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Dream Paradise Mountain Resort in Romblon


Dream Paradise Mountain Resort

Romblon is a nature haven, perfect for the backpacker who wants to see some lush greens and pristine blues in a setting that doesn’t have tourist trap shops at every turn. It is also, however, a 5th class municipality, and it will be unreasonable to expect first-class level accommodations here. But, as my past travels have proven, you don’t need all that luxury just to have a good night’s sleep and a great stay anytime of the day.


Enter Dream Paradise


Marble Zoo

While we were at Romblon, we lodged at Dream Paradise Mountain Resort. Just like every other place here, the resort is snuggled close to nature. Located at the slope of a mountain, Dream Paradise boasts a view of rice fields and rolling heights. The grounds are also home to various species of birds, so you can actually go bird-watching from your window! It is around 10 kilometers east from the province capital (a drive of around 18 minutes) so it is ideal as your home base if you will be visiting the Marble Capital.


Romblon has a lot of lodging places, and Dream Paradise is considered far and wide to be the best among them. There are various facilities, and while none of them are too posh they are complemented by an excellent level of service! Here are the top reasons why you should consider this for your Romblon adventure:

  1. Spacious and Affordable Rooms.


    Our room costs Php 2,600 (about USD 51). Even though it did not have free breakfast, it was really large with 2 queen beds! There is also a tub and a shower area, with a separate cubicle for the toilet.

If there’s only two of you, or if you want something that costs less, there are also smaller rooms available. However, some of our friends in these rooms complained of a tiny bathroom. There were also those who said that the showers were not working, so they had to resort to old-school pail-and-dipper bathing.

We also had our own issues with bathing water when we first arrived. We landed got there late at night  and since the hotel is situated on a mountain the water supply has already been turned off. We asked some of the staff to help us, and they probably opened the tanks! We were able to bathe, but it took me 4 pails of water as the first three were murky with settled sediments.

Apart from this little issue, the rooms were large and comfy, and very conducive to a good night’s stay.


  1. Good Pools.

    Dream Paradise in Romblon

    The pool waters were cool, and perfect for a dip anytime of the day! There are also lots of greeneries and shade around so you are protected from the sun. The pool is also in close proximity to the spa, which offers massage services.


There are also other recreational bits here, such as a poolside bar and a karaoke you can rent. If there are children in tow, they also have a kiddie pool they can safely enjoy!


  1. Quiet Nature Ambience, Rustic Decor.

    Dream-Paradise-Resort-RomblonEverywhere you turn, you will always see a semblance of nature. From the rustic wooden furniture and the homey feel of all facilities, to the endless green peeking through your curtains when the sun shines on them, Dream Paradise makes it a point that you don’t forget where you are!


Despite this, the place isn’t somber at all! There are cheery umbrella decors and various amenities that bring in the comfort of the city, such as barbecue facilities, a coffee shop, and more. Those who simply cannot leave work behind can go to the Business Center or the Meeting Rooms, which are likewise adorned with nature-inspired trappings. Just don’t expect to get WiFi here, though — signal for local carriers like Globe and Sun are hard enough to come by .


  1. Marble Zoo.Dream-Paradise-Resort

    Being a few minutes away from the nation’s Marble Capital, of course you would expect to see marble pieces here! But perhaps you didn’t expect replicas of tigers and elephants here. Aside from the relaxing gardens, Dream Paradise has a marble zoo that showcases well-sculpted animal likenesses. You can sit around, of course, and take pictures!


  1. Great food.

    Food is always part of the service, and Dream Paradise serves a mean breakfast. Traditional Filipino meals come in filling portions, so you are fueled up for the rest of the day! You can also come back here for lunch and dinner, as the restaurant is open for the whole day.


Aside from all these, Dream Paradise offers a pretty long list of services, from a concierge to on-demand tours as well as 24-hour room service and laundry. Among the 22 rooms, some are designated as non-smoking places. There’s also air-conditioning, a pretty balcony, and (for the night owls) blackout curtains. Sure, it’s not noted for its handsome looks, but for the price and level of service, you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

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