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CHI 314 Residences : Serviced Apartment in Hong Kong

CHI 314 Residences : Serviced Apartment in Hong Kong 11

For most people, one of the worries of traveling to a different country is the idea of leaving the comforts of home. But with CHI 314 Residences, that concern disappears the moment you step through the door.


My friend and I stayed at CHI 314 for two nights after discovering it at for roughly Php 6,000 a night. Although it may seem a bit pricey for the usual tourist standard, I can guarantee you actually get your money’s worth.

The Location

Located along Nathan Road, CHI 314 makes you feel right at home at the heart of Kowloon’s busiest and most energetic districts. Its location makes it the prime spot to visit all the fun entertainment and leisure destinations in the area. Rows of restaurants and shops to satisfy both your craving for food and shopping are just a short walking distance away.

It’s also the perfect jump off point to explore the rest of Kowloon, with the MTR Jordan Station just a two-minute walk from the residence. Tsim Sha Tsui, one of Hong Kong’s tourist hotspots, is conveniently located five minutes away. Meanwhile, the Temple Street night market, which also an instagrammable Hong Kong destination in the Yau Ma Tei district, is just a ten-minute walk. A nearby bus stop will help you get to areas that are too far to walk to.

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The Apartment

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If the location alone doesn’t tempt you, I’m sure the actual apartment will. With its exquisite architecture and super sleek design, CHI 314 will make it hard for you to actually leave the apartment. Unlike a hotel room which can feel very constricting and small, CHI 314 is very spacious and homey – it features one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, and they all look stylish and modern.

 The bedroom
The bedroom

The bed was comfort at its finest – the pillows had just the perfect amount of fluffiness, and the sheets were nice and warm. I have to say though that their bathroom might just be my favorite room. It was huge and pristine, and premium toiletries were provided. My friend summed it up perfectly when she said it was “the best bath ever”.


The Bathroom
The Bathroom

Personally, I liked that the apartment had a kitchen where we were able to cook our own food. The coffeemaker, which offers a free round of different flavored gourmet coffee, was also a favorite.

The kitchen
The kitchen


There are also perks that come with the apartment: fast-speed WiFi to keep you up to date with social media, free smartphone rental that is a perfect navigation tool, a reusable shopping bag to take with you on your shopping expeditions and a trusty umbrella just in case the weather calls for it.

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The Important Details

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You need not worry about security during your stay at CHI. Every person needs to have a key to enter the building and a keycard to take the elevator which will then take you to your floor and only your floor.


For your information, the residence elevator only goes down to the second floor so guests need to take a flight of stairs to access it. There is also a HKD 1,000 deposit to cover any damage or loss that might occur, but don’t worry, this will be refunded to you upon check out.

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Overall, if you want an easy access to Kowloon’s top destinations for a day of adventure and an utterly sophisticated yet comfy apartment for a night of pure relaxation, CHI Residences 314 is the perfect place to stay. Once you make yourself at home there, you’ll never want to leave.

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You can even iron your clothes

The details


Address: 314 Nathan Road

Phone:  +852 3443 6888

77 thoughts on “CHI 314 Residences : Serviced Apartment in Hong Kong

  1. Will take note of this for a future HK trip. We used a service apartment when we were in Shanghai and the kids were still very young. It was a big convenience for us. – Fred

  2. I am familiar with Nathan Road because it was the starting area when I did half marathon in Hong Kong. Chi 314 does give you the feel of downtown Kowloon and they have a comfortable facility.

  3. There’s so much good stuff in this residence. Way better than going to a 5 star hotel that doesn’t allow you to iron your clothes, cook or even bring food inside your room, etc. This is great for family or group of tourists. 🙂

  4. These types of hotels/apartments are in these days. It’s nice clean and spacious! I like it! What’s nice is that you can easily access transpo from here too.

      1. How many days have you stayed. Is Nathan Road near Kimberly Hotel, it’s familiar to me. I just forgot the details around Kimberly hotel where we stayed last June 2013 esp the road names. hehehe. Maybe I should also consider the website you booked this homestay for future trips incase.

  5. I would say its pricey.. but thats from someone who havent traveked abroad as of yet..
    I am one though who would consider my comfort if its worth it.
    and this one looks just about right. 🙂

  6. You had me at fast WiFi hahaha… But seriously, the place looks really good, even the shower room looks very clean. And wow they even have a flat iron available.

  7. I have already gone to various local hotels in our place. This one has a similarity for every hotel or apartment has this feature. The only difference is the location, the price, and of course, the excellent amenities which this apartment to offer to its occupants.

  8. I love staying in apartments, much more than hostels and hotels because it feels so much like being a local. Looking forward to visiting HK so much, this looks like a perfect place to stay.

  9. Serviced apartments can give you all the comforts of a hotel at a much better price. I love the added feature of a kitchenette and the fact that you can work with good WiFi.

  10. Wow! That looks so awesome! Sometimes when I am traveling a lot, after a while, I like to go to a hotel and not leave the room and just literally REST for a few days (I am a long term traveler tho) This would be a place I would not feel bad about staying in, watching tv, and ordering take out. ahaha

  11. I like to stay in a place like that. It looks comfortable and large enough to not feel stuffy, plus the convenience of having a kitchen and being super close to public transportation.

  12. That kitchen does look great, but I first noticed the shower head. I love when it’s a huge shower head like that and even more when it has a hose to detach. I have long, thick hair and this makes a huge difference.

  13. This looks like a great place to stay – I actually expected HK apartments to be absolutely tiny, and this looks pretty comfortable.

  14. I would love to stay here!!! We try to travel very frugally and it can really help to have a nice kitchen to make our own meals. I do love restaurants but on a long trip I miss making quick and simple meals and having a bit of space to spread out at night – lounging on the couch, watching a bit of TV, enjoying some homemade snacks, and planning the next adventure.

  15. This sounds really nice. I don’t need fancy accommodations, but I love it when I’m staying within walking distance of lots of restaurants and shops.

  16. Looks like a very cosy apartment! I have stayed in the same area when I was in Hong Kong but my room was so small that in one step I was at the door, haha. And it was pretty expensive too.

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