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A Perfect Getaway and Spa Treatment in the Metro with Diana Stalder

With everything that we’ve gone through during this pandemic and “new normal”, pampering my skin was really not part of my list of priorities. It’s been more than a year I last had a visit to a derma or a facialist, so my skin was craving for some rejuvenation and tender loving care.

That’s why I was so excited when I found the time to go visit Diana Stalder Clinic for some much-needed facial treatment. I dropped by at their branch in Gateway Mall with a few of my friends and I was immediately impressed by how big and stylish the clinic was. I already knew that I was in for a sweet, relaxing me time at Diana Stalder. 

Deluxe facials

To be honest, I was quite afraid to go at first because there is still a pandemic going on, but Diana Stalder Clinic made sure that everyone followed strict safety measures all the time.

They now only accommodate 2 to 3 customers at a time, so you’ll have to book in advance to secure your appointment. My attendant was also wearing full PPE and was very sanitary, so that reassured me and I was able to just relax and enjoy my time.

Diana Stalder offers different facial treatments depending on what your skin is looking for. I opted to get the Facial Supreme Treatment which was a soothing, multi-step treatment to hydrate and deeply nourish the skin.

Diana Stalder dermline dermatologist

Step 1: Vanishing cream. This was for thoroughly removing all the surface impurities on the skin like makeup, dirt, and oils so you can start with a clean slate. My facialist also massaged my face and neck so that my skin really eases into the succeeding steps.

Step 2: Facial scrub. This exfoliates your face so you can slough off all the dead skin cells and resurface a brighter, more radiant skin texture. 

Step 3. Cleansing milk. This product was for that deep cleansing to get into those pores and get rid of the deep-set impurities. I loved this step because they used these spinning brushes which felt very relaxing, and my skin felt thoroughly cleansed. My facialist used three different brush types for different parts of the face.

Step 4: Cucumber mask. This was a nourishing mask to hydrate and drench the skin. They leave it there for a few minutes so your skin really absorbs all the goodness from the mask. This had a very cooling sensation, which felt perfect to soothe the skin after an intensive cleanse.

Step 5: Saline solution. The next step was preparing my skin for pricking or manual extraction. Usually, the face was steamed to open up the pores, but because of the pandemic, a saline treatment was used which was a safer alternative.

Step 6: Skin analysis. Before pricking, they first did a skin test to analyze the health of my skin, in terms of evenness, moisture, elasticity, and other factors. I appreciated this a lot because I learned new things about my skin condition and what I need to do to improve that. I learned about the parts of my face I need to take care of more, and what products I can incorporate into my routine. It was quite easy to understand because of the clear explanations by the aesthetician.  


Step 7: Pricking. Now, this was the part where they manually extracted the gunk from your clogged pores, like whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. I feel like the facialist was well-trained in pricking because it did not hurt as much as other manual extractions. Then a warm mask and serum were used to soothe and calm the face.

Step 8: Add-on mask. This step was optional, but I advise you to get it, as well! Based on your skin analysis, they will suggest a specific mask that’s suited for your face as an additional nourishing step. I got the Vitamin Vegetable Mask, while my friends got the Sensitive mask and the Acne-Prone Mask. I just love how tailored it is to what your skin needs so you can get the best results!

After my very thorough skin treatment, my skin just felt so revitalized and rejuvenated, it felt like I had baby skin again! And not only did my skin feel good, but it looked great as well. It looked radiant and there was an overall glow that really lasted the following days.

Diana Stalder

A one-stop wellness center

Since I was already treating myself to a pamper session at Diana Stalder, I might as well go all out. After my facial treatment, I also got my nails done and had a hand-and-foot massage which was really reenergizing. And

I just enjoy how wide-ranging the services that Diana Stalder offers to its patrons, which truly make it a one-stop-shop for everything you need for a full-body pampering session. For the face, you can avail of different treatments for specific purposes, like whitening, anti-acne, or anti-aging treatments.

DS facial spa

Aside from the face, let’s not forget about the rest of our body skin. You can avail of a full-body exfoliating Milk & Coffee Scrub, or an Intense Body Bleaching Treatment for glowing and even-toned skin. There’s also a Body Contouring Treatment that firms and tightens the skin.

For more specialized treatments, you also don’t need to go far because Diana Stalder has in-house dermatologists that can tend to your needs. You can get Botox Treatment to treat fine lines and wrinkles, or get an Intense Body Peel to resurface new skin in your face, underarms, arms, and legs.

Diana Stalder is a great venue if you want to host a spa party (a SPArty!) and pamper session with your best friends. You can spend a half-day with your crew, just treating yourself to the different services Diana Stalder has to offer. Because of the pandemic, spa parties are currently limited to a maximum of five heads, so you’re in for an intimate getaway session in the metro.

A skin-friendly cafe

DS cafe

Now, Diana Stalder’s wellness services do not end with just face and body treatments. Just as important as how we look on the outside is what we put inside of our bodies. That’s why Diana Stalder has an in-house cafe that serves healthy and organic food and beverages that nourish the body.

The DS Cafe offers a variety of different low-calorie and protein-rich dishes that use organic ingredients that are proven to be skin-friendly. I got to try the Fillet of Sole which I absolutely loved. For the meat lovers, they also had Chicken Teriyaki and Pork Honey dishes.  Each plate comes with a generous serving of rice and Hawaiian chicken salad.

They also serve lighter dishes like green salads and zesty sandwiches. But what really sealed the deal for me was the assortment of colorful fresh fruit juices. They offered some of my favorites like Calamansi Juice, Avocado Juice, and even Guyabano Juice. They were very refreshing and truly tasted like they were freshly squeezed. 

DS Cafe

The food was so good that I even went back for seconds after I finished my facial! Even if the food was guilt-free and organic, it was still so flavorful and satisfying. And while we were eating, Ms. Dina (the CEO of Diana Stalder) even shared her 21-week weight loss delivery meal plan.

DS Cafe

I really enjoyed my time here at the DS Cafe before I went in for my facial. I would even recommend that even if you’re not getting a facial treatment at Diana Stalder, you should pay a visit to their cafe if you’re in the area just for their hearty dishes. But of course, if you’re already there, why not make the most of it and treat yourself to a full-on pamper session?

A quick getaway in the metro

Even if it was just for a short while, I truly enjoyed my me-time at Diana Stalder Clinic. My tummy was happy, my skin looked radiant, and I felt very relaxed. It was just what I needed after the many months spent in quarantine. And the best part is that Diana Stalder is just a short drive away, so any time that I need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, now I know where to go.

What’s more, is that your glow doesn’t have to end when you leave the clinic. You can bring home that radiant, refreshing feeling and pamper your skin every day when you end your day with a bag full of Diana Stalder’s skincare products. They have everything, from beauty soaps and cleansers to lotions and sunscreens. It’s really just the icing on the cake, but Diana Stalder really is a one-stop center for everything beauty and wellness! 

You can visit Diana Stalder at their Gateway Branch in Basement 2, Gateway Mall, Araneta. For inquiries or booking, you can visit their website or email

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