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Exploring Ahmedabad in 3 Days (Gujarat, India)

Instagrammable Spots in Gandhi Circuit Gujarat India - Jama Masjid Ahmedabad

Travel Guides: Exploring the Splendor of Ahmedabad in 3 Days

Ahmedabad—at first mention may sound like a low-key Indian city. However, upon further exploration, one will discover a wealth of wonders hidden inside this capital city of Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the first UNESCO World Heritage City of India—having been declared as one in 2017. Starting from the 15th century walled old city founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah, the city’s numerous attractions stretches across many historic neighborhoods of its diverse residents belonging to the Hindu, Islam and Jain faiths. If you are a traveler fascinated by architecture, different religions, history and Hindu-Muslim art, then a few days following the Heritage trail of Ahmedabad shall give you enough reasons to fulfill your wanderlust.

To help you guide your trip, here is a sample itinerary to explore the historic city of Ahmedabad in 3 days.

Day 1 in Ahmedabad

Start your journey by following the places in Ahmedabad that are included in the “Gandhi Circuit“. These are places visited by Mahatma Gandhi that helped shaped his journey to becoming one of the greatest Indian heroes of independence.

Gandhi Circuit Tour India - Sidi Sayeed Mosque

Sidi Sayeed Mosque

This 16th-century mosque is a picture of stunning architecture and intricate details. A visit here should take your eyes marveling at almost every inch of the mosque’s remarkable structure.

Lel Dawraja

Also known as “The Red Door” and sounding like a place from Game of Thrones. But no, there’s nothing sinister in this place at all. Lel Dawraja connotes unity and harmony based on the fact that it’s a Hindu Temple situated inside a Muslim Palace.

Gandhi Circuit Tour India - Teen Daraja

Teen Daraja

The most famous door to the walled city of Ahmedabad. Also referred to as “the Three Doors”, Teen Daraja is a beautiful 3-arched structure built in 1415. It served as the main gateway to the palace. It is now surrounded by a bustling local market scene.

Jama Masjid

This 15th century mosque represent a shining example of a beautiful Hindu-Islam architecture. Expect to be blown away by the ornate carvings that adorn its exteriors and the intricate art patterns found inside the main prayer hall. Making it one of the most Instagrammable Spots in Gandhi Ciruit Gujarat.

Gandhi Circuit Tour India- Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


At first sight, this place appears like a market for everything motorcycle parts. But after further exploration, you will discover a small door that will lead inside the Old City where you will see five wells and a step-well representing the last border of Ahmedabad.

Gandhi Circuit Tour India - Sabarmati Ashram
The house that Mahatma and his wife lived in for 12 years

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram is where Mahatma Gandhi lived with his wife Kasturba and a few of his followers for 12 years. It may look like a modest home but this house teems with historical significance. A number of Gandhi mementos are housed inside. I loved the mini-movie theater where they show the Salt March of Gandhi himself. Plus, there’s a very nice bookstore brimming with books about Gandhi’s life, teachings, and other memorabilia.

Gandhi Circuit Tour India - Dandi Bridge
Dandi Bridge: The site where Gandhi’s 24 day Salt March started with 80 followers

Dandi Bridge

The Dandi Bridge is where Mahatma Gandhi started his Salt March on March 12, 1930. Today, one can still see the original steel railings eventhough most of the bridge has already been reconstructed.


Day 2 in Ahmedabad

The second day shall give you more opportunity to learn more about the history of the city. By visiting a number of temples, museums and other fascinating landmarks.

Adalaj Stepwell

An ornate well built in 1498 in the memory of Rana Veer Singh upon the order of Queen Rudadevi. This step-well is considered as one of the finest example of classic Indian architecture.

Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Smruti Mandir

This is a marble temple constructed in 1979 as a cremation spot of Jeevanpran Swamibapa—a beloved figure in Ahmedabad’s history. A definite must see in exploring Ahmedabad in 3 days. Do come by during sunrise or sunset as the colors of the sky are perfect backdrops to the temple’s all-white facade

Akshardham Temple

This 1968 temple towers magnificently by the banks of River Yamuna. It was constructed using 6,000 tons of pink sandstone.

Ahmedabad in 3 days - Sabarmati riverfront
The Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmdedabad, India. Photo courtesy of

Sabarmati Riverfront

Fancy a peaceful walk while in Ahmedabad? Then this long walking path adorned by well-manicured lawn and gardens running parallel to Sabarmati River, shall give you a Zen state of mind.

Hathee Singh Jain Temple

This is the largest Jain temple in the state of Gujarat. Although this is a modern temple, its architecture evoking ancient Jain culture makes it a worthy place to visit.


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Auto World Vintage Car Museum

This museum houses a vast collection of antique vehicles, buggies, motorcycles and even buses. Here you can see pre-World Wars I and II Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Maybach, Cadillacs, Buicks and more.


Day 3 in Ahmedabad

Bhadra Fort

End your journey of exploring Ahmedabad in 3 days with places that help build the character of the city today. Built in the early 15th century, Bhadra Fort houses royal palaces and courtyards and mosques. It also served as the main defensive stronghold of the Walled City of Ahmedabad then.


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Kankaria Lake

This man-made lake is the largest in Ahmedabad and also an image of serene beauty. Circular in shape, it was built in the 15th century by the men of Sultan Qutbuddin. It has an abundance of historical significance and among it. Being the bathing place of kings who ruled the Ahmedabad kingdoms of centuries past.

Manek Chowk

Located in the center of Ahmedabad, this bustling market is where you can find almost everything you would want to buy as a souvenir. This is also a wonderful place to observe an important facet of local living in India: market haggling.

Ahmedabad in 3 days- Manek Chowk
Manek Chowk Ahmedabad. Photo courtesy of

Sidi Bashir Mosque

The remains of this former 15th century mosque is now limited to only the two minarets known as “shaking minarets”—which up to this day, remains as the tallest in Ahmedabad.

So there you go, a simple travel itinerary to explore the historic city of Ahmedabad in 3 days. You can easily navigate this capital city of Gujarat  either by public transportation of private guided tours. Two-three days is more than enough to discover it’s fascinating culture, people, food, and history. Need more info or want to book a tour around Gandhi Circuit? Get in touch with Gujarat Tourism today.

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