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Duk Ling Cruises: Junk Boat in Victoria Harbour - Karla Around the World
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Duk Ling Cruises : Junk Boat in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Duk Ling Cruises : Junk Boat in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong 20

Duk Ling Cruises

 The History

The iconic Victoria Harbour, no matter how many times I have been to Hong Kong, still remains a sight to see. The vibrant colors and constant parade of vehicles, skyscrapers, and the lights and sounds show everyday at 8pm, are still sought out not only by foreign tourists, but by locals as well.

On this trip, I was blessed to have experienced the show from a different point of view—–from aboard the Duk Ling Cruises.  I’ve always read about junk boats and I’ve seen them cruise along the Harbour many times, but I never had the opportunity to be on it in the past.

The Duk Ling, which means  “Clever Duck”, holds claim to being the only authentic fishing/junk boat that first set sail in 1955, the Aqua Luna being its replica for tourism purposes.  In the 80s the Hong Kong Tourist Association bought it to sail along Victoria Harbour, and has since then been Hong Kong’s icon.

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In 2014, the Duk Ling ship sank 18m deep caused by a storm. Fortunately, they restored it and it was ready to set sail again in June 2015.


The Experience

My friends and I couldn’t contain our excitement, we patiently waited at Central Pier 9 for the ship to arrive.

Here I am, eagerly waiting in Central Pier 9.
Here I am, eagerly waiting in Central Pier 9.

We chose to sit at the back end of the boat, by the rooftop, in order to get the best view. Being my typical friendly self, I started chatting with the tourists who sat around me—-5 American girls, 2 men from UK and 1 from Prague.

Sitting on top of the roof, taking in the view of Victoria Harbour
Sitting on top of the roof, taking in the view of Victoria Harbour

The staff approached us and asked,  “Would you like some red wine, white wine, beer, or Soda(It couldn’t get any better than this— riding on an iconic boat, toasting amidst the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, wonderful company—–totally worth it.

with a glass of wine in hand, off to sail the harbour
with a glass of wine in hand, off to sail the harbour

                          Why the Duk Ling Cruise is a must do in HK

  1. The experience of riding an Iconic Junk Boat;
departing from central pier
departing from central pier

2. Witness the energetic skyline of Victoria Harbour from the water;

DSC059493. Watch the Lights and Sounds Show, witness both sides of the Harbour;

Lights and Sounds show from the water
Lights and Sounds show from the water

4. A good variety of and unlimited drinks on board;

DSC058746. Share the experience with new found friends, with whom you could enjoy your remaining nights out with;

My dear friend and photographer Kay Dulay
My dear friend and photographer Kay Dulay

7. Memories, memories and more memories


1) Where can I board the Duk Ling Cruises?

You can board and unboard the Duk Ling Cruise in either of the two Harbours  : TST Pier 3 or Central Ferry Pier 9. You have the option, depending on your location and your plans.

2) How many cruises or sails do they have in a day?

>From TST Ferry Pier number 3 at 1630H, 1730H, 1830H, 1930H, 2030H
>From Central Ferry Pier Number 9 at 1645H, 1745H, 1845H, 1945H, 2045H

3) How much does it cost?

Their regular prices are as follows:                                                                                                                                            Adult-HKD320, Child/Senior-HKD220 for sessions 1630H, 1645H, 1730H, 1745H, 1830H, 1845H, 2030H, and 2045H

Adult-HKD380, Child/Senior-HKD285 for sessions 1930H and 1945H

Note: Take the 1945H trip if you want to catch the Lights and Sounds Show from the water.

 4) Do they have promotions or discounts for groups or for tourists?

Their current promotion will last until 31 Oct 2015:
Price is Adult-HKD230, Child&senior-HKD160 for sessions 1630H, 1645H, 1730H, 1745H, 1830H, 1845H, 2030H, and 2045H
For the 1930H and 1945H trips, it is HKD280 for adults and HKD220 for children and seniors.
Group discount is on a request basis, please send an email to reservation@dukling.com.hk if needed.

5) Where can you buy the tickets?

You can book via KKDAY Dukling Cruises that’s the easiest

6)How long is the cruise?

Each sail is for 1 hour.


The next time you are in Hong Kong, try sailing on the Duk Ling Cruises. It will give you memorable views of both sides of the harbor, plus some history and information from the guide as you cruise along,

This was definitely an impressive way to enjoy Hong Kong.


All Photography and Editing done by Kay Dulay

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50 thoughts on “Duk Ling Cruises : Junk Boat in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

  1. I love unique experiences! This boat looks really cool and it’s great to hear you’re well taken care of. I still haven’t made it to Hong Kong. I hope to make it there next year and will keep this tour in mind!

  2. The thought of going on a boat cruise doesn’t appeal to me much, certified landlubber here. Can’t swim for the life of me, so no going near the water haha. But my husband and kids would love the Duk Ling Cruise for sure!

  3. It looks like quite an experience! I love the overall feel and ambiance of the boat, it really makes you feel like a pirate or a sailor during the old times!

  4. I have been to Hong Kong many times, for work, and for leisure, and have seen this junk in the harbour too, many times. Somehow, I’ve never thought of boarding it! Ha, I see I am missing out something here – next time then 😉

  5. Guests are allowed to sit on the rooftop for the whole time? That must have been a really nice experience, add to that great wine and lots of conversations, it becomes a truly worthwhile trip, definitely trying it next time I get to HK 🙂

  6. I have seen these junks on the harbor but never knew how to get onboard one of them. Thanks for this idea for a future HK trip. – Fred

  7. I hope to try this cruise. I have only been to HK once and I missed the symphony of lights show. What a wonderful experience it would to witness it from a junk boat. Btw, are the drinks complimentary?

  8. Your pictures are bringing back so many great memories! I completely agree about Victoria Harbor, it’s always amazing, no matter how many times you’ve been to HK! The Junk boats are a great way to tour the harbor! Thanks again for bringing back some awesome memories!

  9. Really fancy this. I did a cruise through Ha Long Bay and it was awesome so this certainly tickles my fancy 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing and loved your photos. Such a cool city from the water.

  10. The colours of the skyline are just amazing, I have always wanted to see the HK skyline but never knew you could do it this way, love those traditional boats! Will be giving this a go when we visit!

  11. Oh wow! What a great idea! I never knew you could do something like that in Hong Kong. Will definitely keep in in mind for when I go!!!

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