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An Impromptu decision to go Bungee Jumping in Cairns, Australia

Oops! It was not something I had planned for. I never thought that it needed lots of courage to decide, “Should I jump, or should I wait until someone pushes me or even to tell me HEY JUMP KARLA, THERE IS NO REFUND AT ALL!” (Laughs)

Well, it was not in my itinerary to bungee jump, but when I got a call cancelling my skydiving plan due to bad weather, there was not much slated for the day. I agreed that it was not too much of a good atmosphere for a barrier reef adventure. So to kill boredom, the only option was to try something different and new.


We did the quad bike (ATV) tours in Kuranda, a short distance from Cairns at Down and Dirty Quad Bike Tours.

Down and Dirty ATV quad bikes

It was great fun and, of course, dirty and muddy, but Ouch, that was part of the fun. I consider it an excellent alternative, I enjoyed the experience of the lush tropical rainforest. We were amazed at every aspect. The excellent machines, the professional guide, the incredible scenery, and the value for our money.

Like I said earlier, it was not part of our plan. We just saw the flier in our hostel and we said why not try it out since skydiving got cancelled for the day. But I must tell you, something good often comes out of being impulsive.  If you like getting Muddy, Wet and having The Best Time, then Down and Dirty Quad Bike Tours is the place to do it.

Quad bikes in Cairns

It was a Fanciful, Best Tour Ever. The Down and Dirty Quad Bike Tours delivers excellent service, and we had a tremendous adventure. I highly recommend it for every fun seeker. Don’t end your vacation without trying this! You will love it.

From the magnificently scenic to total dirty, they offer every level of ATV enjoyment. Whether you are a beginner wanting an easy ride or an expert looking for a challenge, Down and Dirty Quad Bike Tours offers you a wide variety of great and fun!!! Are you curious and want to try ATV tours, then don’t hesitate to visit Down and Dirty Quad Bike Tours   for their fabulous offerings?

Cairns Quadbikes ATV tour

Hey, Guys, we are still on the Journey to how my Bungee Jump adventure came to reality, right?

Okay, let’s ride on. We did the ATV morning session and on our way back to our hostel, the Guide said to us, “Hey guys, the bungee is right there you should try it.”

My friends were quick to say YES and as a fun loving person who loves thrill and adventure, I could not resist the temptation to Bungee jump. So off we go (Another spontaneous act in one day, laughs)


AJ Hacket Cairns Bungy Jumping

I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it until I did it. Walking up the stairs, I felt so brave (Fearless). It’s different when you are just going up. Then finally, my turn came. Worse ever, the guy just before me backed out, not a good start I will say. Walking up that ledge with my feet bound for safety, I couldn’t run. I had to walk slowly, and I could see my friends below and everyone was so tiny. I was high up!

I was half expecting that I could just run and jump. It was easier not to see the bottom but no I had to walk slowly. Experiencing every moment. The Guide said to me ‘smile for a picture’.

I told the Guide ‘ just push me’ because I felt that would be easier. But he did not. I stood there for a few minutes, and I told him, can we back up a bit, he said the moment I backed up I wasn’t going to go. He told me to “Relax, breathe deeply and behold the beautiful sights in the distance.

I saw my friends and the crowd below cheering, and perhaps they were giving me some encouraging words. Then I said to myself, if everyone else before me survived then I will surely survive.

Another awful thought came looking downwards along my hard path, I said, “Karla, it’s amazingly high from the ground, maybe I should just leave quickly before I die and simply waste the money to save my life! But, finally, I closed my eyes and then jumped.

Oh, I could not believe I jumped! So scary but yet enjoying the speed of the free fall.

ATV bungy jumping

I screamed all the way down until finally it was just normal again except the world was upside down. Being upside down, hanging in the sky was not fun at all. Honestly, I was so terrified! I was untied, and my friends were right there waiting to cheer me on.

Well, it was scary, but I love the adventure. The most memorable moment was the time before and right after I jumped (laughs). That’s my best conclusion from the bittersweet experience of bungee jumping.

Doing a bungee jump was a great experience, and I am very glad I did it. Would I try to go bungee jumping again? I would say, “Yes!” again in the future if someone asked me to. Why? Because it’s safe and thrilling!

Here Comes Another Opportunity to BUNGEE JUMP

The boys decided to do a dropzone, the swing. The drop zone wasn’t scary at all. At least for me. It was fun. It was just the thought of having to be the one to release yourself.

Minjin Swing Cairns

Little did we know that AJ Hackett had a promo then… We got a good deal since we jumped and did the drop zone. They allowed us another bungee attempt for FREE (YIPPY).

I thought to myself Jump again??? But I couldn’t say NO to a free package … So off we went again. I just shut my brains off and went for it

You will think it will be a lot easier on the second attempt since you already know what to expect. I can tell you this categorically that, in bungee it doesn’t get easier. I was as scared and terrified as I was at the first attempt but the difference was I realized the longer you stood on that ledge, the less chances you’ll jump and the more chances you’ll get scared and back out.

It was completely a great experience, an incredibly dangerous feeling facing your mortal fear and pushing through it- while at the same time remaining almost entirely safe.

The stunning location AT AJ HACKETT was an enormous advantage, and doing it with friends just made the experience smooth and memorable.

If you have the chance, I would recommend doing a bungee jump at least once.

If you set to drive your limits and DARE THE LAW OF GRAVITY OR PROBABLY CHEAT DEATH! Then Try BUNGY JUMPING at AJ HACKETT. They are sited in the north of Cairns in a posh rainforest, and they are the world first purpose built Bungy.

For some first time jumpers, it can be a daunting experience to throw yourself off a perfect safe tower into the unknown. I put together here some advice to assist First Time Bungy Jumpers to overcome the fear:

  • Jump with a reputable Bungy company like AJ HACKETT.
  • Don’t look down. It feels scarier and higher when you do. Look straight instead. And trust the jump master or Guide. Did I mention that the instructor was hot (the one on the ledge, and he was giving such a good pep talk, he gave me the courage to jump)?
  • Swan dive is the easiest, do not attempt something fancy especially on your first time
  • Bring a sense of adventure. Spread your wings and dare to live. Feel Alive! Bring your sense of adventure
  • You will feel that falling sensation and you will scream your lungs out and then in 4seconds it’s done. You will be bouncing a few times here and there, but that’s fine. It’s the initial fall that’s terrifying.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. I wore a semi loose top and since I ended up upside down.  I had to tend to my top too. (Not a good idea)
  • If you are an adventure/ thrill seeker, you will get your fix
  • Bring a Mate, no better way to experience Bungy than with friend(s)

53 thoughts on “An Impromptu decision to go Bungee Jumping in Cairns, Australia

  1. Congrats on your jump. Karla. Impromptu acts such as this are fun and fab as long as we get the proper training beforehand. A friend of mine did an impromptu dive in Jamaica and almost died as she hadn’t received proper training beforehand. You want to be able to live to tell the tale, and the 20-minute pre-dive instruction I’d rec’d in Cozumel long ago just didn’t give me the confidence to proceed with the dive. Too often, we get swept up in the excitement of the moment. I’m glad it all worked out well for you.

  2. She is quite the brave person! I get anxiety just looking at the pictures and reading about it.

  3. Ooohh now that is an adventure. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I wish I could do the whole bungee jumping thing.

  4. This is beautiful, I was scared and nervous for you but you did great. The person with the scissor made me laugh haha. Very nice video.

  5. That’s heart-stopping! I never had the courage to go bungee jumping, I admire you for trying it. I would love to experience it at least once, but I’m not sure if I can. Lol.

  6. I would definitely go for the bikes and the swing, but I always hesitate with bungee jumping! As much as I know its a ‘at least once before you die’ thing, I am the worst at free falling, even in roller coasters. But you’ve encouraged me a little with your very realistic account of the satisfaction and the fear- so maybe! 🙂

  7. Holy moly! What a day you had! I don’t think that I would be able to do that! I love the outdoors but I don’t think I’m that adventures are brave.

  8. My goodness that looks so scary for me & I think she is very much brave enough to do it. Bungee jumping is pretty new for m, but sounds like a thrilling experience & I am sure you all had a great time.

  9. You are one brave cookie!
    But that is quite the adventure!
    Would I do it? I honestly have no idea, but then I didn’t think I’d do ziplining either and I did! Soo I”m always up for adventure I think.

    Love the post.

  10. Minus the free falling, it can’t be too terribly different from skydiving. I haven’t bungee jumped but every time we watch someone they seem to be euphoric after doing it.

  11. I don’t know if I would try the bunjy jumping but the all terrain vehicle sounds more fun to me. Too scared to jump.

  12. I actually jumped last week and it was so much fun because I only heard it 15 minutes before I was going to. I jumped before with AJ Hackett in New Zealand back in 2003 and I didn’t think I’d ever do it again. However, sometimes things happen and well, I jumped again. However, this time it was a duo jump with my guy and we dropped ourselves backwards. So cool!

  13. Ok, I would just never ever do bungee jumping. I’m a 100% sure that I’m too afraid – so I really admire you for your courage to do it (twice!!!). really adventuresome 🙂 However, I’d definitely would like to try the quad bike tour! Sounds like a fun experience.

  14. awww, the adrenaline rush! So proud of you that you did it. I would love to do this and skydiving in the future.

  15. Too bad about your skydiving plans! Sounds like you made the best of it, though, with bungee jumping. Was it bouncy? I really want to skydive but I’m always turned off by bungee jumping being too jerky and bouncy. Glad you went through with it and had a blast!

  16. I can’t believe you did this twice…….BAAAAH! I felt sick watching the video! And I agree with you – the guy who gave you the pep talk looks hot indeed haha! You are one brave lady, i must say! I’ve always been too much of a chicken – never sky dived nor bungee jumped…maybe it’s time to face my fear of heights once and for all! 😉

  17. So brave! I honestly don’t know if I would dare… I really admire that you overcame your fear! Also, thanks for the tip about wearing the proper clothes, if I ever manage to get over myself and give bungee jumping a try I’ll be sure to remember this advice!

    1. Some people complained about that, I mean prior to my experience but for me it was fine…… at that point, it was a breeze already. It was willing myself to jump that was quite tough.

  18. Woow this looks like a great experience! Not sure I’d dare to go bunjee jumping though, I think I’d just be too scared 🙂

  19. oh my gosh this looks so fun it is right up my alley! I love bungee jumping! Congrats on your jump, I hope you had as much fun being scared as I usually do! Also ATV tours usually make me laugh…a lot, they are just so much fun. AHAH. looks like a great day 🙂

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