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Start the Year ‘HOT’ with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Chipotle Fire Chicken


By Tina Punzal

I have been micro-blogging for a couple of years now each year uniquely filled with different places to see, people to meet, things to do, stories to hear, and food to eat — all encapsulated in vivid photos with snippets of stories behind each one. And as any adventure-seeker would be, one thing remains constant all throughout these years. I will always be the ‘bold’ one – curious, risk-taking, one who’s always looking for something new, fresh, and exciting!

So just imagine my delight when I received an invite from Karla to attend on her behalf a ‘Hot Date’ event by Kenny Rogers Roasters. Intrigued as I was, I was totally clueless what Kenny’s had in store (was it an actual dating game or what?), but nonetheless excitedly looked forward to the ‘DATE’!

Fast forward to January 17, after doing registration and saying hello to a few familiar faces, it was finally time for the big reveal.

Following the tradition of introducing new things as we usher in the new year, Kenny Rogers gives us something new and hot this January: the all-new Chipotle Fire Chicken!


Growing up, I have not always been the biggest fan of spicy food but that all changed when I started traveling around with Karla. No, I don’t think I will ever finish a whole packet for the trending Spicy Noodles Challenge, but I am pretty confident to say that I love any spiced up food now!

Kenny Rogers Roaster’s Chipotle Fire Chicken (Group Meal). Photo courtesy of @hungrytravelduo.

By adding a special chipotle flavor, Kenny’s Chipotle Fire Chicken offers a different take on their classic premium roast. This game-changing roast is unlike the usual spicy chicken you’ve tasted. More than spicy it is hot, and hot is always good, right?

A few bites into my chicken piece, I noticed that the same savory goodness we all love was still there, only this time around it was boldly enhanced with a zesty, powerful kick of hot pepper. Something I thoroughly enjoyed, coupled with the delicious sides and java rice. Just a fair warning, take it easy on the spicy gravy though as it can be a little too hot for some.

By now, my taste buds were surely sweating! So I thought it would be best to cool them off with Kenny’s sweet dessert collection. To balance the heat of the Chipotle Fire Chicken, you can pair it with their frozen yoghurt, smoothies, sundaes, and more. I drew the chocolate ice cream during registration (albeit wished for the Strawberry Smoothie hehe), and it was the perfect ending to a hot and savory meal!


Planning to taste-test alone? Their solo plate deals for the new Chipotle Fire Chicken is priced at only Php 245.00 and for which you can get 1 quarter chicken, 2 side dishes, 1 corn muffin and 1 java rice. OR… you can also enjoy a fiery feast with friends and family with their affordable group meal. For only Php 810 pesos, you’ll get to enjoy Kenny’s newest offering with 1 whole chicken, 4 side dishes, 4 Java rice, 4 corn muffins, and 1 pitcher of Iced Tea or Soda. Such a HOT DEAL, right?

The Chipotle Fire Chicken will be available in all 34 Kenny Rogers Roasters branches starting January 22 BUT for a limited time only. This is just the start of Kenny’s hot plans for 2018 so we better get those hungry palettes ready! 

#ItsGoodToBeHot #ChipotleFireChicken

P.S. Drop us a comment once you’ve tasted it, okay? Enjoy!

With fellow foodie bloggers at Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Chipotle Fire Chicken’s media launch. Photo courtesy of @iammilletski.

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