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Ways to Get to Victoria, BC: Plane, Chopper, Ferry

How to get to Victoria

Ways to Get to Victoria: Plane, Chopper, Ferry   Victoria is a beautiful island off the tip of Canada’s Pacific coast. It is located on the southern end of Vancouver. A jewel that houses some of the most famous tourist attractions in the area, Victoria has a lot to offer to people

Biking in Victoria BC

Biking Around Victoria

A Two-Wheeled Time in Victoria Learning to ride a scooter has always been on my bucket list. With the worsening traffic conditions around the globe, riding a bike is getting more and more attractive. It’s a good way to travel, and it’s a lot of fun. When we were in Bali, me

Must See in Victoria, BC

The Victoria City Bucket List   Canada’s Victoria City is known for its laid-back beauty. Hailed as the country’s “Garden City”, Victoria is the host of magnificent sights. If you’re taking time to visit this side of the North, here are the places you must not overlook. Book your tour to the


Hatley Castle — A Trip to A Beautiful Time

Hatley Castle Karlaroundtheworld

Hatley Castle Some say that whatever happens, we will all be children at heart. We will always have that little piece of us that wanted to be the princess of a wonderful kingdom. Somehow, it’s that little piece that struggles to come out at the mention of legendary castles. It’s also