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Epicurean Party in IM Hotel

In order to celebrate love for food this Christmas season, bloggers, vloggers, micro influencers were invited by I’M Hotel, in collaboration with other sponsors, to a “Food Bloggers Christmas Party” named “#EpicureanPartyAtIMHotelPH” in their new rooftop bar with a live jellyfish tank, Antidote Bar.

Located in Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City, I’M Hotel offers affordable five-star services and facilities. Their bedroom suites come with living room spaces, kitchenette, laundry facilities and overlooking view of the city. While I’m Hotel’s in-house fine dining options include, among others, international and seasonal dishes served in buffet tables in Bloom Restaurant or an eat-all-you-can style of the modern Chinese atmosphere of Empress Jade.

Empress-Jade-I'M Hotel-Makati

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Aside from access to their well-equipped gym and infinity pool with a glass bottom, the accommodation packages in the I’M Hotel include access to I’M Onsen Spa, the first modern Japanese-style bath and spa services in the Philippines. Thus, raising the bar of staycation for guests into a whole new level.I'M-Hotel-Makati

Although conveniently located within the entertainment district of Makati, I’M Hotel’s guests no longer need to leave the establishment to get a taste of the Makati night life. Apart from the two in-house bars, I’M Hotel has just opened a new watering hole on their rooftop called Antidote.

While the Hops & Brews runs as a partly cafe and partly bar and the Mermaid Pool Bar offers an alfresco seating beside the infinity pool on the second floor, the newly opened bar, the Antidote takes up the whole rooftop of I’M Hotel with a whole new different touch.

The live jellyfish tank is really stunning as it is decked behind the main bar. The live jellyfish (our guess is there’s about a thousand in them there) even dance with the changing neon lights and the party music in their indoor area. Meanwhile outside, the al fresco area still lets guests view the other side of the live jellyfish tank while perfectly enjoying the 360-degree overlooking view of the Makati skyline and its neighboring area. The Antidote bar is just the perfect place for the “Food Bloggers Christmas Party.”

Hosted by the foodie powerhouses @thefoodiestation and @whattoeatph, The “Food Bloggers Christmas Party” was fun and full of games that it challenged everyone’s creativity from start to end! Of course, being the competitive person that I am, I joined most of the games.


Game 1 :  What’s on your Phone

In our first game, we were given a list of pictures from which we need to find the items that match the photos in our phone. The items were assigned with 1, 5, 10, or 20 points. Of course, 20 points for photos of the sponsor of the event. Luckily, I’m not new to I’M hotel so at least I got that for 20 points. Hope to win!

Mermaid Tail from Bedroom Essentials

Game 2 :  Human Bingo  

The next game is the Human Bingo. So, here, I got to know a bit about the background and experiences of other influencers. Through events like this, I get to meet new people and get to discover their different ways to celebrate their love for food. Tina and I, of course, mingled with fellow foodies.


Game 3: Eating Time, wait, is this a game?  OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

To say there was food overload durng the party is definitely a crime, as we were served with rows upon rows of buffet tables with the following sections:

  1. Perfecto Lechon


  1. ElarzLechon – The ElarzLechon is undoubtedly one of the best lechon suppliers in the Philippines. They cater to several hotels and important events. It already has numerous branches across Rizal and Metro Manila.


  1. Amici PH – Amici Ph is an authentic Italian restaurant established only in 2001 as a turo-turo style eatery by an Italian priest, Fr. Gianluigi Colombo.
  2. Party Toques – Party Toques offers a fine dining-quality food specially prepared for special events and gatherings at your home.
  3. Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie – Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie provides Continental Style cuisines that match the Filipino taste buds.
  4. The Broken Oven – The Broken Oven specializes in making pork bellies the hero of their dishes. They can be found in Industrie Food Loft 2nd Floor, CityGolf Plaza, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
  5. Mama Lou’s – The Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen is a family-owned business that offers a mixed of home-cooked and Italian-style cuisines.
  6. Kenny Rogers Roaster – Kenny Rogers Roaster is one of the most popular franchise restaurants in the Philippines. Their specialty is the crispy roasted chicken partnered with homemade muffins.
  7. Angels Pizza – Angel’s Pizza is an Italian-style pizza chain restaurant owned by Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc.
  8. Tien Mas Taiwanese Restaurant  – Tien Mas Taiwanese Restaurant is a growing chain restaurant that already has three branches within Metro Manila and one branch in Cagayan de Oro.
  9. Crystal Jade Chinese Dining Restaurant – Crystal Jade Chinese Dining Restaurant is an authentic Chinese chain restaurant that has already several branches in 10 different countries. Their first branch in the Philippines is located on 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City.
  10. Bistro Ravioli – Bistro Ravioli started only as a small food stall in a food court. Their specialty includes pasta, pizza, and ravioli, all in traditional Italian-style.
  11. Gelatofix – Gelatofix is a Singapore-based Italian gelato cafe that first branched out in Cambodia and now in the Philippines.



  1. Empanada Mas – Empanada Mas offers homemade empanadas using an old heirloom family recipe.
  1. Lily & Rose Manila – Lily and Rose Manila prepares home-cooked and seasonal dishes. They are served on trays, perfect for a get-together.
  2. Antidote Bar’s Signature Light Bites – Antidote Bar offers bite-sized tapas, mostly seafood, infused with alcohol.

Game 4: Creative Game for LICK Iced tea

Our next game involves mannequin challenge where I was grouped with @hooknorm @eatsasmallworld @thetravellingtongue,@gastronomida, and @mykeeasy. Tina had a separate group, unfortunately. I loved how they grouped us randomly letting us mingle with other bloggers we might or might not have met yet in our food events. Their concept of the game was good too.

Through a mannequin challenge, we were supposed to pose on how to incorporate Lick Iced tea in Christmas season. It definitely wracked our wits for a catchy storyline until we decided to pose as naughty or nice boys and girls, topping it off with a fun jingle. Here’s to hoping we win!


Game 5: Creative Game for Stip’s Chips

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Crafted by foodies, loved by foodies! If you love salted egg chips as much as we do, then we're pretty sure you'll go gaga over the new melt-in-your-mouth crispy potato chips by @stipschips. Made with a creamy blend of sweet and salty salted egg mixture and curry leaves, a bag will definitely have you craving for more. A new @hungrytravelduo favorite! ❤ . . . #Whattoeatphxthefoodiestation #epicureanpartyatimhotelph #foodblogph #foodblogph #bloggermail #stipchips #saltedeggchips #foodph #filipinofoodmovement #whattoeatph #thefoodiestation #eatph #zomatoPH #loolooapp #bookymanila #f52grams #foodgrammerPH #dailyfoodfeed #spotmyfood #foodgrammer #vscoeats #yummyph #gourmanila #gomanila #wheninmanila

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We then did another mannequin challenge with Stip’s Chips product. I am not a big fan of salted egg chips. I’ve tried a few salted chips products but this salted egg chip product is what I love most. My mom loved it too. She said the same thing. She wasn’t a fan of salted chips but she couldn’t stop nibbling this product. Loved this a lot! I wish to have more.

So, our group made a pose wherein I was enjoying the chips and wasn’t sharing while they all chased me and made gestures which were translated to “I want this.”


Game 6 : Raffle Prizes

Of course, no Christmas Party will go without prizes, and prizes there were! Here’s a quick list of the generous foodie sponsors:

  1. Raintree Group of Restaurants – Aside from being a property developer and hospitality management company, Raintree Group of Restaurants serves as a food management company. In the Philippines. The Raintree has already established eleven gourmet restaurants and cafes with each bearing their own theme.
  2. Overdough – Overdough offers bite-size doughnuts can be partnered with dips from their menu. They are sweet snacks you can easily grab and take with you.
  3.  Bai’s Boneless Lechon Cebu – Bai’s Boneless Lechon Cebu is owned by a native Cebuano. Thus, their boneless lechon were surely cooked in traditional Cebuano style.
  4. West Town Coffee – West Town’s Coffee is formerly Chicago based-coffee shop. Now, in the Philippines, customers get to choose how strong or citrusy their cup of coffee.
  5. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse – Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse is a grill restaurant owned by Verzosa siblings. Verzosa siblings are also the owner of the popular Josiah’s catering in Tagaytay.

After waiting eagerly for my name to be called, I won one from Overdough.


Game 7 : Socialize

Well, we continue mingling! That’s what we do best. There were still lots of food on the buffet table. I loved Gelatofix! It was really good. To make things even more exciting, we all went home with bagfuls of goodies to boot! Here are the sponsors of the goodies we got to take home.

  1. Stip’s Chips – Stip’s Chips is a Filipino-made brand of salted egg potato chips and salted egg fish skin. Their products are already sold almost in Metro Manila and some parts in the province.


  1. Lick Iced Tea – Lick Iced Tea is a ready-to-drink iced tea brand. They currently have five different flavors, made with real green and black tea, and sweetened with cane sugar and Stevia Plant Extract.


  1. Chocolate Bark and Balsamic Vinegar of Gastronomy by Joy – Gastronomy by Joy is run by Joy Calipes-Felizardo, a full-time mom, and a food blogger.
  2. Pan De Manila – Pan De Manila is one of the most popular bakery chains in the Philippines. They always served freshly baked pandesal.
  3. Cadbury Chocolates – This one is one of our favorite chocolate brands, definitely a classic!
  4. Danes Cheese Ball – Danes Cheese Ball can really add great taste to our dishes.
  5. Figaro Coffee Mugs – Figaro Coffee Company is one of the most successful coffee shops in the Philippines with already over 80 branches.
  6. Figaro Reserve Coffee Packs and Figaro Coffee Cards
  7. Nutriasia’s Big Crunch Fry and Shake – Nutriasia is a sauce and condiment brand that the Filipino families have long trusted. With their new Big Crunch Fry and Shake, the families will no longer get bored with a home-cooked plain chicken.

Before our night ended, I was able to see the view of the city from Antidote bar. It was incredible and I really loved it. It’s definitely one of the best overlooking spots in Makati. Okay that’s it! Merry Christmas, foodies, happy eating!


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