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Dakak Park and Beach Resort: A Paradise to be Discovered

VIlla Angelina in Dakak Beach Resort

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to stay in Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan City for quite some time, four days to be exact. And I got to experience the exciting activities and amazing services it has to offer. I was there with some delegates from PHITEX2019 to see what exciting things to experience in Dakak.

The resort doesn’t disappoint! If the amazing accommodations aren’t enough, the dedicated and professional staff also truly do their utmost to provide the best services and experience to their guests.

Villa Angelina in Dakak

Dakak Park and Beach Resort are described to be the closest thing to paradise one can experience and I have to agree with that. With beautiful mountain views to its west, the property is situated on top of a jagged cliff overlooking their privately-owned 750 meter stretch of white sand beach and the sea beyond. Plus it conveniently eludes the typhoon belt making Dakak a year-round paradise destination.

Inside the park and resort, there are loads of different activities for visitors who want to experience some exciting adventure as well as for those who just want to relax and unwind. With 160 rooms for accommodation, they truly have something to offer for every kind fo visitor.

         I was already near the end of a long yet interesting day when we arrived at Dakak Park and Beach Resort. We were just at a rolling tour from Ozamis City in Misamis Occidental all the way to Dakak. We have a very early morning where we had to meet up at 2:30 AM to catch our 4:50 AM flight. But we still managed to arrive late at Dakak.

Villa Angelina in Dakak

Though when we did arrive, we were just on time for some dinner at Hugo Restaurant, this amazing restaurant inside the resort that serves Asian fusion cuisine. We had teppanyaki, sushi, and skewers.

         While we were in the restaurant, Sheena the Australian delegate approached me and asked, “Have you seen the rooms yet?”

         I replied, “Nope!” I still busy enjoying the delicious meal. Then she said, “it takes a lot for me to be blown away. And I’m blown away.” I got really excited to see the rooms at that point.

Villa Angelina: Luxury High End Rooms Done Well

         I was extremely lucky to be given a room in one of their suites in Villa Angelina. I got one of the five high-end luxury suites of Villa Angelina at Dakak Beach Resort. Sheena got me really excited. After dinner, I walked out of the restaurant and saw the infinity pool. That alone was already stunning for me, what more of the luxury room I get to stay in? I know it’s going to be a great four day stay here in Dakak Beach Resort.

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         Villa Angelina itself was located at a special section of Dakak Beach Resort on top of the cliff with amazing views of the sea and mountains beyond. It’s got a very exclusive atmosphere as only Villa Angelina guests can enter that gated part of the resort.

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         I took a shuttle that night to head to my Villa Angelina suites. Mine was the furthest from the reception area and I wasn’t really in the mood to walk. Visitors also have the option to take golf carts as shuttles which were a cute touch.

         I entered my room and I was floored by the scope of it. It was pure luxury inside with high ceilings and a king-size bed in the middle. Now I know what Sheena meant by being blown away.

Dakak Beach Resort

It’s interior is tastefully decorated with earth tones made from native materials. The high ceiling is particularly impressive made from intertwined wooden material commonly seen in bahay kubos. The intricacy of the design alone was stunning.

The suite is very spacious. I love the big windows and glass doors leading to the balcony. They give amazing natural light and the view from the bed overlooking the balcony is stunning. There is a mini sala, airconditioning, flat-screen TV, writing desk, and a mini-fridge.

Behind the huge bed, there was a hidden minibar, the closet and the entrance to the beautiful bathroom. Inside the bathroom was another form of luxury. The shower was very spacious, it looks like three people could fit in there comfortably. Complete with a wide mirror, counter space, and sink, the bathroom has everything.

Dakak Beach Resort

         Out in the balcony is my absolute favorite. The balcony is right at the cliffside and below is the huge stretch of beach and the ocean. There are sunbeds we can use at our leisure and the best part is the jacuzzi. We spent our time watching the sunset in that jacuzzi twice! It was incredibly beautiful.

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         The wifi service in my room was very weak so they sent us pocket wifi to use which was all good to me. And if you ever need a shuttle to reach the restaurant, you only need to dial 602 and the staff will send a shuttle to come to pick you up. Like I said, the service here was very professional and very convenient for us.

Other Facilities in Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         One of the advantages of being a guest in one of the Villa Angelina suites is that you also have access to all the activities and attractions in Dakak Park and Beach Resort. Plus, we also have exclusive access to their other world-class facilities located within Villa Angelina’s corner of the resort.

Infinity Pool

Infinitiy Pool in Dakak Beach Resort

         One of the best facilities within the resort, in my opinion, is the infinity pool. As mentioned above, this alone is already very stunning. The best part is that it has a fantastic view of the mountains beyond the beach. It’s right next to the Hugo restaurant, which makes morning swims after breakfast an amazing touch. It was a lovely swim and the water was quite warm.

The Spa

Spa Dakak Beach Resort

         One of the highlights of the stay in Villa Angelina is definitely their spa called The Spa in Villa. It’s one of the best ways to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate my aching body from all that traveling.

Spa at Dakak Beach Resort

         There was an option to get a massage in our suite or at the spa, I opt to get one at the spa to get the full experience of their service, and their luxurious facility for their spa is a part of that after all. And so I signed up for their signature spa services. It was both luxurious and unique with massages that including Oriental Massage, Swedish Relaxing Massage, and Pinoy Hilot Whole Body Massage that can include Banana Leaf Scanning.

Spa in Dapitan

It was such a relaxing time that truly left me rejuvenated. The massage therapists were professionals at their job. We were also treated with hot tea made with honey plus freshly made cookies after the massage. It even has a modern sauna and this big indoor hot tub with an amazing view of the sea and private beach below.

Services and Prices

         The spa has different prices for its different services. Guests staying in the resort’s accommodations receive an exclusive 30% discount. Here is an overview of their rates.

Service Rate Duration
Signature Four Arms Whole Body Massage PHP 2,500 1 hour
By the Beach Sunset Massage PHP 2,400 1 hour
Dakak Signature Pinoy Hilot Whole Body Massage with Banana Leaf Scanning PHP 1,600 1 hour & 30 minutes
Simplified Dakak Signature Pinoy Hilot Whole Body Massage PHP 1,400 1 hour
Dakak Version of Relaxing Swedish Whole Body Massage PHP 1,200 1 hour
Dakak Signature Oriental Whole Body Massage PHP 1,200 1 hour

Things to do in Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         The Dakak Park and Beach Resort’s property is absolutely huge with over 15 acres making it a one of a kind vacation destination in Mindanao. With such a huge expanse of land and with different kinds of terrain from forests, the beach, and a mountain, there is an unlimited number of things to do in Dakak. You can stay a week here and still discover something new you haven’t tried yet.

         You can sign up to tour packages complete with professional guides to experience most of the activities in the park and resort. Visitors have the option to either enter Dakak for the relaxation and water sports at the beach or avail a package to enter Dakak’s thrilling adrenaline pumping Adventure Zone.

The great thing about being a guest in Villa Angelina is that we have an all-access pass to every one of these activities and attractions.

         For access to Dakak’s Adventure Zone, visitors can pay for a Dakak Thrill package worth 1,500 pesos per person to experience:

ATV at Dakak Beach Resort

  1. Zipline
  2. 15 minutes of horseback riding
  3. 15 minutes of ATV Ride
  4. Three games of airsoft
  5. A free day tour
  6. And a serving of fresh buko drink

         If that’s not enough thrill and adventure, visitors can also pay for their Dakak Extreme Package worth 1,999 pesos per person. They can experience all the activities above with the addition of rock climbing and rappelling.

         If that’s the thrilling activities on land is not your thing, you can always opt to go to Dakak’s long stretch of beach to relax, swim, or enjoy their water sports. They have an aqua sports center where visitors can:

Jetski Dakak Park and Beach Resort

  1. Parasail solo for 2,200 pesos or in tandem for 2,900 pesos
  2. With a minimum of five people, ride a banana boat for 420 per person
  3. Jetski for 30 minutes worth 2,600 pesos or for an hour worth 4,800 pesos
  4. Kayak solo for 600 pesos, with a partner for 850 pesos, or with a glass-bottom kayak for 750 pesos
  5. Waterski for 2,500 pesos
  6. Snorkle with a minimum of five people for 50 pesos per person
  7. Stand up paddleboard for an hour worth 600 pesos
  8. Go on a Dakak Day Cruise with a minimum of five people worth 450 per person

All of these are amazing activities and most of them I did during my stay in Dakak. Here are things I did at Dakak Park and Beach Resort

Hike to the Repeater

Hiking the repeater

         There was an option to trek or cycle within Dakak’s Adventure Zone. We opt for a hike because why not. It’s a great way to get familiar with the surroundings. It’s a good thing that they also offer free walks and hikes around the park.

Hiking the repeater

ATV Ride

         With did the practice route first then the real deal in the form of the actual ATV trail. It was very adrenaline pumping, especially the turns. I try not to get too carried away though but it was loads of fun!


         I love going down the zipline! The views below of the ocean and the mountains on the other side are fantastic. This zipline also boasts being the longest and fastest one in the Philippines.


         I wasn’t able to experience the entirety of the watersports they offered but I did go parasailing which was surprisingly relaxing. I just up there in the air witnessing the beautiful ocean views. In contrast, I also went jet skiing which was a more thrilling ride. Very different from gliding through the air.

Play Golf

Play Golf at Dakak Beach Resort

         I also did a little bit of golf. They have an 18 hole golf course as well with the huge land they have. No wonder they have those golf carts for shuttles.

Get Pampered in the Spa

 Again, a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I think that everyone should visit and should also get a pampering session at Dakak’s spa. It was such a great experience with a great hot tub and sauna.


         There several diving spots off the coast of Dakak’s long stretch of beach. The best ones though are in Aliguay island.

Go to Aliguay via boat or helicopter

         Aliguay island is this double pancake-shaped island over an hour away from the coast of Dapitan. Guests of Dakak Beach resort has the option to take a boat to reach the island or go for the fancier mode of travel via chopper. This makes the journey to the island an adventure in and of itself.

Aliguay Island in Dakak

The island is steadily developing to be a great tourist destination and is being promoted as a premium diving site. There’s currently a very charming clam-shaped restaurant named Tacubo Restaurant where we had a fun boodle fight. There are also two or three villas by the beach, all of which seemed to be solar-powered full of rooms perfect for barkadas.

Aliguay Island

The locals that are here are very friendly and like to sell souvenirs to tourists. There’s a pook you can visit to see how the locals spend their downtime too.

The stretch of white sand beach here is in pristine condition completely unmarred by development. The water is a beautiful turquoise blue with a stretch of coral reefs far off the shore. This is where we did some diving. I haven’t dived in a long time so it was fortunate that this was a good dive. The coral reefs are colorful and looked healthy with lots of variety of fish.

Visiting Aliguay Island is a great half-day trip to spend a relaxing and chill afternoon or go diving in the ocean undisturbed by other human activities.

Watch Cultural Dances like Fire Dance

Within Dakak Park and Beach Resort, there are several performances given by local entertainers throughout the day and they are really entertaining. I got to watch choreographed fire dance this one night and it was quite amazing.

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

Have Dinner by the Beach

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         There’s this great beachside restaurant at Dakak called Bamboo where we can eat our meals and simultaneously witness the view of the sunset over the ocean. It’s was a spectacular sight.

Gloria’s Fantasy Land

         Another amazing thing at being a guest at Villa Angelina is that we get to have unlimited access to all the 22 rides in Gloria’s Fantast Land. Gloria’s Fantasy Land is Mindanao’s version of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. It’s a great theme park for thrill-seekers who love to ride fast-paced roller coasters.

Gloria's Fantasy Land

         It’s open Tuesday to Sunday from 4 PM to 12 MN. The ticket for unlimited rides is worth 1,000 pesos but you can get a 500 peso ticket to go on 12 rides opt for other inclusions.

Where to eat in Dakak?

         Another amazing thing about Dakak is the numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants within its premises.

  1. Hugo Restaurant – I already mentioned this restaurant above and the delicious dishes I ate but it’s also worth mentioning that this restaurant served the best Asian fusion dishes. Its cliffside location with a fantastic view of the ocean and the infinity pool beside it isn’t that bad either.
  2. Bamboo – for a beachside treat, head over to Bamboo Restaurant or otherwise known as Le Bamboo Cafe. This restaurant/cafe is at the center of Dakak and served great local Filipino cuisine. This is also the place where most of the dance performance happens. Plus they’re open for 24 hours!
  3. Il Paso Italiano Ristorante – from the name alone this you know this Italian Restaurant will serve the best pasta dishes there is. It’s Carbonara is especially delicious and some of its other pasta dishes have some Filipino influences as well.

Accommodations in Dakak Park and Beach Resort

         My four day stay in Villa Angelina was truly a luxurious experience but that’s not all that Dakak Park and Beach Resort are offering to its guests. Of course, the suites in Villa Angelina are amazing but they can cost as much as 22,500 pesos per night and not every traveler can afford that luxury.

         Luckily there are over 161 accommodations that Dakak has available for their guests. They try to provide something for everyone. There is a wide variety of rooms to choose from for every type of visitor.

Dakak Beach Resort

         There are rooms for everyone and every type of traveller in Dakak. Couples can have a romantic getaway in their Deluxe or Garden Rooms with amazing amenities inside. These rooms can also accommodate couples with young children with the option of having double queen beds inside.

         For larger families going on a family trip in Dakak, they can book Dakak’s family rooms full of comfortable bunk beds. These family rooms can fit a huge family with more than 10 members! Huge friend groups also have rooms for them in Dakak too.

Dapitan City

They provide Barkada Rooms for guests going on huge friend outings and even company outings. These rooms are full of more comfortable bunk beds and can accommodate even more people than the family rooms.

And for a unique experience, guest can stay at their Marian Room where Marian Rivera once stayed in as a guest in Dakak. No matter the type of room guests are in, these beautiful accommodations are still given with the utmost high-quality service and professionalism by their staff.

         Their choice of activities also accommodate for different kinds of budgets, the best example is the trip to Aliguay Island where visitors can choose between the more affordable boat ride or the more luxurious chopper ride to take them to the island.

         All in all, Dakak Park and Beach Resort is a great destination to go to if you’re ever in Mindanao. It has a lot to offer no matter the range of your budget. It’s a place of great service, amazing experiences, and sights to see.


Most photos by Noel Amata

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