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Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan

Bulacan is just two hours away from the business and chaos of modern Manila, but for such a short distance visitors are greeted to spans of lush fields and greenery, relaxing ambiance and a terrific view of the unpolluted skies that make the province of the best places to visit for a weekend getaway. Bulacan is a host to several resorts, and one of their gems is none other than the Floating Sanctuary, a pool retreat which is a must-visit for friends and family looking for a relaxing getaway not too far from the capital. Their grounds can accommodate big families and groups, so it’s also a great place for reunions!

No matter the purpose, if you’re looking for a staycation venue in Bulacan, then this is just the place.

Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan

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Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan

How to get there 

Via private vehicle 

  1. Type Pasong Kasay, San Vicente, Santa Maria, Bulacan into Waze or Google Maps.
    • Exit through Bocaue or Marilao to drive all the way to Floating Sanctuary Resort

Via commute 

Option 1: 

  • From Cubao, ride a bus going to Bulacan (Del Carmen Bus operator) and get off at PTT.
    • From PTT, ride a jeep heading to Halang, San Vicente, and get off at the terminal.
    • From the terminal, ride a tricycle going to the Floating Sanctuary resort.

Option 2

  • From Trinoma, ride a P2P bus headed to Waltermart, Bulacan
    • From Waltermart, ride a tricycle going to Halang, San Vicente, and get off at the terminal.
    • From the terminal, ride a tricycle going to the Floating Sanctuary resort.

Upon arrival, you’ll already feel enamored with the relaxing ambiance of Floating Sanctuary – surrounded by plants and trees, a nice fresh breath of air from the congested nature of the city. The first place to go is the lounge, where guests will be able to register and check-in.

Facilities  of Floating Sanctuary Bulacan

Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan


Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan
Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan

Floating Sanctuary is equipped with 2 big swimming pools and 2 kiddie pools for some fun in the sun. They have features like water showers and sprinklers, which kids are sure to love playing in, too! They also have another pool which you can rent out for exclusive use, an excellent option for those who come in big groups.

Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan

Kids’ Playground 

Floating Sanctuary Sta Maria Bulacan


  • The dorm-style rooms at Floating Sanctuary are relatively small when compared to hotel rooms but are clean, comfortable, and modern. You can choose from different rooms, ranging from 2 pax, 4 pax, 5 pax, and 8 pax, and even 10 pax depending on your needs.
    • They are complete with pillows and bedding, storage closets, televisions, and bathrooms with toiletries and TV. The showers have hot and cold water options.
    • Booking comes with free wifi and breakfast!


Unfortunately, there is no in-house restaurant at the Floating Sanctuary as of writing – the only food available is their complimentary breakfast which tends to have rather small portions, so it’s best to either bring snacks or drive out of the grounds for a meal at the local carinderias and restaurants like those at the Puerto Rivas Food Park. You can also opt to bring your own food and have it grilled on the resort grounds!

Events Place

Want to bring your family along for a big family reunion or maybe hold events for an office retreat? Floating Sanctuary is perfect for that, too! Here are their grounds available for rent:

  • Gazebo – 6000 PHP, good for 50 pax
  • Pavilion Place – 25,000 PHP (w/ aircon) / 12,000 PHP (w/o aircon), good for 100 pax
  • Garden Area and Gazebo – PHP 12,000, good for 100 pax
  • Dorm Open Area – PHP 8000, good for 100 pax


  • Day Tour 
  • 400 PHP – adult
    • 250 PHP – children
    • 300 PHP – senior citizen or PWD
  • Overnight (Regular rooms) 
  • Standard room (4 pax) – 4,400/night
    • Loft room (5 pax) – 5,500/night
    • Special loft (8 pax) – 8000/night
  • Overnight (Leaf Lodge – budget rooms, shared bathrooms) 
  • Standard room (4 pax) – 3,800/night
    • Loft room (4 pax) – 3,800/night
  • Cabana Rentals 
  • Cabana big (10-12 pax) – 1,500 PHP
    • Cabana small (5-6 pax) – 1,200 PHP

Ready for a weekend getaway at the lovely Floating Sanctuary? You can visit or book your very own trip via their address and contact information below:

  • Address: 1438 Pasong Kalay St, Santa Maria, Bulacan
  • Contact: 0925 512 0003


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