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Flying the World with AirAsia: The 10-year World’s Best low cost Airline


Anyone who constantly travels will know that the first big obstacle to adventure isn’t what’s waiting for you on the other side. It’s how you get to the other side, specifically what carrier will take you and how you can have enough to enjoy your vacation with, after paying for your tickets. Airlines are especially known for fickle pricing, and many a traveller has been known to stalk airline websites to get dibs on any deal — especially those near-mythical seat sales!

Being a long time traveller myself, I find that this game tends to get weary after some time. Before long I started looking for a reliable go-to airline that I know serves the best rates for the best service. Of course this itself took a fair period of searching, but I eventually settled on a name — AirAsia.

This year, world-renowned airline reviewer Skytrax has proclaimed AirAsia to be the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline, for the tenth year in a row! Winning a global award once is no small feat, but AirAsia has been doing this for a full decade. This speaks volumes about their level of quality. They also bagged the Asian version of the award, officially hailing them as Asia’s Best Low Cost Airline in the same London awarding ceremony.


Proven All Around


Of course, such accolades would be meaningless unless AirAsia actually delivers. And in my own experience, the airline does keep a consistent level of service across all situations — even in those dreaded last-minute affairs. Last year, for example, I flew to India on short notice and AirAsia’s prices remained the most affordable even then. Their deals don’t expire or carry hidden charges, which takes a load off the traveller’s mind. Simply book, pay, show up, and you’re off. It wouldn’t seem like a big deal at first, but trust me — airport hassles are the last thing you want on your travel. AirAsia makes sure you have none of that.

But aside from the price, it’s the service that makes AirAsia really stand out. Their clean and comfy planes and ever-smiling flight crew will make your journey a breeze. It’s an economy-class liner, but they even bother to cook up a special santan in flight meals ! The meals taste amazing, too, and you would be missing half your AirAsia journey if you don’t avail of one.


This year, AirAsia has made a lot of my adventures possible. They had absolutely great deals on Taiwan, and my friend Tina also flew their planes to her Sri Lanka getaway. With a wide range of flights reaching all the way up to exotic destination as Maldives and Nepal, AirAsia is your perfect bet when you need to go somewhere hassle-free.


AirAsia is currently celebrating their 10th-year win, so if you’re looking for seat deals on your favorite destinations now’s the time to book! The promo lasts until August 13, and you can check out their fares online and through their handy mobile app. Don’t miss the part where you can earn rewards as a loyal customer, too!



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