 13, with around 20 group competitors.


There were food booths available during the event where people can buy food and eat. There were only a few chairs, so eating picnic-style was a merry experience.


FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

If the weather is good around 6 PM, they will light up the hot air balloons. This part of the event made me love hot air balloons more. Once the balloons were light up in that beautiful night sky, everything seemed dreamy and relaxed. Staying just to watch that is a great encounter.


FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

Listening to the amazing songs by different artists like Kamikazee, Ely Buendia, Hale, and Unique Salonga is the best way to end the day’s event.

I had a wondrous time at this event. I finally rode a hot air balloon that I was really looking forward to. And it was an awesome experience overall.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

I am hoping that one day I will be able to ride another hot air balloon without being tethered to the ground and have a trip going anywhere. Perhaps next year I will be able to do that. For now, I’m just really happy that I got to ride a hot air balloon

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