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How to Fly and Sleep Like a Knight of the Road


We all love to travel. If you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be on this site.

But there is one part of traveling that just isn’t fun – getting on the plane. Now don’t get me wrong, I love flying. Well, I love the idea of flying. My mind is still boggled that as humans we have worked out how to propel ourselves through the air at 30,000 feet!

But that said, flying – especially long-haul with budget airlines  –  it can be utterly exhausting.

It’s seems almost impossible not to feel drained and a bit unwell when you land. This is especially the case if your route isn’t direct and your itinerary involves a layover, or worse still, two.

But some individuals do it almost everyday for work and manage to function properly. How do these commercial travellers, these sky tramps, these knights of the road (or should that be sky) manage it?


Well read on below and we will let you in on a few little tips on how…


1. Skip the movies


But the movies are the best part of flying I hear you cry! I know, I used to think that too…it’s extremely tempting to treat any long-haul flight as a challenge to watch as many movies as you can,


But trust me on this, staying awake for the entire duration of a long-haul flight to watch four movies is not a good idea – even if they do all star The Rock. I love that guy!


In fact, if you have a night flight I suggest you don’t even bother turning on the little screen in front of you.


The blue light emitted by screens of any kind play havoc our brains when it comes to sleep. You will likely be stressed and overstimulated after running the gauntlet of check-in, you don’t need to add any extra stimulus to this.


Keep the screen off and if you need a little wind down while you settle into your fight why not open that book you’ve been lugging around for weeks.


The team at The Sleep Advisor know all about the benefits of a good sleep; especially when you’re traveling frequently, it’s something you don’t want to give up.


So take my advice skip the in flight movies, your chances of sleeping on the plane will increase ten-fold. You won’t regret it.


  1. Bring your bed with you

Now, of course I don’t mean you try and squeeze your mattress into your carry-on luggage. That would be crazy!


What I do mean is bring with you a few little sleep aids from home that will make you feel almost as comfortable as if you were tucked up at home.


First up, is the travel pillow. I know, they may look a little bit ridiculous but these things can really make a difference when it comes to nodding off on a plane.


There are countless brands and designs for sale in airports, some of which cost an eye watering amount. I suggest, keep it cheap and simple and buy one online or in a discount store long before you fly.

Second up, the humble sleep mask. Again, they may make you look a little silly but frankly who cares if it helps you get some rest! Trust me, these little beauties can be lifesavers when you’re flying long-haul. They help you block out the cabin lights, the movement of the flight staff and especially all the annoying screens of other passengers around you.


Finally, bring a warm sweatshirt or scarf. Because on most flights I’ve been on, I’ve ended up almost freezing to death! And the little skinny blanket most airlines hand out just doesn’t do it for me. Nowadays, I wrap up warm and get cosy so it’s much easier to get my forty winks.

3. Always be hydrating


My final tip isn’t exactly designed to help you sleep  – but it is an important one, one that is frequently ignored and one that will help you feel so much better when you land.


High altitudes and pressured cabins result in a reduction in our blood oxygen levels. The consequence of this is often fatigue, headaches and sometimes dizziness. How can you stop this?


Well, you may not like the answer, but I’m going to give it to you anyway: avoid the free in-flight booze.


Yep, that’s right avoid the free drink. I know, this may take levels of hidden willpower you didn’t even know you had but it is so worth it.


Alcohol can dehydrate you and reduces your body’s capacity to absorb as much oxygen. Instead, knock back as many glasses of water as you can in-flight and take advantage of the other non-alcoholic beverages in the drinks cart.


Sacrificed a glass of wine or two is definitely worth it when land feeling fresh as a daisy.


And it isn’t just your insides that need to be kept well-watered – your skin needs some love too. So make sure you apply some lip balm, hand cream and face moisturiser during the flight to stop the beastly cabin air drying out your delicate skin.


This way, instead of stepping off the plane looking like a reincarnated Tommy Lee Jones, you’ll emerge with a cat-walk glow.


So, there you have, follow these three top tips and you too can fly and sleep like a Knight of the Road. Sweet dreams!

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