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Bloc Salon by Junie Sierra and Co.

There are salons littered all around the city, from many different price points and with many different specialities. If you want to get five-star treatment and good quality salon treatment however, Bonifacio Global City is a great spot to book an appointment. They have their selection of various salons but the one that stood out from the rest was the BLOC Salon by Junie Sierra and Co.

The Bloc

They’ve just opened recently, this Feburary of 2018, but even so, they have already gained a reputation for their friendly, quality service, amazing haircuts and treatments, as well as the variety of refreshments that they offer during your short stay.


Even when standing outside the salon, you can tell that you are in for a high-class experience. They have large, wall-sized windows so you can see what’s going on inside; the name of their salon is plastered up above the doorway and on the wall, so it’s hard to miss when you’re walking past it. It’s located in Bonifacio High Street, right across the parking lot.

Shampoo Area

Walking inside, things only get better. There’s a division between the waiting room and the actual salon area – where all of the magic happens. This helps keep the guests’ privacy, as well.


The chairs where you sit down to have your haircut are luxurious and comfortable, and the mirrors in front of you are big and decked out with LED lights so you and your hairdresser can see the details of your hair better. A large chandelier rests in the centre of the room, hanging by the ceiling and giving the salon even more of an elegant feel. Not to mention, the nice lighting also makes it a perfect place to snap a selfie or two – perfect for before and after pictures of your salon treatment.


BLOC Salon accepts walk-ins, but given their popularity it might be best to schedule an appointment, especially if you plan to get your hair done on a weekday or a holiday.


First and foremost, once you have finally decided on your treatment and cut, you need to sit down by the sink so they can wash up and shampoo your hair in order to prep it up before they actually get to the good stuff. The products they use to shampoo your hair, of course, are of top brand and quality, so there’s no need to worry about ruining your hair or anything like that.


Once they take you to the designated shampoo area, the chair you sit down in is made out of soft, comfortable leather and seems more like a massage chair than it is a salon chair. The lovely chairs have footrests, paddings, and are even able to adjust depending on the customers’ height. But even better, they massage your hair while they shampoo you – it was so lovely and comfortable that I could have fallen asleep.

My hair prior to cutting

The interiors were so relaxing as well. There are plants and paintings up on the walls to create a chill ambience. The salon is very highly organised, with stations designated for each task, such as a mixing station. A unique portion of the salon is the Coffee station, where they make their customers freshly brewed and delicious smelling coffee. Aside from coffee, they also serve refreshing iced tea and most surprisingly of all: good-quality wine.


The BLOC Salon carries a variety of different treatments for your hair as well as your scalp, such as Wella, Aveda, Argila and Davines. I personally decided to go with the Aveda Philippines treatment. Between your treatments, the staff give you a heavenly back massage and the scalp massage they give you while rinsing off your hair feels great as well. My friend Riva even visited me during my stay, and the appointment was made all the more enjoyable and luxurious thanks to their unlimited wine selections.


I’ve always had long hair, so for a change I wanted to have it cut and styled, and the BLOC Salon turned out to be the perfect place to get it done. I was leaving for India, and of course, I knew it was a hot country, so a short do would be the best option. And of course, I just wanted to try something different for once. You can feel safe and secure leaving your hair in the BLOC Salon’s hands because their hairdressers are guaranteed to be experienced – most of them even have up to 20 years experience in the salon and beauty industry. The owner of the salon, Junie Sierra, has also been known to work with and style multiple big-time celebrity names.



The entire treatment process was soothing and relaxing. The cooling factor of the Aveda treatment in the end only added to the comfort. Everything in the salon was relaxing, even their hand gel! And by the end of it I was so happy with what they’d done with my hair that I even decided to post it up on Instagram. Even all of my friends liked the new result.


The scalp treatment was a perfect precursor and relaxing gateway to prep up before my 1 month trip to India. I needed to pamper myself, needed to look and feel good before such a long and taxing trip and the BLOC Salon was the perfect place to achieve the results I wanted.


Also, you can come along with your husbands or boyfriends because the salon also has a designated barber shop area specifically for men to get their hair cut and styled – BLOC Salon has something for everybody.


Have any other questions, inquiries, or want to know the price list for BLOC Salon by Junie Sierra and Co.? The following are their contact details:

The New Look

Telephone/Cellphone number:  (+63 917) 888-0393 / (+63 917) 888-0394


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBLOCbyJunieSierraAndCo/


Instagram page: @TheBLOCbyJunieSierraandCo


The BLOC Salon by Junie Sierra and Co. is conveniently located at Lower Ground Floor, C2 Building, 28th St., Corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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