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Where to Stay in Mahabalipuram ,India : Chariot Beach Resort Review ( Updated)

As a traveler, we all know that while the trip is the real meat of the experience, the quality of your accommodations can make or break your trip. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right hotel. And it’s no different when I went on my trip to Mahabalipuram, India. Thankfully, this time, I did. So I would like to share with you the reasons why it’s so worth it to stay at Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram,India.


  1. Location

    Sunset at Chariot Beach Resort


Chariot Beach Resort is located on the Bay of Bengal beachfront, so you get an amazing view of the water. It’s named “Chariot” after the five chariot stone monuments it’s located behind. It is called the Pancha Rathas, which dates back from the 7th century. It’s also a walking distance to where the Shore Temple stands, one of India’s oldest stone structures. Besides these majestic historic sights, the long shore has an excellent view of the sunset.


  1. Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

The beach is absolutely gorgeous, but there are times when you just want to play around in a pool. If you’re one such person, then the Chariot Beach Resort Olympic-size pool is absolutely for you. It is large and beautifully-shaped. It feels so nice to lounge in the crystal clear waters. But you also have the option to play water polo in the pool, in case you’re feeling spirited.


  1. The Villas


Villa Rooms

I was so amazed by how spacious the rooms are. It feels so luxurious to have so much space to occupy freely. The large window overlooking the bay lets you enjoy the view in the comfort of your own room. The wooden furniture just increases the overall earthy charm of the rooms. It’s very relaxing, and a great place to rest after a long trip.


  1. Catamaran Ride


Catarman Ride

The boat ride lets you fully enjoy the waters of the bay. It’s nice to go with a small group of people. But the best part about availing the ride is being able to glimpse the submerged underwater temples. Being able to see them under the light of a brilliant sunrise is truly an amazing experience. You can just imagine how grand the temple complex might look if the other temples are still standing today. It can give you an appreciation of ancient Indian architecture.


  1. Take a stroll or a horse ride by the beach


Horse Riding by the Shore Temples


The long shore of the resort’s private beach makes it ideal for taking strolls down the beach, especially during sunrise or sunset when the colors truly come alive — especially with the Shore Temple in the background! You can also ride a horse along the beach. This may sound like the stuff of romantic novels, but with how beautiful it actually is, it should be.


  1. Ayurvedic Massage


Ayudervic Massage with a view

Another special activity you can do at the Chariot Beach Resort is to have an Ayurvedic Massage facing the beach. Massages are relaxing enough, but the gentle waves crashing on the shore like rhythmic melody is very relaxing. What’s more, this massage is special in that it involves a lot of oil and is very soothing for the body.


  1. Team Building


Neighborhood Activity

The resort houses a Neighborhood Activity Center which includes zipline, rope climbs and rope walks. There are some very exciting activities not for the faint of heart. All that adventure is perfect for teambuilding, but you can also do it if you are adventurous like me.


  1. Perfect for different kinds of groups


The resort can appeal to all kinds of people. Whether you’re looking to relax, or to have a bit of fun, Chariot Beach Resort has got you covered. Specifically, I highly recommend the resort as it’s great for:


The resort has activities the whole family can enjoy. While the kids enjoy the activities, mom and dad can have a relaxing experience.

 2. Team Building

There is plenty of space available for large groups, and there are readily available activities for a whole squad. These are mostly found in the activity center.

 3. Couples

The great view and the relaxed setting makes it ideal for a romantic getaway for couples. I think couples would particularly enjoy spending time at the beach or getting a couple’s massage.


Overall, the resort proves to be a great staycation paradise where you can also have a bit of adventure from what they’ve provided. As the place is really gorgeous, it is ideal for events too, especially weddings. It has a romantic and all-natural vibe that lets you experience nature and history but with the comforts of modern conveniences. If you have plans of visiting India, Chariot Beach Resort is definitely a good option.

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  1. Amazing resort I have been to Mahabalipuram in the month of October but we didn’t spend lot of time just visited the beach and returned. But the beach is awesome enjoyed lot. On my next travel I will stay in this resort. Thanks for sharing!

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