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Crystal Waves Resort, Nueva Ecija

Crystal Wave Resort


Nueva Ecija, known as the Rice Bowl of the Philippines is located in Central Luzon, where the majority of the rice production of the country comes from.

Being a province in Region III (Central Luzon), Nueva Ecija is mostly made up of stretches of land with only a few bodies of water. As a landlocked province, there are no beaches that can be enjoyed by the locals during the hot summer months of April and May.


The land-dominated topography of this province makes it unsuitable as a province to visit for the summer vacation.

But the sad reality experienced by local Nueva Ecijans and nearby neighboring provinces is overturned as the Crystal Wave Resort became fully operational in July of 2017.

Crystal Waves Resort

Crystal Waves Resort is a resort in Nueva Ecija that had just officially opened in 2017 and is owned by the San Pedro family.

Being the first of its kind in the province, Crystal Waves Resort quickly became a hotspot to summer vacationers trapped in the landlocked provinces in Central Luzon (Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Manila, etc.)

Crystal Wave Pool

Nobody explained it better than Atty. Jose San Pedro, the owner of the family-owned resort. He shared that the locals of Nueva Ecija used to travel out of the province in order to enjoy and find relaxation – that’s why he had the Crystal Waves Resort built.

Now, there is no reason for locals to travel out just to relax and engage in recreational activities. And, it gives one more reason for travelers to visit the Rice Bowl of the Philippines.

Crystal Wave Pool

This resort in Nueva Ecija boasts a tropical paradise landscape with the clear pool waters, blue skies, and palm trees surrounding the area.

Painted to give a vibrant “summer escape land” feel, Crystal Waves Resort has everything you need to enjoy the water and the outdoors – slides, wall climbing, and zip lines.

Crystal Wave Pool

However, it is not only a resort but also doubles as a venue for events such as weddings and christenings with their elegant event buildings and events management.

Pools and Attractions

There are lots of fun outdoor activities that are available to enjoy in Crystal Waves Resort. Whether you are visiting with friends, family or a loved one, you are bound to find something that everyone enjoys.


  1. Olympic Sized Wave Pool

The very first wave pool resort in Nueva Ecija is Crystal Waves. This is what the resort is famous for and what most visitors look forward to – the wave pool.

Every hour, the speaker systems of the resort make announcements that the wave pool is about to start. It’s meant to notify and remind the visitors looking forward to experiencing the wave pool to enter standby near the wave pool and wait before it starts.

During our visit, I kept my expectations low about this so-called “wave pool” – but boy, was I wrong to underestimate it. The waves were literally strong enough to sweep you off your foot

ing the same way that the ocean waves do!

Make sure that you are extra careful if you do not know how to swim but plan on experiencing the wave pool – it is intense, I warned you. It is about a maximum of seven feet in depth.

2. Olympic Sized Mickey Mouse Pool

One of the most iconic element of this resort in Nueva Ecija is its Olympic sized Mickey Mouse swimming pool formed by three large circular pools that are aligned together so that they form the infamous Mickey Mouse silhouette.

Up close, the shape is quite unnoticeable. However, if you climb up the adventure tower, you would definitely see the Mickey Mouse shape that the pool resembles.

Dubbed as the “best” pool among the three pools of Crystal Waves Resort, the Mickey Mouse Pool is three to seven feet in depth and boasts crystal clear water with an amazing view.

3. Kiddie Pool

While the two other pools of Crystal Waves Resort are massive in size, the kiddie pool does not pale in comparison as it is still massive even if it’s the “kiddie pool”.Crystal Wave Pool

One main feature of the kiddie pool is the Aqua Play Area that the children will surely enjoy. It’s built to simulate the playgrounds found in parks – with slides, stairs to climb and a bucket that fills up and pour water continuously – except, it’s a lot better than its playground counterpart as its in water!

Crystal Wave Pool

Painted in pinks, mints, and blues – the kiddie pool is meant to rekindle the heart of all the youngsters (and young at hearts, too!) out there.

The pool is only three feet in deep, that’s why the kids and their parents who go and enjoy the Aqua Play Area can play without worrying too much about the water.

Outdoor Activities

1.Giant Water Racing SlideCrystal Wave Resort

Along with the Olympic sized wave pool, the Giant Water Racing Slide is also an iconic feature of this resort in Nueva Ecija. This is one of the many activities that visitors staying only for one day can do and enjoy.

It starts from a 50-meter tower and cascades down for a total length of 200 meters. This is definitely not a height for the weak minded. But instead, it’s the perfect challenge for those adrenaline junkies out there looking for an obstacle that can make their heart race.

2.Zip Lines

There are two zip lines that stretch across Crystal Waves Resort. The first one is the Zip Line Superman Adventure, perfect for imitating your favorite superman pose. And the second one is the Zip Line Professor X Adventure.

If you are looking for something extreme and heat-pumping to get your blood rushing, zip lines are definitely the way to go.

The only difference between their two zip lines is the length and the rates. The Zip Line Superman Adventure is longer than the Zip Line Professor X Adventure and is 50 pesos pricier.


Descend down a rope by trying out one of their wall challenges: the Batman Adventure Rappelling. It’s highly recommended for you to wear rubber shoes that are comfortable enough to have a firm grip to the wood walls that you’ll go down on.

Safety isn’t a problem for their rappel challenge as they have the proper equipment and well trained staff to assist you.

  • Wall Climbing

Unleash the inner Spiderman in you by trying out their second wall challenge: the Spiderman Wall Climbing Challenge.

Crystal Wave Resort
Wall climbing

Find your way to the base of the wall b climbing down the rocks placed challengingly across the wood wall. The same as with rappelling, it is highly recommended for you to wear your rubber shoes for a better and safer experience – it’s better to avoid getting bruised or scratched when you’re only wearing slippers.

The wall climbing challenge is extremely safe as there are enough safety harnesses and enough staffs to strap you on safely.

Currently, there is an obstacle course under construction in Crystal Wave Resort, so watch out for that in the future!

Food in Crystal Waves Resort

There are no restaurants INSIDE the Crystal Wave Resort. However, there are some establishments located inside of the Crystal Wave Complex, just outside of the resort near the parking area where you can buy food to bring inside.

Crystal Wave Resort
Breakfast Options at Crystal Wave Resort

A Mang Inasal, Double J Park Shop and Yumyumyum Eat All You Can is available for you to stop by before going inside the resort if you plan on buying your food instead of bringing your own.Crystal Wave Pool

Food is allowed inside, and as mentioned earlier, you can grill your own food in the grilling stations if you plan on staying overnight, or having a small barbecue party by your cottages.

Crystal Waves Resort Rates

  • Day Tour Package

The admission fee is included in the Day Tour package that gives you pass to the three pools, giant water slide and the public shower rooms.  Everything not included in these three inclusions warrants for additional fees.

  • ADULT for 230 pesos
  • CHILD (4ft below) for 180 pesos
  • SENIOR CITIZEN with 20% discount (240 pesos)
  • Day Tours/Swimming Pool Hours: 8AM to 10PM

  • Activities


  • Cottages

    Crystal Wave Resort
    Accommodation in Crystal WavesResort

Cottages are available to be rented in this resort in Nueva Ecija. Their cottages can accommodate from 10 people to 25! Sing along with friends and family as you can rent a videoke and for the whole day for 700 pesos.

If you are looking to having a small barbecue, but forgot your barbecue grill or chose not to bring it, then you can rent one for only 75 pesos.

  • JADE for 600 pesos (10-15pax)
  • TOPAZ for 650 pesos (10-15pax)
  • GARNET for 700 pesos (15-20pax)
  • AMBER for 800 pesos (20-25pax)

Overnight Accommodation

If you are planning to stay overnight, Crystal Waves Resort offers overnight accommodation that can cater to guests from small to big groups. The price of the rooms already includes complimentary breakfast.

There are actually a lot of rooms that vary in rates according to the maximum number of people that the rooms can accommodate. Most of the rooms are actually pretty spacious – that’s why the resort is perfect for team building activities, barkada outings or school retreats.

The rooms are simple, clean and beautiful and come with the standard accommodation inclusions: towels, hygiene kits, TV and bottled water. Food is actually allowed inside the rooms and while there is no kitchen, there is a grilling station that you can use for free as long as you ask for permission.

Nueva Ecija Resorts

A great way to spend the night, when it’s a bit colder to enjoy the pools is to grill up marshmallows and hotdogs and bond with friends or family.
Nueva Ecija Resorts

Check in time is at 2PM and checkout time is at 12NN the next day. A charge of 700 pesos is made if there are more guests than the expected allowable pax.

  • OPAL ROOMS for 1500 pesos (double sharing)
  • DIAMOND ROOMS for 3000 pesos (double sharing)
  • EMERALD ROOMS 3800 pesos (quad sharing)
  • AQUAMARINE DORMITORY for 12000 pesos (good for a maximum of 20pax)

Crystal Waves Events Center

Aside from being a resort, Crystal Waves also offers a place where you can hold celebrations or parties. This niche is managed by the Crystal Waves Events Center.

There are two venues that they offer: one that is inside the resort and another that is a huge building located just outside of the resort, which can fit up to 1200 people!Crystal Wave Pool

There are a lot of venues to choose from, varying in the maximum number of people and open-air and close-air conditioned halls. The biggest hall available is perfect for seminars, trainings, workshops and the like.

The halls are clean, minimalistic and refreshing in design. It’s definitely a classy and elegant aesthetic that matches perfectly to any theme for your party or wedding.

  • Rates of Crystal Waves Resort Event Center

All rates are already VAT inclusive. You can check the Crystal Waves Events Rates webpage for a more comprehensive breakdown of what comes with you the different packages.

  • BRONZE for 55 000 pesos (240 square meters)
  • SILVER for 90 000 pesos (480 square meters)
  • GOLD for 140 000 pesos (720 square meters)
  • PLATINUM for 180 000 pesos (985 square meters)

Tips and things to rememberCrystal Wave Pool

  1. Food IS allowed inside the resort. However, to keep the food clean, they don’t allow food and drinks near the pools.
  2. Alcohol, fragile utensils and deadly weapons (like a kitchen knife) are not allowed inside the premises for safety. Resort staffs are always roaming around the vicinity to ensure that no guests who are breaking this house rule.
  3. Guests who are not in proper swimming attire are not allowed to swim in the pools. If you are planning to take a dip into their pools, make sure to bring with you properly swimming attire: trunks for men and swimsuit for women.)
  4. The resort is closed on Tuesdays for a maintenance day

How to get to Crystal Waves Resort


From Cubao, ride a Baliwag Bus going to San Jose through the SCTEX. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the Crystal Waves Resort.. Fare is Php 226 per head.

They will drop you off the Caltex Station with a Mang Inasal but as the Crystal Waves Resort is just along the highway, you can easily get off  and walk for around 2 minutes and you will see the entrance of Crystal Waves Resort.  The journey usually takes 3-4 hours. Make sure you ride the bus that says via SCTEX or you will pass a longer route.

Crystal Wave Resort
Landmark on when to go down


Take a jeepney to Cabanuatan City where they will drop you off the terminal. From the terminal, ride a bus bound for Manila and pay 218 pesos. The jeep ride will cost you 25 pesos.  

You can also wait for a bus across the street where there is a water refilling station.  The bus passes every 30-40 minutes look for a bus going to Cubao via SCTEX. The fare is Php222.

Overall Experience

Crystal Wave Resort is a resort in Nueva Ecija that offers a wide variety of outdoor and pool activities that you can enjoy with friends and family for team building and bonding.

The pool was big and spacious enough that it never felt too crowded. There was also a team building activity during our visit, but it didn’t feel too packed. The pools were always kept clear and clean. I definitely recommend visiting and enjoying what Crystal Wave Resort has to offer.

With the serene environment and tropical interior, this resort screams a tropical paradise perfect for anyone trying to relax and enjoy their vacations.


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