Edinburgh Travel Guide : Places to see in Edinburgh for 4 days plus Free things to do

Free Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom and one of my favorites in fact. The architecture is absolutely amazing; the structures give you an insight on the lives of the people there before- not to mention the rich history and

Reasons to stay overnight in Corregidor Island with Sun Cruises

Corregidor Overnight Tours

We all know that Corregidor is one of the best spots to do a day trip in the Philippines with its fantastic historical locations and beautiful sceneries. Many tourists, locals and foreigners alike, love visiting Corregidor and with good reason - well, reasons, to be more accurate. But a single

Quiapo Muslim Immmersion Tour with Meaningful Travels PH : Learning more about the Muslim Culture

Quiapo Meaningful Travels

My friends and I have done a Manila tour in the past but it only consisted of a couple of stops such as the National Museum, Paco Park, Rizal Park, and Intramuros. In fact, most of the time when we have foreigners coming to visit, we just bring them over

Mount  Purro Nature Reserve: Treks and Tribes with Mad Travels

Mad Travels

It was a few years back when I tried my very first MAD Travel Adventure in Zambales, and I found myself really enjoying it mainly because of the social enterprise’s platform. See, MAD Travel stands for Make A Difference - and that’s exactly what they’re doing! It aims to provide

Lily Vacation Farm House at Jala Jala Rizal: Chill Staycation for Team Building and Events

Lily Vacation Farm House

These was a time when my brother and I would go to Rizal every weekend to go for a climb or hike. There’s really a lot to do and see in Rizal, like the Masungi Georeserve, Daranak Falls, Daraitan, and much more! Apart from the activity-filled adventure spots, there are

Baler Travel Guide : Explore all these Baler Aurora tourist spots more than just Surfing

Baler Travel Guide

Baler, Aurora, is one of the most popular vacationing destinations in Luzon - the leading cause? Their panoramic beaches just perfect for surfing. Many surfers in Metro Manila love heading up to Baler due to its relatively accessible location in Luzon, but Baler Aurora beaches aren’t all that the Aurora

An Awesome South Rim Grand Canyon Day Trip from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Day Trip

Audrey, Ysabel, and I went on an impromptu trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles upon hearing that the tickets for the Backstreet Boys concert were affordable. We were sitting in the car while driving back from San Diego to Los Angeles when Tina said, “The Backstreet Boys are in

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