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Where to stay in Boracay : Ferra Hotel , Customer Service at it’s Best

Boracay is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations not only in the country, but also in the entire world. It’s full of different hotels and resorts of all sizes and prices so it’s hard to pick from the many available. One of the best hotels to stay at during your visit or vacation in Boracay, however, is the Ferra Hotel- and for many different reasons.

My friend Erica and I decided to go on an impromptu trip to Boracay and despite short notice, the hotel still welcomed us. It was apparently a busy season in Boracay. Truth is, we decided to go to Bora since tickets closer to Ati-Atihan were expensive so we flew in early and spent a few days on the island.

One of the things that make a good hotel great is exceptional customer service- something that the Ferra Hotel Boracay just so happens to have- and this is something that you’re going to notice right away, just as you walk through the hotel’s doors for the very first time.

Dining Area

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by one of the staff members, France. One thing I noticed almost immediately is the sheer passion of the staff to serve, everyone was smiling and eager to help out. We were even greeted with fresh, cold Calamansi juice which, given the intense Philippine heat, was all that we needed at the time.

As much as we wanted to check in to our rooms, they weren’t ready yet as we had arrived too early. I also just learned that a few of my friends would be doing an outreach program in the nearby Ati village. I just to happen to enjoy things like that so I went ahead and asked the staff if we could leave our bags.


With all smiles, they responded and agreed to take responsibility for our belongings with a cheerful– “Yes, of course!”


After getting the go signal, Erica and I left for the Ati village outreach. My inner preschool teacher kicked in and I genuinely had a great time with those kids but after the day we were so exhausted, we just wanted to check into our hotel.


Once we got back to the hotel we were surprised to be cheerfully greeted using our names, even though we had only arrived at the hotel earlier that day and for a mere few minutes at that. We did mention how much we appreciated our calamansi juice, and they already memorised our names from just that?


Once we arrived at the hotel, the room we booked was finally ready. We were given a standard room by the first floor given the short booking but despite that, it was really quite a lovely room. Ferra is known for having very stylish, modern rooms that will make you feel as if you own your very own condo in Boracay.


The hotel has stylish one-bedroom lofts with a very trendy interior, one bedroom suites, a superior twin room, a queen room, a deluxe queen room, and even a two-bedroom loft. All of these room choices are available at the Ferra hotel for you to pick from depending on how many people you will be staying with in beautiful Boracay.


Once we stepped into our room, we were welcome with delicious, freshly baked banana bread. I seriously fell in love with their banana bread- I couldn’t help but eat up around 3/4 of it. Erica and I needed to head out for dinner but even knowing this, I just couldn’t stop eating.


Another additional plus that the Ferra hotel features is its proximity to beaches and other establishments. The nearest beautiful white beach is only 0.4 kilometres away, the D’Mall Boracay is 0.3 kilometres away, aka just around a two minute travel by foot, and the other popular beaches are only a short walk or drive away too, making Ferra an extremely convenient location for those who want to sightsee around the Boracay area.


The next morning, we were greeted to complimentary breakfast which featured rice, pancakes, salad, fruits, eggs, and 2-3 viands on top of that. The breakfast area is a great place to dine, with many inspirational furnishings reminding customers to live, laugh, and love plastered around. Not to mention, you have a beautiful view of the lap pool right beside it.


The lap pool is small but comfortable, and a good place to take a dip and bask in the sun without having to get your body dirty with sand- not to mention you can hop in right after finishing a delicious afternoon snack from the restaurant, too.

We had dinner at the Ruf Resto Bar, a restaurant which is on the roof deck, giving you a beautiful view of the sunset or night sky. How lucky were that Friday’s night just so happened to be ladies night- they served 3 cocktails made of zabana and among all of it, I loved the darkerri the most .


Since we were enjoying the rooftop and the cocktails we decided to have dinner there too.


We had kare kare (peanut butter broth with pork and beef ), and it was amazing! The sauce of the kare kare was hearty and the pork and beef were cooked just right combined with the mixture of different vegetables. Kare-kare has always been a delicious dish, but Ferra just takes it to the next level.


We also had Hot pot soup, a type of seafood soup. It was so good, I just couldn’t help but ask for more and more.


Another one of our main courses was the salpicao, a delicious beef stir fry in sauce elevated by the restaurant’s eye for taste and quality.


For dessert, we had banana flambé fire and ice which is basically banana with orange and pecan nut first heated with a torch and then mixed with cold ice cream- the perfect cap to the end of the amazing meal.


Overall, the Ferra hotel is a wonderful hotel to stay at when in Boracay, boasting exceptional customer service- did I mention that during my stay, I saw the staff assisting the elderly up and down the elevators and making conversation with the guests as if they were their own family and friends? The hotel really goes the extra mile. I loved the banana bread, so on our last day at the hotel they made us some more- evidently, service at its best.


The staff also don’t mind catering to most of your requests, even going so far as to bring petals, balloons, and beer buckets up to your room for special occasions so long as you book and tell them in advance- they really go the extra mile to make their guests happy.


So, if you want exemplary service from one of the proclaimed friendliest hosts in Boracay (and they certainly live by it), as well as eat delicious Filipino and Asian delicacies in beautiful rooms just a few steps away from the most beautiful beaches in the world, then Ferra Hotel Boracay is going to be the place for you.






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