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Buying a sim card or Wifi Rentals in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

Buying Sim Cards in Taiwan

SIM Cards, Data Plans, and Wi-Fi Rentals in Taiwan


Taiwan has fast become an alternative country to visit for Filipinos, apart from Hong Kong and Thailand and Japan. Yup, it is attracting lots of travelers because of its night markets, food, and (drum rolls please) free Wi-Fi. While we are always thankful that we can also avail this service, the connection might be a little inconsistent and unreliable as to what you would have want it to. Thus, creating ways to connect to your friends and loved ones using other means is essential. Luckily, sim cards and data plans, as well as Wi-Fi rentals can be easily accessed by Filipino travelers like you at an affordable price.

In this article, you will be updated with Taiwan’s best sim cards (2019), its data packages, and Wi-Fi rentals and the plans that suit your needs.

Which Sim Card is Best in Taiwan?

Why would you consider buying a local sim? Aside from what was already mentioned above, sim cards and its data packages (and other services) are relatively cheaper than your personal prepaid card converted to roaming sim.  There are several sim cards that can be used in Taiwan and they can easily be availed by tourists, especially that kiosks of this providers are available at international airports. Taiwanese tourists’ sim cards, however, can only be used at a number of days. Here are some with their prices and data packages.


What Simcard Should I choose for Taiwan?

These three multi-day sim cards have their own features. For travelers who wanted to go outside the busy streets of the city, they may prefer sim cards from Chung Hwa Telecom, since it has the best coverage in far areas. For those who wanted the convenience of sticking to one sim card for the whole month vacation Taiwan Mobile might be the best for you. But if you are on a budget, and will not go far to the cities, you may opt to choose FarEastone.

Traveling longer? These three (3) biggest network providers in Taiwan also offers packages for 60 to 90 days, or even for months. This requires higher payment, of course. Multi-day sim and prepaid sim can be purchased at the airport, their official kiosks/stores, and at convenient stores nationwide.

Taipei Sim Card Plans

Sim Card Plans for Taiwan

Tip: Remember and These two online platforms allows you to book sim cards at discounted prices. They also offer hotel deliveries. For tourists, it is highly recommended to avail their online service and get your sim cards be delivered or picked up at the airport. Make sure to book at least one or two days before your airport arrival.

Here are some good deals when it comes to sim cards, it is really a hassle free transaction to buy your Taiwan Sim card at Taoyuan airport. 

For those staying for 3,5, 7,10 or 15 days this would be a good option

Taiwan Unlimited 4G SIM Card (Pick-Up at Taiwan Airports

If  you are staying for 5 days and you would love the option to pick up from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 then this could be your choice

Taiwan Unlimited 4G SIM Card (Pick-Up at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)

A slightly cheaper option for a 3,5,6,7,10 day trip to Taiwan with pick up at Airport 

Taiwan Sim Card

Far Eastone Sim Card

Where to pick up your Sim card in Taiwan?

Taiwan Wifi Rental

Taiwain Prepaid Sim Card

What are the types of Simcards in Taiwan?

Taiwan sim cards cater to either micro sim cards or nano sim cards. Most of the time, when you pick up your sim card from the airport, the staff will help you set it up.  For me, I find this a lot easier as they will aslo help you activate your phone. It’s ready by the time you leave the airport and step out to head to the city. It’s another story if you buy from other stores in the city, you may have to set it up on your own. 

What Documents do you need to show?

To buy a sim card in Taiwan, you need to show your passport. If you ordered your sim card online via Klook or Kkday then you need to show your voucher as well. 

Wi-Fi Rentals in Taiwan (Airport Pick Up)

Not a fan of sim cards? Either traveling alone or with some friends/relatives, one might prefer renting a hotspot Wi-Fi device than a sim card. It cannot be helped. First, a number of people can share; second, it can be retrieved at the airport or be delivered in your hotel; and third, it’s cheaper, for as low as Php80 (discounted price) a day. 

For instance, by trying to search for a 4G WiFi in, you can already book a device which can cater five persons, on which device can last for up to 6 hours. Device can also be picked up at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Wi-Fi comes with unlimited data access for one day.

In, on the other hand, you can book a wifi device for as low as Php83 which comes already with 4G network, unlimited internet access, and to be picked up at a counter in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) Terminal 1.

Pretty amazing, right? The Wi-Fi devices use the aforementioned sim cards. Depending on your itinerary, consider which can best support your travel plans, such as which device can still access the internet in unpopulated or mountainous areas (Chung Hwa Telecom/Taiwan Telecom). You may also check the type of devices, other perks offered (such as powerbanks), and the reasonability of the price to the service.

Whatever you choose, make sure to keep first appreciating the real world rather than the virtual reality. After all, it is not the connectivity to the internet that will define your journey. It is how you interact with the places you’ve been.

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