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Chicago Helicopter Experience

Chicago Helicopter Tour

The only way to literally see the entire city of Chicago is by helicopter. You can get a good idea of what the city looks like from above, and it’s a super fun, once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure. I went with Chicago Helicopter Experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I swear, I had the best possible view of the city of Chicago. Here’s what you can expect when you take the tour.

Chicago Helicopter Expereince

Getting Tickets

You can book your tickets online, or buy them in the city. I got mine in Millennium Park for $115. I took the Twilight Tour, which is $178 online, so I definitely recommend searching for good deals. Look around before you buy.

Chicago Helicopter Ride

There are five tours available. The least expensive is the daylight tour. The twilight tour is the one I took, and I wouldn’t have changed it if I could. It was amazing to see the city at sunset. The night tour is another option, so you can see Chicago all lit up. If you want to get really fancy, take a private tour. There is also a fireworks tour available at certain times of the year.

Chicago Helicopter Tour

If you have the budget, this could also be a really cool way to get back to the airport. You could skip the taxi ride in traffic and get your tour and transportation all in one.

When You Arrive

The Chicago Helicopter Experience heliport is located at 2420 S. Halsted Road in downtown Chicago. It’s a couple miles from The Loop and you can park right in front of heliport, if you’re driving yourself.


You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your flight; this is strictly required. Once you get all checked it, you can explore the little museum in the building. It’s a pretty cool way to pass the few minutes before your flight. Right before you take off, you’ll get a group photo in front of the plane, which you can buy afterwards. You’ll also get some pre-flight briefing before you take off.



I can hardly describe what it’s like to be flying high above the Chicago skyline. It was absolutely amazing, especially with the sunset. The flight is about 15 minutes, which was plenty of time to see everything. The pilot was so friendly to us, and he gave us a really interesting commentary on the city and all the places we were flying over. He knew so much about the city, and now I know more than I ever thought I would! Chicago is a beautiful city, and it has a great skyline. There really isn’t a better way to see it, either. It didn’t hurt that I got to wear a sweet headset, too, and feel like a real pilot or something. The whole thing is pretty legit.


I highly recommend taking this tour. It might be a little more pricy than a lot of things you can do in Chicago, but then those things don’t involve flying in a helicopter! It’s a hundred percent worth it.

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58 thoughts on “Chicago Helicopter Experience

  1. This sounds like a wonderful tour. I have never been in a helicopter. I will keep this in mind if I am ever in Chicago.

  2. That does look fun. I’ve never been in a helicopter. I would love to skip the traffic and take it to the airport!

  3. This sounds fantastic! I would love to do something like this, never been in a helicopter myself and think this would be a neat experience!

  4. We have yet to visit Chicago, but it is on my bucket list for numerous reasons. I would be willing to bet that a helicopter tour like this is a great way to explore any city.

  5. I am in Chicago several times a year, but have never done the helicopter tour. I think I will be looking into doing this next summer. It looks so fun!

  6. Wow, my dream experience. You are just too blessed to have experienced this. I’m sure the feeling up there is really far different from what I can imagine right now. Those pointed buildings though are truly beautiful!


  7. What an amazing experience!! I’ve actually had a couple of friends recommending Chicago as a must see place. Will definitely have to visit soon 😀 Hopefully I’ll have enough money saved for the Helicopter ride!

  8. Travel goal! Chicago is one my dream destinations in US. I look forward to visit it. The service is kinda pricey for me. haha. But it’s worth trying seeing the entire Chicago!

  9. I can’t imagine a better way to see the sights and sounds of Chicago from atop it all looking down. What a cool perspective and vantage point of the city- definitely want to try it the next time I’m there!

  10. There’s nothing better than seeing the Chicago skyline by riding a helicopter! This is amazing and it’s even more worth it because Chicago has the best architecture! The buildings won’t disappoint, regardless of what form of transportation you’re using.

  11. I have only ever been in a helicopter once and it was freaking awesome! I have been to the US many times but never made it to Chicago. It will be a while before we are back stateside but it is high on my list when we do. I will definitely be giving this tour a look when we do get there.

  12. Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit because of their architecture (and good food)! Glad you got the chance to see it up in the sky! It’s an awesome experience!

  13. Oh my goodness what an amazing experience! These pictures are amazing too – I need to try it! I’ve never been to Chicago, but it looks gorgeous!

  14. thats looks amazing! I am going to Dubai soon and I was thinking about taking helicopter tour there. But I am not sure I think I would be a bit too scared flying in helicopter 😀

  15. This sounds amazing, though I’m a bit afraid of helicopters and that Chicago wind. I have done the architecture boat tour and always recommend it to people. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to get inside a helicopter and explore the city from above.

  16. My daughter recently took a helicopter ride over Kauai, and she still talks about how amazing it was. I have yet to fly anywhere in a helicopter. I think it would be a wonderful way to experience nearly any place you visit. To get a birds-eye view is a great way to get the lay of the land, and also get some unique photos!

  17. I’ve never been in a helicopter, they make me nervous but I think a view like this would be worth it. Also agree that the extra cost for the sunset flight would be worth it.

  18. What a cool experience!! I would love to go on a helicopter ride one day and during the sunset! I’d be willing to add a few more dollars for a sunset ride.

  19. Wow – I’m really surprised by the value of this…much better than I expected actually! I guess I assumed that helicopter = thousands, but thanks for setting me straight!

  20. What a fun post to read. Chicago was my hometown though I’ve never took a helicopter ride there. Your pictures of the aerial views are great. Will have to consider a helicopter ride the next time I’m back. Beautiful!

  21. That is a fantastic thing to put in your list of things to do! I can’t believe these gorgeous views. I never thought they had helicopter tours there. The prices is amazing as well, such a good value for what you get. Great, that the pilot was also telling you some interesting things, I bet that made the trip even better!

  22. Even the discounted fare seems high but then it is justified for the experience one gets!
    I would have loved to see some more pictures from that height. Great experience for you!

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