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CityPass: A convenient Travel Partner in San Francisco

CityPass San Francisco

What it is:  CityPASS is a week-long bus ticket, plus admission to four of San Francisco’s coolest museums.

Admission: $94 for an adult CityPASS.

What you save: Over $80, if you visit all four attractions.

Where to get it: Any of the CityPASS attractions or at the San Francisco Visitors Center, located at 900 Market Street.

Who it’s for: Anyone staying in San Francisco for an extended amount of time—at least a week.


  • Seven-day cable car and municipal bus passport
  • California Academy of Sciences admission
  • Blue & Gold Fleet Bay cruise adventure
  • Exploratorium OR De Young Museum
  • Aquarium of the Bay OR Monterey Bay Aquarium


  • No lines in transportation, its free, and it takes you wherever you want to go
  • Perfect for long stay
  • Saves you a lot of money in museum admission
  • The things included are educational
  • Includes a lot of discount coupons for dining, shopping, etc
  • It also has discounts for Segway tours and for bike rides


If you’re in San Francisco, purchasing a CityPass is a great way to get around and save money on some of the city’s coolest attractions. For me, the CityPass was especially helpful for transport, although I also enjoyed a lot of the inclusions.

San Francisco is known for its cable car. It’s relatively cheap—just $7—so of course I wanted to be sure to experience it! We rode the cable car to Mason, navigated the streets on the F Street car to the wharf near Pier 39, and hopped aboard the Blue and Gold Fleet Adventure.

Blue and Gold Fleet: 1 hour bay cruise $30

Bay Cruise San Francisco

The Blue and Gold Fleet cruise took us around the bay area, explaining all the sites we saw on both sides of the bay. The trip gives you an overview of the city and even takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge. The boat also goes around Alcatraz and gives you a history about the place. The tour is an audio recording, so it can be a little bit hard to hear if there are a lot of people on the boat. It can be a cold tour, so be sure to wear a jacket or an extra layer if you go! I was glad that we were on the 1:00 pm cruise and that the day was sunny. It helped me survive the chilly air. Remember, I’m a tropical girl! I’m not used to cold weather. Also, the boat has a snack bar, so if you forget to pack food, you can still get a bite to eat.

Exploratorium: $29

Exploratorium San Francisco

I loved the Exploratorium! It’s a science museum geared toward kids, but even adults can learn a lot. I went with my grandma, and even she enjoyed it. The museum has interactive exhibits as well as live demonstrations. I happened to catch a cow eye dissection. It was disgusting, but also fascinating!


With CityPass, you have the choice to visit the Exploratorium or the Legion of Honor and De Young Museum. We used the CityPass transportation to the Legion of Honor and explored the California of Sciences, which was right across from it. We got to Legion of Honor around 4:20, and the guy at the front told us that the museum would be free at 4:30, so we would be better off waiting ten minutes for free admission and saving our tickets for the Exploratorium. We had 45 minutes to explore the Legion of Honor for free until 5:15, when the museum closes. We were glad we did! It was lucky that we listened to him, because as much as I love art, I really enjoyed the Exploratorium, too.

California  Academy of Science $34.95 for adults

I really liked the mini aquarium at California Academy of Science! It’s like land, water, and rain forest in one. They have a lot of interesting displays. The most important thing I learned is that you can actually touch sea urchins! Well, at least the ones they had there. The staff told me that if you touch one, it won’t sting you. What makes them release their stings is the pressure you put on an urchin if you step on it.

Monterrey Aquarium  for $39.95 or Aquarium by the Bay  for  $22.95

I didn’t get to see the Monterrey Aquarium yet. It’s out of the city, but they say it’s good! Hopefully I’ll get to see it soon. If you find it difficult to go to the Monterrey Aquarium there is one right by the wharf at Pier 39 ( Aquarium by the Bay). I just didn’t get to visit Aquariums for this trip.

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