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Ferry from Manila to Bataan in only 50 minutes for only Php 450 with 1 Bataan

Ferry from Manila to bataan

Traveling from Manila to Bataan originally takes 3-4 hours via land transport; However, my recent visit to Bataan during the 77th Araw ng Kagitingan took only 50-Minutes, thanks to the new transportation system established by 1Bataan.

About 1Bataan

1Bataan Integrated Transport system is a collaboration between Magic Leaf and the provincial government of Bataan. The transportation system was built to support the province’s growing tourism and trade market.

Ferry from Bataan to Manila

My Experience with 1Bataan

As my visit took place during the holiday, I book the ticket online for a hassle free transaction and lower ticket rates. Since I’ll be going to Pilar and Balanga, I chose the ferry going to Orion because it’s nearer to those two towns.


The boarding gates close 30-minutes before the departure time, hence it’s best to arrive at least 1 hour before The ferry from Manila to Bataan leaves from Seaside Esplanade at Mall of Asia, the same  place where the Corregidor Island Tours depart from . The Ferry from Bataan to Manila leaves from Orion and Mariveles.  As mentioned, we tried the one from Orion.  I presented my E-Ticket, receipt upon check-in, and ID as proof of transaction-then I receive my seat number before boarding.


The Waiting Area

Ferry from Bataan to Manila

Upon entering, I was amazed at how spacious the interior was; The seats and legroom provide ample space to move around, including the walkway which can fit 2-3 people walking side by side.  The design of the waiting area in Orion is very modern.  It also had free wifi so my friends and I used this time to work. We also took lots of pictures from the second floor, this reminds me of the new airport in Puerto Princesa.

Boarding 1 Bataan Ferry

Ferry from Bataan to Manila

Before sailing, standard safety procedures flashed on the LED TV screens across the ferry, to teach passengers how to respond in case of emergency. It was also reassuring to see each seat are provided with individual life vests.

After finishing the safety and security measurements, the ferry sailed. I spent the 50-minutes doing work which meant editing photos. There are functioning sockets in the ferry especially in the VIP area.  They also  have wifi which works in the port and some areas but not so good at sea. I guess, that is understandable. The seats are so comfortable that my friends decided to use the 50 minutes from Bataan to Manila to sleep.


Ferry from Bataan to Manila
VIP Seats on the 1 Bataan Ferry

While the regular seats are comfortable enough, there are VIP seats built like an enclosed lounge area suitable for big groups, the bonus here is that it’s FREE of charge. You only need to tell the front desk that you want to have VIP seats.

1Bataan Ferry Amneties

  • PWD friendly Comfort Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Air-conditioned facilities
  • LED TV
  • Fully padded seats
  • Free water refilling station at the back

Trip Schedule

Ferry from Manila to Bataan

1Bataan Rates: Ferry from Manila to Bataan


Ferry from Bataan to Manila
Rates of Ferry from Manila to Bataan

There’s a total of four (4) tips going from Manila to Orion and vice versa all week; While routes from Manila and Mariveles only runs on weekdays and have two (2) schedule in total.

Online Booking/ Walk-In Cost

Cost: Php 450

Inclusive of free shuttle and an applicable senior citizen discount.

The online booking promo provides the same benefits as the walk-in ticket except for the senior citizen discount.

Passengers can pay via credit/debit cards or pay later (Settle fees upon arriving to the port)


All ticket packages offer free shuttles, where 1Bataan escort passengers to drop off points around Dinalupihan and Mariveles.

Shuttle  drop off from Bataan

Ferry from Manila to Bataan


  • Smoking are prohibited; including e-cigarettes.
  • No pets allowed inside the ferry
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to board due to safety reasons
  • Only one (1) hand carry luggage is allowed per passenger. With a weight not exceeding 7kg, and a size of 56cm (22in) x 36cm (14in) x 23cm (10in)
  • Children under 2-years old are free of charge.
  • Passengers are allowed to check-in 1 hour and 30 minutes earlier than their schedule.
  • Boarding gates closed off 30 minutes before departure.

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