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Experiencing Satpura National Park with Denwa Backwaters by Pugdundee Safari

Satpura Tiger Reserve with Denwa Backwaters

Denwa Backwaters

The Denwa Backwater Location is without a doubt one of the most prime locations to stay at when visiting the Satpura National Park, a three-star luxury resort which provides not only lots of amenities and stunning rooms but also amazing views of the Denwa River as well as the nearby greenery and hills. It’s also a great starting point for those who want to tour around the National Park, because the two properties rest right beside one another.

After driving for around 6 hours homing from the Pench Tree House, we finally arrived at the Denwa Backwater Escape and we found it to be just as lovely as Pench was. The moment we arrived we were welcomed and greeted kindly—all those pleasantries. They also asked us if we wanted to just take the afternoon off to relax or instead go for a walk.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura
The property of Denwa Backwaters

Unfortunately for us, we found out that parks were closed on Wednesdays. After driving for a long six hours, I wasn’t exactly up for just chilling. I wanted to go out and do something especially since we didn’t have very much time to stay in the area. We unwound and rested for around half an hour and then our guide Nippon took us around the buffer area for a walk. We learned a lot about the species of trees living nearby and whatnot.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura

Another interesting thing about the Denwa Backwaters is that they completely bar the use of single use plastic. Everything is served in reusable containers and they even go so far as to not provide tissue paper. As much as possible, do avoid bringing plastic containers and bags. Once visitors arrive, no plastic bottles are given, instead the staff gift you metal bottles to hold your water during your activities and Safari—you get to help save the environment and even take home a neat souvenir.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura
The Breakfast Area inside Satpura Tiger Reserve

Many decor and amenities on the property are also made out of recycled material. It definitely feels nice to support an eco-friendly and nature loving institution.

The Room

The Denwa Backwater Escape has 10 rooms in total: 2 tree houses as well as 8 cottages. Unfortunately, the tree houses were all taken so we decided to settle on the cottage. Despite not being our first choice, the cottage was still very lovely and offered a lot of privacy.

Denwa Backwaters Room
Twin Beds Cottage of Denwa Backwaters

The cottages are nothing to scoff at, they’re huge. We had a living room, working area, as well as a beautiful view of the nearby grasslands. We also had a balcony perfect for looking out into the distance, (the nearby river) and taking pictures. Out on the porch of the cottage there are desks and couches where you can admire the sights of the river while drinking some nice tea or coffee.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura
Balcony of the cottages in Denwa Backwaters

Do note however that food and meals will not be delivered to your cottage or treehouse due to the risk of wildlife coming to intrude upon your meal. If you would like to eat, it’s best to head over to the dining area.

As for the amenities inside our cottage, it was fully air conditioned with large and comfortable beds, heated showers, coffee and tea kettles, as well as a couch. The lights can be set to warm and yellow at night giving a very relaxing and sleepy feel—great for unwinding at the end of a long day at the Safari. It’s also a nice spot for those who happen to be working on the go, there’s a sturdy work and study desk spacious enough to hold all the gadgets and papers you might have on hand. The only issue on the go workers will face is the fact that there is hardly any signal.

The two tree houses atop the Mahua Trees are also great if you can manage to book them, they really help perfect that wilderness and adventurous vibe.

The Property

While waiting for the activity, I went for a walk around the property. Aside from a great living space, Denwa Backwaters also has lots of amenities and activities for visitors to take advantage of.

  1. The Dining Area

When heading to the dining area, you’ll have to walk out from your cottage or tree house along a gated path which happens to be very beautiful, framed by lots of grass and trees as well as a river. It’s definitely a great way to jumpstart the morning.

The dining hall gives off a very rustic feel, with warm minimalist chandeliers hanging from the ceiling as well as woody brick interiors—even the cutlery, utensils, and woven placemats are designed to match with the entire theme of the room.

2. Swimming Pool

 Denwa Backwaters Swimming Pool

Denwa also features a small but lovely and relaxing pool space with benches and stools on the poolside, and even a bonfire available to sit around. Definitely a good location for late night storytelling and talks with friends and family members.


The property also has a cozy and comfortable library in the lodge with lots of cushioned couches where visitors can plop down to read. The library is full of various books and literature related to wildlife and nature, which can be a great help when identifying and learning more about the different elements of nature you see out in the wild nearby. The books delve into very specific topics too, like species of butterflies, birds, and mammals.

4.Welcoming Area

While waiting to check in or check out, guests can sit at the couches available at the welcome area where the staff will serve you your various chosen beverages to help you keep cool.

The Food at Pugdundee Safari

Denwa Backwaters

Just like at the Pench Tree House, the food in the Pugdundee Safari was very noteable—and by that I mean it’s really good. I remember saying to myself that I wasn’t going to have dessert anymore but their options were so good I couldn’t help myself from having a serving. A couple who we were with (based in Amsterdam) commented that the food was super good as well, plus the servings happened to be big and generous—which definitely isn’t the norm for other high-end restaurants. I would really gain weight if I was forever fed by the Pugdundee resorts.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National Park

And the deliciousness of the food comes as no surprise when you find out who curated them too: Chef Vijaylaxmi who was a contestant in the hit cooking show Masterchef. The restaurant serves up a large range of different meals, from local Indian food to more international dishes and drinks.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National Park

Unlike with other restaurants at accommodations, the Pugdundee does not serve buffets. Instead there is a pre-prepared three course meal served to the visitors in order to avoid the wastage of food, further contributing to the eco-friendly plan that Denwa Backwater Escape abides by.

Activities at Satpura National Park

  1. Jeep Safari

    Denwa Backwaters Satpura
    With Happy, Sunny and Mojo

Jeep safaris are not rare in India, in fact they are the most popular type of safaris available in the entire country. This particular journey takes you through the Keriya and Lagdha zone where you can potentially spot the Bengal tiger, leopards, bisons, and other animals indigenous to the area.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National Park

Aside from potentially spotting the local animals, the views are also fantastic and great for settling down and having a picnic. There is even a designated stop in the Lagdha route where you can get out of the jeep and enjoy a nice breakfast, overlooking the view of the jungle, river as well as rock formations.

2.Canoe Safari

You’ll really get the authentic experience on the canoe safari, where you get to ride small canoes manually powered by rowing. Riding on the canoe has a certain calmness to it, especially during the golden hours or sunset. We were even lucky enough to see a crocodile. Your companion will row the boat for you but if you want to give it a shot don’t be afraid to speak up—more often than not they are absolutely willing to let you go for a try.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National Park
My favorite activity in Denwa Backwaters

What makes the canoe ride even better is that the river has an entrance which heads towards the Denwa Backwaters property to they can drop us right off after we’re done with our Safari. Super duper fun and convenient! It is really best done during the sunset for the most surreal experience.

Denwa backwaters Satpura National Park

3.Boating SafariDenwa Backwaters Satpura

The Denwa River is Satpura National Park’s main and most prominent river for a good reason. For a fee you can go boating along the river and see stunning sights for the flora and fauna by the bank, such as the Satpura hills and greenery. If the time is right you might even catch a glimpse of the popular crocodiles swimming and preying upon animals in the area.

4.Walking in the Core

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National park

The core area consists of the important lands which are under the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. This is where you can find most of the area’s most sought after animals such as the tiger. In order to gain access to this core area, visitors must cross the Denwa River via boat or canoe ride. Afterwards your assigned naturalist will tell you more about the different trees, facts, and features about them while on the walking Safari. Aside from these interesting facts, visitors will also be informed about different dangers and safety precautions, as well as how to treat the nature properly and with respect.

5.Walk in Buffer Zone

The Satpura National Park happens to be the only National Park which allows walking safaris, so it’s a great time to take advantage of that fact and get more up close and personal with Mother Nature.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National Park

The buffer zone is known as the area outside of the three conservation areas—meaning that it is not an area under the Biosphere reserve. Here you can go for a walk and catch more sights of the beautiful trees in the large forest area so large that it’s spanning across three entire districts.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura

6.Village Visit

Denwa Backwaters Satpura
Interacting with the Gond Tribe

Tribal village visits are another enjoyable and education activity to take on during the trip. You can learn more about the culture and daily lives for the members of the tribe as well as how they produce their means for living. You can even support their livelihood and crafts by purchasing their handmade souvenirs once finished looking around their village.

7.Bush Dinner

Denwa Backwaters Satpura National Park

For a more romantic or earthy experience, you can choose to have a Bush Dinner instead of a normal dinner. Here you and your companions will be served a meal under the night sky and moonlight, your dinner brightened by lamps, a warm fire close by and dining table set close to the Denwa Backwaters. It’s a great idea for those who love dining outside in the fresh air and surrounded by the sounds of nature—if you don’t mind spending a little bit extra for the special dinner accommodation. The Bush Dinner is an especially good choice during the monsoon season when the rivers swell up, making for better views of the water.

Denwa Backwaters Satpura
Awesome Sunsets at Satpura

Aside from the activities listed above, there are many others to choose from depending on your specific interest, such as birding tours, elephant safaris, bicycle tours, and more. All you have to do is ask the Denwa Backwater Escape staff all about them.

More about Denwa Backwater Escape:


Phone: +911242970497, 2570404, 2571404
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Address: Denwa Backwater Escapes, Satpura, Madhya Pradesh

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