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Eyebrowdery :Wake Up With Make Up Is the Beauty Answer You’re Looking For Now opens in Newport City

Eyebrowdery in Newport Boulevard

Beauty is at a premium these days, and there are so many highfalutin beauty treatments cropping up everywhere! But those who know better understand that true beauty is in simplicity — simple methods that produce simple results. You want to be prettier? You don’t have to labor half the day every day. Do something once and get what you want. That simple.

Eyebrowdery Opens in Newport
Eyebrowdery Wake up with Make Up

This is the philosophy that Eyebrowdery embodies. Recently, the beauty center has opened its third branch at the Newport City. They’ve come a long way, starting with a focus on eyebrow aesthetics (hence the name). The proprietor studied the art and science, importing ideas from Korea, Singapore, and Europe. They pioneered the process of 3D eyebrow embroidery in the Philippines. From there, they moved to offer the first Korean eyelash treatments in the country, and then became the first to bring the Korean BB Glow to the Philippines — an easy solution for making your face slimmer.

Eyebrowdery Opens in Newport

Eyebrows on Parade

Women know — eyebrows can make or break your day. You wake up early to give you enough time to brush and/or trace it just right. One wrong stroke and you can look like a snob, while another one would give you an angel face! I always remember my mom, when I talk about this. She doesn’t care no matter how early I wake up for a hike or a trip. The only ask she has would be, “Karla, lipstick and eyebrow, please!”

Eyebrowdery Opens in Newport

This is where such a place as Eyebrowdery comes in. Everyone’s concerned about how their face would look, but not many really know how their face should look! Some have the instinct for it, while some rely on vague advice. Eyebrowdery nails it down to the science.Eyebrowdery Opens in Newport

Their mission is simple — for you to “wake up with makeup”. That means they do you once, and that stays on indefinitely. That also means that things have to be just perfect, so you don’t get frustrated every time you look at yourself in the mirror.

When you walk into Eyebrowdery, you can tell them how you want to look. You can even give them an idea of how to do your brows for you. But expect them to take their time in studying your face, in taking measurements, and in advising you what the best look is based on exact scientific ideas! This includes everything from the color, the shape, the curvature, and every bit of measurement. I guarantee, you will get floored when you hear what they have to say!Eyebrowdery Opens in Newport

The Eyebrowdery service

Eyebrowdery’s latest branch is located at the ground floor of Savoy Hotel, at Newport Boulevard. The place has 5 chairs, with 4 public ones and a private booth. These chairs (which uncannily look like humans!) are really comfortable and ensure a stress-free session.Eyebrowdery Opens in Newport

The Newport branch offers the full slew of Eyebrowdery services. They have 3D eyebrow embroidery, which can be coupled with Powdered Ombre (a shading technique to ensure your best look. The combined price for these two are: PHP 19,998 (Senior Artist) or PHP 24,998 (Master Artist). They also do lash lifts and last tinting, along with the Korean BB Glow treatment which is a semi-permanent skin foundation. Elite services like eyelash self-growth (through stem cells), lip treatments, nipple treatments, and even mole embroideries can all be done here.


Other Services

  • Eyelash  self growth with stemcells
  • Liptint Embroidery
  • Mole Embroidery
  • Eyeliner Embroidery
  • Hairline
  • Keratin Lashlift with Semi Permanent Mascarra
  • Vitamin Drops and Gluta Drips
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Whitening
  • Contouring

How to book?

Emrbrowdery wake up with Make Up

The eyebrow treatments are all semi-permanent, and usually last for about 2-5 years depending on your skin type and your lifestyle. Those with oily or dry skin should expect a shorter lifespan. Those doing gluta treatments and those who stay under the sun for long periods would likewise have to retouch more frequently (they offer a retouch after the first week). The fine-tune and retouch rates are around PHP 6,000, depending on whether your treatment will be done by senior or master artists.

If you want perfect eyebrows and a semi-permanent make-up (and let’s admit, who doesn’t?!), booking an appointment at Eyebrowdery is just a social media message away. You can also chance as a walk-in, but some services like eyebrow embroideries can take 2-3 hours and they wouldn’t want you to wait for your turn. Just messaging them for an appointment through their Facebook and Instagram pages would be good.

As a last note, make sure to pay attention to the aftercare instructions from Eyebrowdery, to make sure your treatment looks as perfect afterwards as on the day it was applied! You’d be surprised at how easy this all is. One appointment, and you will be waking up morning after morning ready to go out and meet the world. Now that’s real #WokeUpLikeThis!


For more information about The Eyebrowdery:


Facebook: Eyebrowdery

Address:  Cluster 1, A1 Ground Floor, 101 Newport Boulevard, Pasay City

Contact Number: (0956) 3022707 or (0939) 9223218 and (02) 6921106


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