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Breville Coffee Hub : Facebook Live Sessions

The Breville Coffee Hub : Chef Edward Mateo

Similar to everyone, I too became a recent coffee enthusiast, visiting cafés after cafés — sadly, with the pandemic still around and our household financial budget can’t permit my frequent store-bought coffee luxury, I decided to learn how to make my coffee at home.

To guide me on my home-based coffee-making journey, I turned to my friends who knows the ins and outs of making the perfect cup of joe. The machines they strongly advised are a reliable coffee grinder and espresso machine — and through their recommendation and rigorous researches, I chose to trust Breville to become my stay-at-home companion for making my favorite beverage.

It turns out that Breville has been the leading manufacturer of coffee machines since 1932, and the company brought that world-class quality in the Philippines back in 2012 — and to celebrate their ten (10) years of quality coffee with us, Breville decided to conduct a month-long event called The Breville Coffee Hub.

Professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners in history and makings of coffee can enjoy Breville’s Facebook Live Sessions, featuring free workshops hosted by experts to educate us about coffee and the F&B industry.

Let’s start our ‘ber’ months right by attending the first day of Breville Coffee hub on September 4, spearheaded by the owner of La Royale Patisserie Food Group, Chef Edward Mateo — to help us discover how to incorporate coffee to our desserts. Remember not to miss the chance to learn the intricacy of latte art on September 5, from the Academic Director of Barista Guild Asia – Philippine Center, Dave Dource. On September 11, be a part of the ‘sustainable living’ movement by learning the uses of coffee to our daily lives with one of Breville’s ambassador, Louise Mabulo.


The Breville Hub : Chef Edward Mateo


Attending these workshops can also help give you the edge for the future challenges that will happen during the month-long event. That’s right! Aside from free master class from experts, Breville will also hold competitions to test the participants’ skills and allow workshop attendees to test what they learned.

Chef Louise Mabulo Breville Coffee Festival |
The Breville Hub : Chef Louise Mabulo

Coffee enthusiasts with creative hands are welcome to join the upcoming event of Pour Your Art Out: A Virtual Latte Art Challenge, to compete with other professionals and talented baristas and showcase to the world your mastery of latte art.

Breville Coffee Festival Chef Dave Dource |
The Breville Hub Chef Dave Dource

With the increasing interest in baking and desserts, Breville Philippines made sure to give us bakers a platform to shine through their Coffee Rush Challenge — the company’s first virtual baking competition to see who can best infuse coffee to their baked-goods.

Lastly, don’t forget to register for The Coffee Hub’s free workshop for a chance to win a coffee gift pack from Breville Philippines worth 1,500 PHP.

Sounds amazing and exciting, right? If you’re as excited as I do, then start marking your calendars before September 4 to not miss out on Breville’s Coffee Festival event. I highly recommend also checking the Breville Philippines’ Facebook page for more news and updates of the event. Let’s go and show our love to the world’s favorite morning brew.

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