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Canada Olympic Park, Calgary 

The Canada Olympic Park in Calgary isn’t just famous for hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics, although that is its main claim to fame. It’s also known for being the setting of the popular movie Cool Runnings, which is about the first ever Jamaican Bobsled team that went to the Olympics. During my trip to Canada Olympic Park, I had a chance to experience bobsledding for myself.


In Canada Olympic Park, you can experience Olympics events for yourself. There are so many options, from the luge to biking to bobsleigh in summer and in winter. If you buy a package or come with a group, you can enjoy discounted rates.

Summer Bobsleigh: $75 for individual, $65 per person in groups of 12 or over.

Luge Ride: $15 for one ride, $23 for three rides, $32 for five rides. There are also family packages.

Summer Bobsleigh and Zipline: $100

Summer Bobsleigh and Skyline Luge: $80

Summer Bobsleigh, Zipline, and Skyline Luge: $115


During our visit, we did the luge three times and then rode the bobsleigh on an Olympic track. Pretty sweet! I guess I don’t have to be in mad shape to make it to the Olympics—sort of. I experienced enough of the bobsleigh to know that it’s terrifying, and I wouldn’t want to go at Olympic speeds. The breakneck “slow” speed was enough for me! That’s not to say that I didn’t love it, though—adventure is my thing! It was so cool. Apparently, it is better in the winter than the summer, but I wouldn’t know the difference. Our driver was an actual Olympian, so that just added to the authenticity and the awesomeness.

The luge was pretty fun, but the Luge Super was even better. You get an extra three turns, which makes it more amazing. I loved zigging and zagging around. It’s sort of like a race car, but not. There are little wheels on it, but you kind of slide around instead of rolling on tires. The track is the longest luge track in the world, and you need to take a chairlift to get up to the top! Then you fly down through about 50 turns until you hit the bottom. The last time we went, we raced for ice cream. Of course, I won. I got skills like that.

Tips and Hacks

My top tip for Canada Olympic Park would be to buy a package. When you do one thing, you’re just going to want to do another and keep the fun going. So save some money and spend some time. It’s a blast! I’d also recommend that you go just as fast as you want on the luge. You may never make it back on a real luge track, so take advantage of the adventure!

Canada Olympic Park is a pretty special place. When you go, you feel like you’re part of international relations, and even of history. So many incredible moments have taken place at the Olympic park in Calgary, and it’s pretty neat to be able to add a few of your own.


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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I live in the southeast US but I have always wanted to visit Canada. Hopefully some day I can cross this off my bucket list. I would especially love to try the bobsled and the luge!

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