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Things to Do and Places to See: A General Guide to Beautiful Lisbon

  Lisbon is the largest city of Portugal and is the capital of the country. With beautiful architecture and historical attractions, Lisbon is rightfully one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it will make you stay. We know you’re interested in Lisbon, so here is a brief guide

Malta Itinerary: What to Visit in Malta in 3 days


A Maltese Excursion: What to see in Malta in 3 days  The original plan was to book five days in Malta. I obviously thought that was enough, but in hindsight another day or two would have been perfect. Technically, we only had three full days since we were late on the

Travel Guide on how to spend 4 days in Santorini


Savoring Santorini in 4 days   The name “Santorini” conjures up one perpetual image: the sight of pastel-colored houses with blue domes, piled up against a view of the blue Aegean sea. It is for that reason that Oia and Fira, the two villages where such views are abundant, are the most

Mykonos Guide: What to do in Mykonos in 3 days

Mykonos Travel Guide   So you’ve seen Santorini, and toured around Oia and Fira. But you want something more lively, more vibrant — perhaps someplace where partying is a way of life. Fortunately, there exists just such a Greek island for you. Known as one of the top tourist spots in the

Split Itinerary : Things to do in Split Croatia


  Time to Split! I wasn’t able to appreciate just how small Croatia is until I visited their second-largest city. Called “Split”, the city is also the largest city in the Dalmatian region. Aside from being a popular tourist spot in itself, Split is also known as a transport hub for the