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Poblacion Eats: Crosta Pizza at the Social Ebro


Crosta: In Search of the Perfect Pizza

Food parks are just perfect. Imagine going to a single destination and getting all sorts of food. It’s like a food court, only it’s al fresco and more enticing! But not all food parks are playing that game, and a notable exception is Makati’s The Social on Ebro. Located in Poblacion, the place stands out by only having 2 (soon to be 3) stalls. One of them is Crosta Pizzeria. I enjoy Pizza. It’s an easy get together finger food that’s really good.


Crosta (Italian for “crust”) claims to have made a unique style that they proudly call “The Poblacion Pizza”. After a slew of tests and surveys, and after 4 years of conceptual development, they have made one of Makati’s more iconic tastes. Their dough alone is pretty special — it’s thin and puffy (owing to its 2-day fermentation period), making it crispy but hefty. There’s a chewy consistency after the bite, and you can even taste the olive oil among other ingredients.

Pizza Size

But pizzas are not all crust. How do their flavors compare?


When I dropped by with my friends we tried three flavors. First, there was their “Basic Bitch” pizza (Php 200). Yes, the name’s got attitude! The fare lives up to it, though. It’s a simple flavor with tomato-based pizza sauce, cheese, and basil leaves. No fancy toppings, but it delivers a solid flavor.


Then there’s their “Cheesy AF” (Php 320), which contains 5 types of cheese — that’s one more than your standard 4-cheese variety. Slathered with molten layers of mozzarella, fontina, taleggio, parmesan, and goat’s cheese, this deliciously guilty pizza is perfect for the dairy-lover in everyone.


Finally, we had the “Smells Fishy” (Php 350), which turned out to be my favorite. It had all the pizza elements, plus anchovies! I’m a big fan of anchovies so this gets my vote.


Other flavors include the classic pepperoni “Pepperonley” (Php 250), and the “Shroomed Out” (Php 380) which is chock-full of various mushrooms. They also have a version of the Hawaiian flavor, called “The Retiree” (Php 300). It has bacon, home-made sausage and pineapples! These cheeky monikers make the pizzeria hard to miss, but then again the true measure of their success is the quality of their fare.


Getting the feel of it


Crosta Pizza’s  place is very utilitarian, conforming to The Social’s industrial setting. And yet it works to the pizzeria’s advantage by focusing on their unique flavors. Simple metallic chairs and tables sit along colorful walls plastered with shiny abstract artworks, right above Crosta’s order window and kitchen. This part is very basic in itself, with plain “order” and “claim” windows flanked by a neon pizza doodle and the menu. The Social stands in a once-bare parking lot and has limited space, but Crosta and its neighbor Kashmir makes good use of it.

Crosta Pizzeria is proof that quality pizza doesn’t have to wipe out your wallet. So when you find yourself in Brgy. Poblacion’s Ebro street, look for the big tiger mural that marks The Social and head inside. Your friends, tummy, taste buds, and pockets will all be thanking you.

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