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Biking in Victoria BC

Biking Around Victoria

A Two-Wheeled Time in Victoria

Learning to ride a scooter has always been on my bucket list. With the worsening traffic conditions around the globe, riding a bike is getting more and more attractive. It’s a good way to travel, and it’s a lot of fun.

When we were in Bali, me and my girls thought of renting one. However, there were lots of hills in that landscape. The steep ground will scare an inexperienced bike rider like me! But when we visited Victoria City, I finally got my chance. We rented a motorbike and I had a real blast!

Victoria is known as Canada’s “Garden City”, with magnificent views and a laidback lifestyle. It felt like the city was left idling as the entire world hurriedly goes it’s stressful way. This is despite a progressive part of the city being devoted to the technological sector. Everyone seems to be biding their time, enjoying the beauty of the city. Living there would be like walking through a garden.

Scooter Ride Karlaroundtheworld

Because it’s not as busy as other Western cities, learning to bike is really an enjoyable experience. Victoria offers good riding places, as well as great views. Motorbikes are not out of place, as there is a great emphasis in two-wheeled transport in general. The city has recently been known as the “Cycling Capital” of the country, and new trails and routes are cropping up everywhere. Bikes can be taken through most transit points. And of course, scooter riders have a good time on the wide open streets.

Here are a few of the best-known bike spots throughout all of Victoria:

Galloping Goose Trail. This is one of the most famous two-wheel routes. It starts off from a busier area, but slowly makes its way through marshes, farmland, and forests. Relatively flat, it is best for beginners and those who want to enjoy an easy ride. The ride lasts for 55 kilometers, offering a good view of both the metropolitan part and the natural side of Victoria.

Seaside Tour Route. This is great for a relaxing time with family and friends. Both the Pacific ocean and the Olympic mountains provide a remarkable vista. There are people who spend the entire day just exploring the route. It goes through some of the most popular sights in Victoria, such as Beacon Hill Park and the Royal BC Museum

Mount Work Trail. If you are an experienced mountain biker and up for a challenge, you can try out the Mount Work trail. Bikers can go for the summit, or work through a cross-country course. This is the perfect trail for mountain lovers, since it offers panoramic views of the Olympic mountains, the Malahat, and the Saanich Peninsula.

Lochside Trail. This is a  29 kilometer route with both off-road areas and regular bike lanes. The trail connects the city to the Ferry Terminal at Swartz Bay. It takes the biker through beaches, agricultural lands, gardens, and marshes.

The West Shore and Saanich Peninsula. The roads here are perfect for those who want a mixture of easy riding and challenging routes. The roads take the rider through beaches, parks, and bays. A good stop along the way are the fantastic Butchart Gardens.

Tour de Victoria. For those fond of cycling, you can have fun in the “Tour De Victoria”. It offers mass participation in a cycling event. The June event gathers more than a thousand cyclists for a 90 and 140 kilometer ride.

Biking in Victoria Karlaroundtheworld

It is said that of all the Canadian cities, Victoria has more bicyclists per capita. Scooter riders aren’t far behind. Because of the prevalence of biking in their place, the residents are very considerate. They can see if you are still trying to learn. When they do, they stay out of the way to prevent dangers. They also closely follow the traffic rules, so there is little to fear about wayward motorists. Beating the red light isn’t something the residents do. Cyclists are also given the same rights as any other person on the road.

Biking in Victoria

We spent some time biking by the beaches. There were some great and memorable views. The experience was made even better by the company of good friends. They were very supportive as I tried to master the two-wheeled contraption. They even keep looking back to see if I was doing okay!

Biking in Victoria

Finally! I have this thing ticked off my bucket list. Perhaps I can hone my skills even further, so next time I can try renting in different places. A scooter would be a nice to way to travel, especially in the next country I visit!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this place but you’ve convinced me to check it out. This now on my list of things to do. Bikes must of been so FUN.

  2. That’s a pretty cool thing to do especially if you’re traveling with teenagers. I’m sure they’re going to enjoy this kind of tour.

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