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10 Canadian Lakes You Can’t Miss

West Canada Lakes

Canada has a lot of lakes. Think 32,000. With all those options, how do you decide which ones to visit? Lucky for you, I’ve compiled my top ten lakes that you must see when you’re in Canada. Don’t bother thanking me; it’s what I do.

1.) Lake Louise

Lake Louise

I wrote a little bit about Lake Louise in a previous article, because it really does deserve its very own post. In sum, this glacial lake is incredible for its hiking, canoeing, and (believe it or not) tea houses.

2.) Moraine Lake

Lake Morraine

Not too far from Lake Louise is Moraine Lake. There are a couple special things about this lake that are worth noting. First, this lake became famous on Canada’s $20 bill. Secondly, it is a very distinct shade of blue because of rock flour in the water. So if you’re looking for a great #nofilter view, this is the place to go.

3.) Patricia Lake

You can visit Patricia Lake when you go to Jasper National Park. Its claim to fame is its status as a test site for a WWII unsinkable aircraft carrier. There’s a plaque about it somewhere near the lake.

4.) Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake

Another beautiful lake in Jasper national park is Maligne Lake. This is one of the top tourist destinations for people who want to photograph the Rockies. In fact, Spirit Island, located in Lake Maligne, is the most photographed location of the Canadian Rockies. Spirit isn’t the only great photo opportunity, though; the whole lake is stunning with its brilliant coloring and surrounding mountains.

5.) Bow Lake

Num-Ti-Jah Lodge

Bow Lake is yet another lovely glacial lake in Alberta. The coolest part of this lake (apart from the views, the hiking, the watersports…) is Num-Ti-Jah Lodge. The lodge is over 75 years old and is distinctively rugged with its red roofs and stunning views.

6.) Grassi Lakes

The trek to these lakes is worth it when you see the view and the marks that untold time has left on the area. Ancient history left a long-dead reef that is now an interesting geological formation and great rock climbing spot. More recent history left thousand-year-old cave paintings that you can look at.

7.) Garibalidi Lake

Garibaldi Lake

This is a place for the adventurous. The lake was formed with a volcanic eruption dammed the river. Today, a volcanic eruption is still a possibility, so certain areas around the lake aren’t safe for habitation. People still love to visit and enjoy the views, though, including the view of Battleship Island, an island that looks like an actual battleship because of the silhouette of vegetation.

8.) Rice Lake


Not to be confused with Rice Lake in Ontario, Vancouver’s Rice Lake is a perfect destination for vacationing families. It is easily reached by a flat, short walk that people of all ages enjoy. Two of the top activities here are trail running and fishing.


9.) Thetis Lake


Although Thetis Lake was named after a mythological Greek sea nymph, the most famous mythical creature in the lake is reptilian. The Thetis Lake Monster, supposedly a lizard-like humanoid, has filled the imaginations of locals for decades. Maybe you can be the first to prove its existence!

10.) Sooke Potholes

It might not be a great name, but these small lakes are a definitely a great place. You can swim in the holes, or take a jaunt down the creek to find some pretty waterfalls.



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  1. Each lake has their own unique beauty and that’s what makes them all worth going to! My favorite has to be Moraine Lake! The water is breathtaking!

  2. I really and truly love Canada. If we could replicate it at a more southern latitude I would be all about living there. Those lakes are GORGEOUS and I really need to explore more of the country.

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