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Bohol : Momo Beach House


Momo Beach House: A Mini-Paradise

One reason we love nature is because it can be so raw. Sure, it’s so nice to look at those well-manicured beach properties and those beautiful man-made structures upon white sand. But there’s something to be said about appreciating nature along with all its rough edges. We don’t mean the type of untamed environment like jungles and desert islands. We just mean staying away from the posh resorts for some time, and trying to find perfection in the uncut jewels we come across.

Welcome Pandan drink in Momo Beach House Bohol

Recently, I was invited over to the Amorita resort in Bohol to witness the launching of AirAsia’s new Santan in-flight menu . I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a much-awaited Bohol vacation!


Amorita was a grand property, and truly world-class . It was that type of resort you would love to go to if you’re looking for complete amenities, where the staff are looking after you at each moment of your stay.

Photo by Moe Tendencio

And against the superstars like Amorita and Alona, Momo beach stands lazily in its own niche. While still classy, the resort is smaller and plainer than its touristy competitors. And yet, within that lies its own magic that keeps its loyal patrons coming back again and again.

Momo Beach

Memories of Momo

Momo is a place where you would go to to relax. It’s better suited for those times when you want to make memories. Whether it’s a sweet weekend out with your significant other or a rowdy time with friends and families, Momo would be on top of your list.

Bohol Momo Beach house swimming pool and hammock

One of the first things I noticed about Momo is that it’s so quiet. I thought Amorita was quiet, but this was something else! It’s like there’s no one else around. That makes it perfect for a staycation, or even a honeymoon. It’s also ideal for those who want to be alone, to rediscover themselves and reflect amidst the humdrum of city life.


Momo is located near a sleepy fishing village, on the opposite side of Panglao island from Alona. Its location amidst swaying coconut trees isolates it from many of the ravaging tourists. Because of this, the place is also less commercialized, and bears much of Bohol’s local flavor!  I don’t just mean in its food. Take a walk around the silence and you will see real people — children playing, fishermen reeling in their catch, and women going about their housekeeping duties. There is no posh veil separating you from the life that Momo invites you to cherish.


Rooms and Amenities

The structures themselves are nature-inspired. They’re plain, rustic, and homey, with no attempt to outshine the beauty of its well-tended gardens. The rooms are clean, and the decor is tasteful yet understated. What will wow you instead, is the way each room offers direct access to Momo’s inviting pool (which in turn leads to the beach)! Furthermore, each item you find in your room is eco-friendly and practical.

Isn’t this really colorful? It’s one of my favorite rooms in Momo Beach House

The beach is beautiful, even if it doesn’t have the perfect white sand other beaches have. After all, how could you resist the hammocks strung between trees, inviting you to spend the lazy afternoons in their embrace? There’s nothing more that speaks “beach life” than this! And if the saltwater does not beckon you, even the turquoise pool is surrounded by hammocks and daybeds, complete with a view of the seascape.


Speaking of the beach life, Momo also has the Beach Tree Café. It serves tasty local food, and has one of the best menus in all of Bohol! One thing I can’t forget is their seaweed fare mixed with mango, which was absolutely delicious. You can also try dining by the beach-side, with a meal complete with traditional puso (rice cooked in coco leaves).

Swimming pool in Momo Beach House Bohol

Service in Momo Beach House


Budol meal in Bohol

The resort staff are friendly and personable, embodying the Filipino hospitality completely. All guests are welcomed with a pandan drink, and our group was even regaled with a boodle meal! It was really delicious! Like all good places, you can also approach the staff for any questions, since they are very knowledgeable about the things you can do in Panglao and in Bohol in general. One of the funny things we learned from them during our stay was how to eat saang, the big shells that came with our meal!

It was my first time to try saang, they taught us how to get it out.

Momo is just that place that inspires one to wonder. It’s not like those many cookie-cutter resorts that litter Panglao. Instead, it has its own character. Staying at Momo does not just mean staying for the beach and the amenities. It means staying for the experience that this secure little piece of paradise has to offer.


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  1. What a wonderful looking place and in a beach paradise too. The Beach Tree cafe seaweed and mango dish sounds delicious too. Thanks for the post!

  2. What a great opportunity and a gorgeous spot. It looks idyllic with the tree swing and that gorgeous pool, an ideal spot to get away from the hussle and bussle for a few days and really relax. Great local food too which is always a big plus!

  3. I love that Momo beach stands lazily in its own niche – we much prefer unique, laid back experiences as opposed to the cookie cutter highly visited “superstar” spots. I love that the rooms and hotel are nature inspired, and built to blend in with it’s beautiful surroundings. Unpretentious beauty! And it’s fantastic that so much importance is placed on being environmentally friendly. Thanks for sharing your time here 🙂

  4. What a lovely little get-away from the hustle and bustle of life. The staff sound particularly nice – it’s always great to find a place with personable employees.

  5. Wow what a great place to stay! Loved the interiors particularly the cushion covers. Amazing food spread too! I might forget going out of the place.

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