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9 Things to Do in Dinosaur Island Clark

Dinosaur Island Clark

With the recent hype surrounding the popular movie series Jurassic Park, dinosaur island theme parks have risen back into popularity. Who wouldn’t want to mingle in with dinosaurs – the dominant species of this planet 65 million years ago? That is, without the danger from ‘real’ dinosaurs, of course!

In Dinosaur Island Clark Park, you will be able to interact and learn about dinosaurs effectively in an enjoyable manner. Here are the nine things that you can do in the first ever dinosaur animatronics theme-park in the country:

1.Dinosaur Trail

The main attraction of Dinosaur Island Clark is the Dinosaur Trail. This trail is made up of 26 dinosaur species that you can meet and interact with!

Each dinosaur statue is made up of rubber. That means, it is totally safe for the kids. Once you go near a dinosaur, it will react to you because of its motion sensors. There will be a lot of signs saying “10,000 volts” but don’t worry – those are for design purposes only.

During your trip all over the island, you will hear a lot of dinosaur screams. Don’t be alarmed, though. Those screams are recorded and played in the speakers that are hidden throughout the park. These screams will add to the enjoyment and make your experience much more realistic.

Quick facts are found around the dinosaurs, such as its name, the meaning of its name and how long ago it existed. This will help facilitate an educational tour for everyone visiting.

2. Feed the dinosaurs

Of course, what’s the use of having dinosaurs as pets if you can’t feed them? Here in Dinosaur Island, you can feed the dinosaurs for only 20 pesos!

The park provides a chicken leg prop that you can use to ‘feed’ the dinosaurs in your pictures. If you wish to forego the chicken leg prop, you can just stick in your head or your arm inside the dinosaur’s mouth if you’re quirky like that.

3. Watch the dinosaur coming out from the egg

A to-scale dinosaur egg is found on the island. It pops its head up and down and tends to scare the visitors. Dinosaur eggs are found throughout the island with their mother dinosaurs.

Learning about dinosaurs will be easier with actual-size statues. This will present a more realistic place of imagine for the kids (and kids at heart, too!).

4. World of Fun dinosaur live dance show

Dinosaur Island Clark

It’s not just kids and the elderly joining the Boom Boom dance craze – but it’s also dinosaurs, too!

Here in Dinosaur Island, the dinosaurs will provide more entertainment by twerking and dancing for the kiddos. For each live dance show, the dinosaurs will perform two songs.

Have your children have fun and dance with the dinosaurs!

5. Dinosaur 7D Experience

Dinosaur Island Clark

In case the Dinosaur Trail and live dance show is not enough experience for you, there is the Dinosaur 7D Experience, wherein, you can watch a movie and experience it with all your seven senses!

The theater seats move in sync with the movies’ movements. This way, it feels like you are part of the movie where the dinosaurs chase the unknowing civilians.

Dinosaur Island Clark

This might be for those grumpy teenagers you have that believe the Dinosaur Trail is “not good enough” or “for kids” and want more fun and excitement.

For only 100 pesos per head, you can experience this 7d dinosaur movie. Bonus points if you have a metrodeal voucher, which cuts up 25% of your payment.

6. Dinosaur Unearth Fossil Museum

Unearth the mystery of dinosaurs and their basic anatomy in the Dinosaur Unearth Fossil Museum!

Found here are semblances of mounted dinosaur fossils and more facts and information about the giant Reptilian lizards. It’s very popular stop for educational field trips.

7. Jurassic Safari

Dinosaur Island Clark

Here’s the real life version of the Dinosaur 7D experience.

In these carts, you can experience the thrill of being chased around and attacked by life-size dinosaurs. Yes, I said “attacked” as some dinosaurs might actually tap you, reach for you and run after you!

Enjoy the surprises but remember to be careful with your belongings as they might fall off the cart.

You may enjoy the Jurassic Safari for the same rates as the Dinosaur 7D experience.

8.Wonders of the World

Dinosaur Island Clark

Dinosaur Island does not only have dinosaurs but it also has the wonders of the world. While you’re at it, why not go around the world as well?

The Wonders of the World museum houses miniature replicas of the different wonders of the world such as the Taj Mahal of India, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and so on.

Quick facts about the famous landmarks can also be learned in the museum. Entrance fee is 50 pesos.

9. Enjoy with family!

Dinosaur Island Clark

There is a designated area to have lunch with the family, for free. If you wish for a more private area, the cottages can be rented out. Stalls can be found inside and outside the park if you forgot to pack lunch for the family.

Rest assured, Dinosaur Island Park in Clark, Pampanga will be a good experience for you and your family to bond and take a break from life.

How to Get to Dinosaur Island Park

Dinosaur Island Clark

Dinosaur Island Park is located in Clark, Freeport Zone, Pampanga. If you are travelling from Manila, expect a maximum of two-hour ride with the family. It is reachable by land and air. However, of course, the expressway is a more popular way of transport.

The island park is located 80KM north of Manila. Simply take the North Luzon Expressway and exit at Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga.

Rates and Contacts

Dinosaur Island Clark

Criteria Price
Adult Php 350.00
Kid (Under 16 years old) Php 300.00
Jurassic Jungle Safari Php 100.00
7D Super Screen Php 100.00
Wonders of the World Php 100.00
Unearth Museum Php 50.00
Dinosaur Ride Php 50.00
Dino Feeding Php 20.00

The entrance fee with a pass for the Dinosaur Live Dance Show and a tour guide for a minimum of six people will cost you 350 pesos. However,  if you book with klook you can avail tickets for 3 parks for only Php 399.

For normal entrance fees, adults will have to pay 350 pesos, while children under 16 years old and below will have to pay 300 pesos. Children under two feet are free to go inside.

The rides (Jurassic Jungle Safari and 7D Experience) are all worth 100 pesos each. While the Unearth Fossil Museum needs a 50 pesos entrance fee. You can feed the dinosaurs for 20 pesos.

Be sure to constantly check their website for promos, deals and discounts!  If you want to secure your tickets early you can book your tickets here

For inquiries, you can check their website at or call at (045) 499-303 or e-mail them through

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