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CAPTAIN BOB’S BOOZE CRUISE… My Phi-Phi’s booze + Island Hopping worthy experience

Karlaroundtheworld Captain Bob Booze Cruise

Are you in Thailand? Phi-Phi precisely and you are looking for a fun-filled and  easy way to see all the gorgeous places that surround Phi Phi, do you enjoy swimming in the coolest place and meeting wonderful people, drinking, having lots of parties and seeing some amazingly beautiful scenery?

Look no further, all you need to do is to book the Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise tour  ASAP …. This is the most excellent boating pleasure trip on the Phi Phi Island!

Enjoying and socializing while touring

This is absolutely “a have to do” activity while you are in Phi-Phi. The tour will give you ample time and opportunity to spot almost everything around Phi-Phi, while enjoying an incredible cold boozing experience. The activities outlines were great, the snorkeling was worth it.

Phi Phi Captain Bob's booze cruise (14)

I can guarantee you that sailing on Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise is a pleasurable trip which will give you the chance to discover the most stunning places on Phi-Phi Islands.

Captain Bob’s Booze Cruises are scheduled to depart at 13:00 and return at about 19:00. It combines activities like fishing, cliff jumping, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing and interestingly the wild monkey feeding.

My friends and I had so much fun. In short, it is the coolest ways to socialize with other while having unlimited fun and unlimited cold beer! The crew were super  sociable, friendly and awesome! If you ask me if I will do these tour again? My response will be YES, I will definitely do this again and again when next I am in Phi-Phi.


The cruise destinations include the listed islands below:

  • Monkey Beach

  • Maya Bay

  • Wang Long Nook for “The Kissing Rock Faces” at sunset

  • Pi- Leh Bay Lagoon popular for Kayaking

  • Loh Samah Bay


My Unforgettable Tour Kickoff

 Captain Bob's Booze Cruise (1)

Once we got on board, we all introduced one another and where we came from.

Our tour guides went from beach to beach depending on tide and of course during fewer tourist times which I simply liked. Our guide Frank told us waiting for the tide would mean less people when we get there.

There was cool danceable party music on board, the speed boat was big enough so we had enough space to dance, merry and booze off. As for me,  I really don’t need to get high on alcohol to dance; I just naturally enjoy music and love dancing. Laughs.

The men were given only beer while the ladies had an option of beer, rum or vodka coke. Despite being a “booze cruise” the tour guide also ensure they monitor the people and try to control those who might likely get drunk.

We visited the Monkey Beach; this is a popular destination for tourists who are daring enough to feed wild crazy monkeys. Unfortunately, when we got there, we could no longer feed the monkeys. Frank said they might be more aggressive at that time so he advised that the conditions of the monkeys be checked.

It would be recommendable to have your booties on while on this tour (i.e the aqua shoes). This is because it is rocky here.  One of our tour companions even stepped on an urchin … Scary Right? Well, it is nothing to be scared of, the crew of the Booze Cruise were fully prepared for such incident, and they had medical and first aid on board and knew exactly what to do.

We also visited the Viking Cave. It was truly very momentous cultural artefacts that not only amaze us but it also an abode to a thriving bird nest soup industry. So we were not approved to enter into the cave. Nevertheless, Captain Bob got us a little close enough to take some memorable pictures and he also briefed us on the history of Viking Cave.

Loh Samah Bay is another island you won’t want to miss out. It is a very trendy location for snorkelling.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

We went from island to island. The cool thing they thought us was how to use the life vest in a nappy style. I loved every piece of the fun. At least, I now know how to wear a lifejacket! The Nappy Style. Laughs

Finally, we arrived at the more popular Maya Beach. Maya bay was as expected crowded, don’t get me wrong, still a pretty island but just too crowded with people and with boats. It was worth the stop. It is a stunningly beautiful bay that is secluded by soaring cliffs and three beautiful beaches.

The cool kids— One of the coolest people I’ve met 🙂

Maya Bay is obviously everyone’s favourite spot but mine was Pi-Lei Bay, it was a cove, felt like a secret cove. We hardly saw anyone while we were there. It is surrounded by rocks… Super nice! We all just sat with our nappies; we jumped from the back of the speed boat, conversed and danced the night away.

Phi Phi Captain Bob's booze cruise (24)

Pi-Leh Bay is the most stunning place where you are surrounded by huge mountains and crystal clear waters. This Bay is too striking and beautiful that I find it hard to put it into words. It is definitely my best memoirs of nature from my entire Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise. This is not a place you should miss seeing when you in Phi-Phi!

Phi Phi Booze Cruise (16)

We got back to the pier at 19:00. We were given time to change and then we met again at 21:00 to hang out and party.


My Take Away For You


If you are in Phi-Phi and you did not do this booze cruise, then you have missed out a lot of unlimited boozing fun. I guarantee you will have loads of fun hanging out the entire crew as they sure do know how to have fun! It was absolutely worth it.

The boat goes to all the exquisite islands and bays around Phi-Phi.  You get to feed wild monkeys, snorkelling, kayaking etc Oh less I forget; you also learn to wear a lifejacket! The Nappy Style. Laughs. You have time to lie down and rest at famous Maya Bay, and also experienced the most mesmerising sunsets while floating on water.


Without mincing words, this is one of our memorable tours in Phi Phi. Plus there’s lots of beer (ahahahaahhah not that I drink beer, I don’t, I went for Rum Coke). And then an after party with new found friends (something, I always enjoy)  . And they give you all of the pictures taken during the tour you just have to give them a USB or an SD card. It  was a Fascinating, Fabulous and Fantastic enjoying six-hour trip (lol)! Although the price is pretty high for most tourists  ( 2500 Baht for women and 3000 Baht for men ) but it is 100% worth it. After all, you pay a little less with the others minus the awesome service and great company.

My review will be incomplete without saying thank you to the Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise crew. They were absolutely incredible.

If you like to party, drink and meet new people, you should definitely do this 13:00 – 19:00 nonstop boozing fun cruise! I cannot commend this cruise enough. Simply get on board, Join captain bob’s booze cruise. For More Information about the amazing Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise, kindly visit :

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    ♡ Louise of Tales & Escapades

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