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Thursday Quiz Nights + Squadron Meals in Wingman UP Town

Thursday Quiz Nights + Squadron Meals in Wingman UP Town 5

 Wingman Grill

If going out to eat with your group of friends on a Thursday night is becoming more and more predictable and you need to switch things up a bit, I definitely recommend you check out Wingman Grill.

Wingman recently hosted a Bloggers Quiz Night last Thursday night. My fellow bloggers and I were able to test our knowledge and compete with each other while feasting on some tasty wings. The competition consisted of four stages with questions from topics that ranged from general knowledge and one-hit wonders to music, geography and sports.

Wingman Wings

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To keep our energy up and our brain sharp for answering their trivia questions, Wingman provided each competing group with what they call a Squadron Meal (P2,000) enough for eight to ten people, although I have to say that the meal was just about right for me and the four other girls in my group.

Wingman Squadron

The Squadron Meal features a 30-pc. serving of five different kinds of wings accompanied by three dips. We got the Lemon Pepper which did not disappoint. The wings had just the right amount of lemony zest. The Classic Buffalo is one of Wingman’s ultimate bestsellers and after taking a bite, I can understand why. Pair it up with their ranch dip and you won’t go wrong with this. Another crowd favorite is the Garlic Parmesan. Seasoned perfectly, this is perfect for every buffalo wing lover. We also got the Wingman’s original Moroccan Chermoula which I found to be very intriguing. Seasoned with spices from Marrakech, Morocco, this is definitely something worth trying, especially if you want something unique and different from the usual buffalo wings flavors. My personal favorite though has to be the Prairie Fire. Being a fan of anything spicy, I thoroughly enjoyed the volume of heat this had. If you love yourself some hot and spicy wings, I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with this one.

Wingman Sides

In addition to the serving of buffalo wings, the Squadron Meal also included an appetizer sampler of a variety of their sides: onion rings, shoestring fries, classic cut fries, curly fries and potato wedges. We enjoyed munching on these while we racked our brains for some answers to their trivia questions.


And of course, game night won’t be as fun without something cool to quench your thirst. The meal also includes a pitcher of your choice drink: lemonade, iced tea or draft beer.

Black Peppered

To top the meal
off, we had a choice between Deep Fried Snickers and Black Peppered Cake with Ice Cream. We chose the latter which was a very good decision on our part. It’s a moist brownie dish infused with black pepper and topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Similar to the Moroccan Chermoula wings, the Black Peppered Cake was something new to me. The fact that we devoured the dish in five minutes is proof enough of how good it is.


Overall, the food plus the quiz night made the whole thing a very fun experience. If you want to test your own trivia skills, make sure to drop by Wingman on Thursday nights in any of their branches: The Collective, Makati; Butterfly Garden, Newport; Acacia Estates Town Center, Taguig and newly opened UP Town Center, Quezon City.

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  1. It does sound like so much fun, even though I’m really bad at trivia and no one would want me on their team! The food looks good too. I like the appetizer tray. Unique the way it’s served

  2. I love quiz nights! And that appetizer plate would be just perfect. Oooh, but the brownie looks really yummy too (and with black pepper–how interesting)! Mental activity burns lots of calories, right?

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