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Why fell in love with Capetown, South Africa

Why fell in love with  Capetown, South Africa 29

 Why I fell in Love with Capetown, South Africa

Who wouldn’t?


I had no intentions of going to South Africa. Everyone talked about the dangers of traveling and I never imagined I’d be allowed to go.  You see, that’s one proof that  that statement is a fallacy.  A lot of us are held back by the news saying  “it’s dangerous” to visit this place and that. I can imagine,  everyone I meet would ask me one question ?  Is it safe to travel the Philippines?  Well,  I got mugged  and scammed more in Europe than I was here in my home town.  That’s how South Africa was for me. Of course, there are places where   you have to be wary but if you stay in the safer side of town, you’ll be fine.    As in any country,  shouldn’t you always have your wits about you anyway?

Cape of Good Hope (2)

Summer of 2012,  I met a total of 5  South Africans during my tour in Europe. 3 of them were from Capetown and 2 of them from Johannesburg That was  a clear sign for me  to go, after all I had people to host me.


2014,  Capetown was labeled as No1. bucket list destination by New York Times and how lucky was I to be going.


Capetown was mesmerizing. I did a lot of research prior to going but nothing prepared me for the experience of being there.  Our host lived in Blouberg, in an apartment by the beach. Best of all,  it has the best view of Table Mountain and all of its grandeur. Fancy waking up every day having the best view of Table Mountain.



As tourists, we first went to the normal tourist stops. Hey, this is actually one of the few times I appreciated the Hop on Hop Off City Sightseeing bus. I am not a fan of it. I fall asleep in busses and in some places, I don’t get to make the most out of it.  My friend and I bought a 2-day pass for  R260  (19 USD) and believe me it wasn’t enough.  We wanted to go down in every stop and not because we were eager beavers but because there was A LOT OF REASONS to go down.  Of course, that was not possible so we had to make tough choices on where to go.

Tip: If you book online you get a discount. Check it out here.

Victoria Wharf Night

We started our mornings in The Promenade, Victoria Wharf and Waterfront. This is where we get on to the city busy.   The wharf itself was really vibrant. Lots of restaurants by the sea,  museums, ferris wheel, at night,  they even have live bands.   What else is there to ask for?

Victoria Wharf, Capetown

You must be wondering, what’s there to do in Cape Town?

Visit Kirstenbosch Garden,

One of the biggest Botanical Gardens I have been to. We spent more than 2 hours here where we not only appreciated the pathways, the cactus and the park but my friend even had the time of her life jotting down notes on the medicinal plants ( she works in a health industry, let’s just say that’s her line of work).  Nonetheless,  I tthoroughlyenjoyed the park. I saw lots of families hanging out by the fountain, couples by the benches and the others just taking a stroll.  It’s not named International Garden of the Year in 2015 for nothing.  You can also try the canopy walk, unfortunately, it was closed when we were there.


Wine Taste in Groot Constantia

We joined a wine tasting tour here and they served us top quality wine. Riva  doesn’t drink so I had 10 glasses all to myself. Oh boy!

Groot Constansia

Shop in their street markets and go crazy with the unque trinkets that you’ll find.

Really, there were lots of interesting finds.

Check out Bo Kaap, a street with colorful homes displaying the Cape Malay culture.



Eat Seafood in Oceans Basket or Anywhere for that matter.

This was my first meal in Cape town and it was good.  Capetown is filled with ambiance and atmosphere.  They have long stretch of beaches that  its not hard to find a place to just , eat, chill and relax.  Feels like Greece doesn’t it? Only much cheaper. You can also book a food tour here.

Sea Point


Visit Camps Bay and Sea Point

Camps Bay

We enjoyed this place a lot. Houses by the cliff, amazing beach, best view. OMG, we had our sunset session here and we braved the cold only because it was worth it.


Visit Boulder Beach at Simon’s Town and watch the penguins play in their natural habitat.

Simons Town Penguins Capetown


Drive up to Cape of Good Hope and   get mesmerized by awesome views and well, as the name says, perhaps have some Hope.


Cape of Good Hope is also the southernmost part of South Africa

Go for sunset in Chapman’s peak.

Chapman's Peak

I can’t explain how romantic this place was for a sunset session.   Capetown is just full of it.



Visit Muzenberg

Those colorful houses usually seen in Cape Town Tourism Photos .  We had fun watching surfers here . I wanted to surf but the water  for a girl who lives in a tropical country, the water in Capetown is a bit too cold.

Go on a bucket list adventure and do the Shark Cage Diving in Gaansbai

I tell you this was one of my memorable moments. There’s nothing scarier and more fascinating than seeing a great white shark so close. For once, I felt like we humans, are in the aquarium and they are the ones looking in.  I went on a day where my tour would be the last to sail out as bad weather was coming. No tour would be allowed to go out in a week.   On our way back, the captain started handing out life vests, in my mind,   boy if this ship capsizes life vests won’t do anything we just saw 8 great white sharks in this area and there are more below.


Go Sailing and catch yourself a pirate.

This was one of our “lucky moments when we were there”,  the  boat was already leaving with no passengers in it. We happened to be passing by  ad just for the heck of it, they gave it to us for almost nothing.  We paid Php 500  each for an hour sail that was way  more than 50% off but  better leaving with people than without. We had a gorgeous day out at sea and a bonus,  we met a hunk, who asked us to be his girlfriend ( haha)  for fun.

Table Mountain (2)

Drive to Kalks bay and try the fish and chips ( the best fish and chips )  .

I loved Kalks bay, it is an old quaint seaside town known for fishery.  We also went to a bar named cuba, feels like we were trasnsported to Mexico. Better yet, we were away from the crowds.


On some lazy mornings I would just take a stroll down Big’s Bay and watch the people engage in Stand Up paddle Board,  Surfing and other water activities.  You can also go jogging or biking. I love how Capetonians are very  friendly. I always  found myself talkiing to someone while going on my daily walk around Blouberg.

Big Bay

Go hike up Lion’s Head  and see  a good view over the city.

Pride rock literally, you can see the whole of Capetown.    Beware though, its completely open so  equip yourself with Lunch,  sunblock,   and a hat.  I probably burned up there.

Lions Head (2)

Last but not the least, the no brainer,  Don’t miss Table Mountain.

edited-1-pngfile (2)


You can either take the easy way up which is thru the rotating cable car or if you are in for an adventure,  go hiking. There are many different routes to get to the top.   My friend said we picked the best day to be on top of Table Mountain. We had the really nice sunset, exploding with pink, orange and purple.   It was the clearest day there ( despite the cold) . The following days, no one was permitted to go up due to weather conditions. We were so lucky.   The easiest hike/ trek you can do is get to the top and walk the whole place… it’s huge…. We walked for a little more than an hour and  there was still enough to explore.    You MUST SEE Table mountain.



I fell in love with Capetown, it was my city.  As a combination of both a city girl and an adventurous girl ,  it had everything I ever asked for.   The beach and the mountain was 15 minutes away.  The views were more than amazing, the people were friendly. It has both a vibrant city and a vast stretch of beach where you could pick you little spot to reflect and be one with nature.  I fell in love with Capetown and all it’s sights, I bet you would too.   I found and lost my heart to Capetown, I guess,  for now, its till we meet again ? 

I too would love to visit Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe and more. Africa, you are love.



42 thoughts on “Why fell in love with Capetown, South Africa

  1. I also have stopped refering to nes items while planning a trip as i belive that every place is worth visiting as tourist. These days i read a lot travel blogger’s post while planning. You have written this piece with all your soul out – stunning photographs. this place is in my bucket list and must visit it some day and then would certainly refer this post. Bookmarked!

  2. For a long time, South Africa didn’t make my bucket list: no special reason, not even the fear it might be dangerous: more than anything else, I kind of never thought about it (crazy, I know). But now I am reading more and more about it and when i see photos like yours, I can see i should definitely definitely visit!!

  3. Wow! Capetown is so beautiful, I love the view from where you stayed. And the tours that you did was definitely amazing. I wish to go there someday!

  4. I’ve read several novels that gave vivid description of Cape Town as part of their story line. Now you gave me more reasons to want to see the natural beauty of Cape Town.

  5. i did mentioned to my friends about wanting to visit south africa and the typical replies i’ll get is “it’s not safe!” but after reading this, i’m pretty sure I’ll get my feet on SA’s ground one day!

  6. I have only heard marvels about Cape Town – I don’t think anybody who’s visited felt it was a let down, EVER. And as you say, it can be dangerous to travel just about anywhere. I have been all over Latin America and felt ok ALL the time. The only two places I have been where I perceived danger have been the very civilized London and Dublin!

  7. Very interesting way of regaling us you experience. We also have a botanical garden in our provine (La Union) that I would say better than Baguio. Wala lang. I want to experience that wine tasting too!!! Did you buy some trinkets?

  8. Your photos are really beautiful. No picture of you in the water during the shark viewing? That one on Table Mountain is breathtaking. I want one myself, haha! – Fred

  9. Your title is catchy and your photos are stunning. You are tight. Who wouldnt be in love with the place. I am drooling over the pictures. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  10. We would LOVE to go to Capetown and after this post we not only want to go more, we completely understand how it was the number 1 bucketlist destination for 2014!

    Loved your comment on travel to “dangerous” places. So many people are held back by fear, especially of travelling to other countries. Most of the time it’s about being alert, aware and cautious and most of the time something could happen just about anywhere!

  11. It’s really a beautiful city, especially Bo Kaap! I love that view from Table Mountain as well. As for that boyfriend for fun thing, was he the one in your romantic look at each other photos?

  12. Lovely place! That great white shark photo you have there looks scary but interesting! It’s not everyday we get to experience such thing like that of yours. It’s really a good decision that you’ve decided to go and see the place despite the negative things people have to say about the country.

  13. Capetown is really a beautiful city, I have wrote about it several times. However, felling in love with the city and writing so much about it, is not something everyone of us can do. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  14. Hey Karla,

    This really is a great post on Cape Town, I don’t usually find a good quality post on South Africa. Its
    somewhere I have been and its definitely something I would like to check out again.

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