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The Common Good I’M Hotel Buffet in Poblacion Makati


The Common Good: I’M Hotel Poblacion in a Nutshell

If we’re talking food tripping in Makati, it’s impossible not to think of Poblacion and its many gustatory wonders. From hole-in-the-wall specialty shops to grand restaurants that serve veritable feasts, from quaint little coffee shops to celebrity-owned spots, you can find everything here.

But then again, Poblacion is a pretty big piece of real estate, and not everyone has the time for such a food crawl. If you’re among these, I’M Hotel has just the thing for you. Recently, their 4th floor has started playing host to The Common Good Food Playground, a collection of the best that Poblacion has to offer!


Meet the Specialities in the 9 Stations in The Common Good at I’M Hotel 

Paul and Ranuka.


Named after the two masterminds of The Common Good, Chefs Paul and Ranuka, this station offers some of the freshest ingredients around. Their Green Egg Sandwich is a must try, a delectable combination of various vegetables and “green eggs” that would take you on a whirlwind of taste. There are also mocktail drinks to match. The station prides itself on serving healthy food that will stay on your mind for a long time.



This one is a tribute to the Indian food that makes up a good part of the Poblacion food sector. Traditional Indian fare like Roti and Masala come in delicious servings. Beware of the latter, though, as the prawns are of the melt-your-tongue-if-you’re-not-careful kind!


Al Dente.


While there’s definitely Italian here, there’s also an unusual yet convincing dash of Filipino. The Sisig Pizza is a real treat, using authentic Italian techniques in making the flatbread and imbuing it with distinctly Filipino flavors!


Perfect Four.


This one is for the rice fanatics! Southeast Asian dishes are on parade at Perfect Four, and it’s impossible not to have multiple servings. There’s the Nasi Lemak, with its fragrance whetting up the appetite. The flavors here are perfect if you’re looking for a rich meal with just the right touch of exotic.




Parilla is named after the Spanish word for “grill”, already giving you a hint to what smoky goodness it serves. Make sure to taste their Peri-Peri Chicken, which carries the perfect combination of natural open pit-grilled flavor and the kick of select spices.


One Bowl Wonder.


This Japanese-themed station serves “tendons” —- not that stringy portion of meat but a combination of the terms “tempura” and “donburi” (rice bowl). While those who have tasted real Japanese meals would find things to nitpick, it nevertheless gets as close as you can to the original without getting out of the nation’s capital.


Empress Jade.


Those who frequent this side of Makati might confuse this for the famous Chinese restaurant next door to I’M Hotel. However, this one is more of a tribute, which is all the more evident when you find the station’s specialty to be dimsum. Here you’ll find platters of siu mai, beancurd rolls, and hakaw, straight from the bestsellers of the original Empress Jade!




If all those savory meals are starting to overload your tastebuds, grab something from this French dessert station! It’s perfect for capping this mini food crawl.They have a full range of sweets from fruit, ice cream, toast, and a variety of toppings.



As if the people behind The Common Good finally ran out of word play, this station serves a variety of beverages to wash down all that food. Check out their Ginumis Granitas, which combines the traditional Italian Granitas (semi-frozen water and sugar) with traditionally Filipino Ginumis (sago, gata, pinipig). If Sucré’s desserts are making you conscious of adding to the weight you’ve already gained, then the Fountain can also be a perfect dessert alternative!


You can crawl through I’M Hotel’s The Common Good stations for either a breakfast or a dinner buffet. The former is around Php 724, while the latter puts the bill at Php 1,367. For the variety and the “Poblacion-in-a-nutshell” taste you’re getting, both prices are just perfect. If you’re craving for something particular, however, you can go for the ala carte menu instead.


Common-Good-I'M-HotelTheir breakfast runs from 6AM to 10AM, and they are also open for lunch (from 11AM to 4PM) for a la carte orders. Dinner is served from 4PM to 10PM, so you can visit here anytime and enjoy The Common Good!


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