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Bohol Travel Guide


Touring Bohol: All you can ever want, in one island!


Bohol does our country proud. It has everything: amazing beaches, a vibrant culture, diverse wildlife, natural wonders, timeless adventures, and more. If you haven’t visited Bohol yet, you’re really missing out on something.

What’s that? You don’t know where to start? Well, hang on then. In the next few minutes, you’ll know enough about Bohol to want to catch the next flight to it!

How to get there

It’s very easy to get to Bohol from Manila, as all budget airlines regularly ferry passengers both ways. You can book a flight with AirAsia, Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.

If you’re already in the Visayas area, you can take a Fast Ferry from Cebu and get off on the tourist pier at Tagbilaran. The travel time is much slower, at 2 hours. This pier also serves ships from the capital as well as other provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao area.

For those opting to take the family, car can take the RoRo to Cebu, where they can then take the same ferry to Tagbilaran. Just note that the overland travel time takes around a full day, so bring lots of boredom killers along the way!

Finally, for those who would love a complete vacation package for a hassle-free vacation, you can book Bohol package tours too. Or you can book a Bohol countryside tour as well.

Must-See Spots

Bohol is a gem of a tourist place, and you can take the public transport to many of its best sights. Make sure not to miss the following when here:

  1. Chocolate Hills. Of course! These magnificent hills ― more than 1,200 of them — serve as the island’s most iconic landmark. The 50-kilometer spread of the this National Heritage Shrine should be one of the first places to visit as soon as you land. If you can, visit in the summer to appreciate where the “chocolate” name came from! You can also head over to Sagbayan Peak to get a bird’s eye view of the famous landmark.Bohol-Chocolate-Hills
  2. Tarsier Sanctuary. Aside from the Chocolate Hills, Bohol is internationally known for its tarsier population. Turn off your flashes and see these cute mammals up close in the sanctuary of their home! You can also click here to book your day tour in Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Sanctuary.


  1. Loboc River. You may have heard of the Loboc River Cruise, and the genuinely mouthwatering meals served aboard the floating restaurant. But when you get here, the first thing you will appreciate is the remarkable cleanliness of the river! And if a serene river cruise won’t cut it, there’s also the bamboo hanging bridge that will test your nerves and your tolerance of heights. It’s not for nothing that it’s considered one of the scariest hanging bridges in the world!Bohol-Loboc-River-Cruise
  2. The many beaches of Bohol. From the perfect dive spots of Panglao to the fancy nightlife of Alona, all the way to the serene quiet of Dumaluan, Bohol has enough world-class beaches to last you a lifetime! You can also witness dolphins with your island hopping adventure.Bohol-beach

    Shot by Monique Tendencia . Laptop sleeve by Woven.Ph
  3. Churches. While many of the historical churches were either damaged or destroyed in the 2013 quake, there are still a lot of remaining monuments. Head over to the Loboc, Albuquerque, and Baclayon churches! You can also steep yourself in history by visiting the Blood Compact Shrine that celebrates one of the most important moments in the spreading of Christianity in the country.

    Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream

And while you’re visiting these spots, make sure to take some pasalubong home with you. Aside from the tourist-favorite shirts and keychains, there are lots of yummy goodies you can buy. These include the famous peanut kisses, and the signature brua and calamay. Bohol Bee Farm also creates some delicious spreads that are all-natural and healthy! And if you’re feeling adventurous, bring home some chichaworm — deep-fried, organically-cultured “superworms” that are as delicious as the name is weird!


Food Trip Spots

Bohol is known for its flavorful cuisine, and you can get a taste it by visiting any carinderia on the island. But why settle for this, when you can have supreme dining experience?

For pasalubong

Bohol Bee Farm. For those looking for healthy and organic options, this is the way to go. The food is prepared with the best locally-sourced ingredients, giving a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Photo by Teska Quisao

Amorita Resort. Aside from being a fine resort, Amorita offers a really good dining experience. Savor the mouthwatering dishes that merge traditional Filipino recipes and international cuisine!

picture by Moe Tendencia

Henann Resort. If you’re looking for breakfast, try one of the best breakfast buffets ever! The massive selection is great, and you can eat your fill for the rest of the day.

Henan Bohol
Photo by Teska Quisao

Manga Markets. Looking for fresh catch? Drop by here for seafood fresh from the fishermen’s boats! You can then drop by to the Lic Lic Restaurant just across to have them cooked to your liking.

Aioli Tagbilaran. This one combines 5-star service with classic, authentic Filipino cuisine. The place is a feast for the eyes, too!

Rest and Recharge

Finally, your lodgings are equally important. Here, you get to recharge for the next day of adventure! Whatever your budget level, Bohol has something for you.

For the budget-conscious backpackers: If budget is your primary consideration, you’re in luck. Places like Ladaga Inn ( ~ Php 1,000 a night) have great amenities for the price. It even has conference rooms and a function hall! If you are willing to shell out a couple hundred pesos more, try Alexis Cliff Dive Resort, which is located in Panglao and is just minutes away from the beach.

For those looking for best deals: So you’re not that keen on staying lean budget-wise, but you would like to get the most out of what you pay for. Then try out the Amorita Resort Group’s offerings! Amorita Resort itself offers a posh and carefree stay, while its laid-back sister Momo Beach House offers some time away from the touristy noise.

Swimming pool in Momo Beach House Bohol

For those looking to spend the night like royalty: There’s always something for those looking for the extreme. Places like Astoria Bohol can cost around Php 7,500 a night, but the beachfront property is luxurious. Then on the ultimate end of the spectrum is Eskaya Beach Resort, which is a first-class abode for Php 15,500 a night!

For Pasalubong

There’s a good reason Bohol has stayed in many tourist’s hearts, and that reason is waiting for you to experience it. So mark that calendar and pack those bags! Adventure awaits!



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  1. IT is great you can easily get a full vacation package to save the hassle, but nice you can plan your trip easily yourself too. Some of the food doesn’t appeal to me I must admit, but the pool does!

  2. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Bohol. In fact, it’s super high on my list for my next trip to The Philippines. I’m dying to visit the Chocolate Hills! That looks like a beautiful place to stay!

  3. Chocolate Hills sounds fascinating and intriguing with a number as huge as 1200! Tarsier Sanctuary and a cruise on the river will definitely be on the list. Thanks for the recommendation on the resorts.

  4. What a gem! I hadn’t even heard of this place before! Those chocolate hills look just so amazing! and the Tarsier looks like the HP character Dobby! Wonderful pics, this was a great read!:)

  5. I’ve been to bohol thrice and still couldn’t get enough of it! This is the first time I’ve heard about chichaworm though, how much do they costs? That’s something I want to give as pasalubong :))

  6. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Bohol before, but I really want to go there now! The beaches look wonderful and the tarsiers look so cute! Why are the chocolate hills called that, do you know? I’m not sure I’m adventurous enough to try the chichaworms – I had deep fried silk larvae once and almost threw up! Great to know there’s a range of accommodation to suit all budgets too.

  7. Bohol is so beautiful and there are so many places to see and things to experience, I am sure Bohol holds the promise of some great times. Apart from the beautiful beaches, I would love to visit Bohol for the Chocolate hills and the cute tarsiers.

  8. The only thing I knew about Bohol previously was the Chocolate Hills, so thanks for sharing what else there is to do in the area! Sounds like a lot of great options. Would love to do the river cruise and the beaches look fantastic–the Tarsier Sanctuary would be really neat to check out too!

  9. Didn’t make it to Bohol on my too-short visit to the Philippines but this fits all the magical things I’ve heard. Wonderful shot of a Tarsier too. They can be so elusive.

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