Splash Mountain Laguna: Slides, Pools, Hotel in Los Baños

Splash Mountain Laguna

Resorts in Los Baños Laguna: Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel What is Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel? A resort in Los Baños, Splash Mountain Laguna is a resort complex comprised of four (4) hotels in two (2) locations. The first location is a sprawling 5-hectare property comprised of Splash Hotel, Oasis Hotel,

How to spend the Weekend in Atlanta : Atlanta Itinerary for 3 days ( Where to Eat and What to see in Atlanta)

Atlanta 3-Day Itinerary Atlanta is a bustling city filled to the brim with culture, great food and interesting museums, making it hard to explore it all in just a short amount of time. But with proper planning, it’s definitely possible to get the most out of your visit. The following

I Tried Liquor from the Oldest Philippine Distillery Company

Destileria Limtuaco Museum

Liquor Wine Tasting in Intramuros : Another Interesting Intramuros Museum When I hear of museums, I get a flashback to my elementary years when I had to go into museums for field trips, and listen to boring discussions by the tour guides.  Museums for me are hit or miss, there are those

Best Things to do in Paracale Camarines Norte

Best things to do in Paracale

Paracale is a small town located in the east coast of the Camarines Norte province. Famed for gold mining, this sleepy town is slowly being known in the tourism industry as more travelers discover its beauty. This sleepy town is the gateway to nearby Calaguas Island, a popular tourist destination, as

9 Things to Do in Dinosaur Island Clark in Angeles Pampanga

Dinosaur Island Clark

With the recent hype surrounding the popular movie series Jurassic Park, dinosaur island theme parks have risen back into popularity. Who wouldn’t want to mingle in with dinosaurs – the dominant species of this planet 65 million years ago? That is, without the danger from ‘real’ dinosaurs, of course! In Dinosaur

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