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Caving in Canmore with Canmore Cave Tours

It doesn’t matter if I’m crawling through caves, flying through the air, or riding waves, I’m all in—adventure is my middle name! I was excited to book a tour through Canmore Caving when I was traveling through the Alberta, Canada.

Canmore Caving

The Tours

Canmore Caving offers two types of tours. You can take the Explorer Tour, which is the easy track, or the Adventure Tour. Of course, I went for the Adventure. It has a lot more hiking, rappelling, and squeezing through tiny spaces. I had no idea what to expect from this, but I was ready to go spelunking through some wild caves!

Canmore Cave Tours
Anya Rapelling

The Experience

The tour begins with a hike up the mountains. It’s not too bad, only about 20 minutes, and it’s beautiful. We all packed our own stuff up the hill. I enjoyed the walk. If it wasn’t for my anticipation to get inside those caves, I would have wanted to stay out there all day!

The first thing we did once we got inside was learn about rope safety. I was super excited to get going, but plummeting to my death at the bottom of a massive shaft didn’t sound too appealing, so I listened closely. They repeated all the rules we’d already heard in the office. Obviously, there are risks involved in caving, but that’s pretty much true for anything fun you do while traveling. People have been hospitalized by vending machines, after all.

Canmore Cave Tours

The cave we explored is 4 kilometers long and is called Rat’s Nest Cave because of the bushy-tailed wood rats who make their homes near the entrance. Honestly, those little things are way too cute to be called rats! I’d go with “mouse-like chipmunks” if it were up to me. But obviously it’s not.

In any case, we took a peek at the nests and then continued through the cave system. The biggest room in the whole cave is the Grand Gallery, where we could mill around easily without bumping into each other or the walls. During the journey, I enjoyed seeing the Grotto Pool, where some people go cave diving, and the Bacon Strip rock formation way in the back of the cave. Seriously, though, I can’t imagine squishing myself into some of those squeezes, like the Laundry Chute. Fortunately, the squeezes are optional. Even without fitting through those little spaces, the tour is definitely not for the claustrophobic.

Canmore Cave Tours

The whole tour was about six hours, with four hours of that being actually in the cave. We rappelled pretty far down and got to feel like explorers as we tip-toed through the cave. It was amazing to see how the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites have formed over thousands of years! I wonder, who was the first person to explore the caves, and what did they find?

Canmore Cave Tours

Cost: $155

Location: Canmore, Alberta, Canada

What to bring: Good shoes, warm clothes, a sense of adventure

Good stuff to know: It’s cold. Like 4 degrees. Dress warm! Also, make sure you don’t drink a giant sup of Tim Horton’s (note my Canada savvy here) before you go. There is no bathroom in the cave. Be prepared to have fun and get epic! This is the real deal, folks.




45 thoughts on “Caving in Canmore with Canmore Cave Tours

  1. Looks super adventurous and cool! but somehow after watching some horror films in caves I don’t think I’d have the guts to pull off the whole experience hahahha

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! We have some natural caverns about 4 hours away from here but nothing as awesome as those.

  3. I don’t think I’ve tried caving before and I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but it sure would be awesome to try! There are definitely a lot of risks involved but it’s worth it especially after you’ve gone through the whole experience.

  4. I’ve never tried caving before, it sure sounds like a lot of fun and it’s definitely exciting as well. Sure, there are risks involved but it’s going to be worth it especially after you’ve gone through the whole experience!

  5. Now that just reminded me of that movie where they find ancient creatures while cave exploring lol. And yoooo the big out and open for me, that small space would not gel well with me. On the plus side I would still do it for the experience and you look like you had so much fun there. Any adventure is better than no adventure at all.

  6. This is so awesome! I was in Banff earlier this year for work, so I drove past Canmore. Next time I am in the area, I am definitely going to book a caving tour.

  7. Sounds like a great adventure! I’ve always felt really nervous about caving. Glad to hear it was worth it.

  8. I have to admit when I was in Alberta exploring the Canadian Rockies I was enamoured with the mountains and getting up higher. It never even occurred to me to go underground! Looks like a lot of fun and easy to feel like a true explorer, for sure!

  9. So many smiles! You guys are loving it! I love caving too, it feels so adventurous & thrilling. Didn’t know you could do this in Alberta, while it’s on the pricey side for me, I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m in the region

  10. Holy Cow, 6 hour tour, Sounds very interesting and fun! The price is not to bad either for the experience of it 🙂 Canmore Cave will definitely have to go on my list of things to do next time i’m in the area!

  11. You are my HERO! I would not be a good cave explorer – I’m not that adventurous at all. But the easier option you mentioned might be okay. But I would love to explore Alberta – I’m in central Canada and I always feel like the west is calling!

  12. Unlike you, I’m not a huge adrenaline junkie (way too scared to skydive). But I do love a dose of adventure and exploring a cave sounds like a perfect activity! I’ll definitely go back to Alberta at some point and remember to keep caving in mind!

  13. Wow, a cave with a length of 4km! This looks like quite a workout! But so cool to explore – you don’t get to check out a cave everyday!

  14. I’m a bit of a thrill seeker as well! Going down to see the unknown must be so thrilling! There are some amazing caves and other adventurous activities in New Zealand as well if you haven’t tried that already!

  15. Great adventure! I would love to do it too. Recently, I had a chance to visit Jeita Grotto near Beirut. Absolutely loved that experience: amazing, mind-blowing caves but you have to follow marked paths there. Since then, I was thinking about proper caving trip too.

  16. That looks amazing! i need to check out some more of your adventures by the looks of it! My dream is to do a travel blog, thanks for sharing!

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