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Beyond Care: Going Beyond for your Skin Aesthetics Need (QC)

Beyond Care Wellness

These past few months have been really fast-paced. Not to mention how stressful all the recent events have been. Christmas season felt like it just ended. Uganda and Brunei happened. Valentine’s Day felt way too brief. Some unfortunate things have happened in the Philippines too. Things were really hectic for me too. I found myself being more and more sleep-deprived. I was eating way too much and I started worrying about bloating and breaking out. So I thought it was a great time to be pampered.

         I tried out Beyond Care Clinic in Quezon City. I’ve heard about it before and I was in the area too. It’s not too far from the places I frequent. Their recently opened Quezon City branch is found in the Symphony Towers in Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, very close to Timog. It is Beyond Care’s 2nd branch while their Alabang branch has been in business for 7 years.

Beyond Care QC

         I took a quick look of the exterior. It seemed really inviting. The atmosphere in that area is quite chill compared to the rest of the metropolis and I thought that it would definitely be a strategic location for a clinic such as Beyond Care.

Beyond Care QC

Upon entering their establishment, I found their interior both clean, inviting, and relaxing. It has a very zen appeal to it and the motif is also really simple yet aesthetic. The members of the staff were very respectful, and they answered all my questions regarding the proper treatment for me. Feeling welcomed, we then decided to give some of their procedures a try.


         It was my very first time trying RF frequency. For those who are unfamiliar, RF frequency or radiofrequency lipolysis, refers to treatments which heat up the dermis of the skin and not the epidermis which is the top layer. This allows for the production of collagen, a major building block in parts of our bodies like bones, ligaments, and skin and important to maintain the integrity of the body’s structure.

The procedure uses ultrasound energy (the very same kind used to check how healthy babies are in their mothers’ wombs) to destroy the cell walls of the fat which are then naturally released by the body as triglycerides. Everything left behind like tissue and muscles are untouched by this procedure.

RF frequency leaves the top layer of the skin nice, tight and undamaged. It is often used to target sagging skin which comes naturally with age. It was also found to be effective on concerns such as stretchmarks. It would take patience and multiple sessions for long-lasting results but you will still see visible and fast results.

         I have heard a lot about these treatments and thought I should give it a whirl.

         We first started with Focus Shape, a form of FDA-certified non-surgical fat melting. It is noninvasive so you won’t expect any needles or surgery. Let me first explain a bit about the procedure before diving in further. It is also known as a form of body contouring. It helps eliminate stubborn fat which cannot easily be burned with just proper nutrition and exercise (although these are super important!).

Beyond Care Clinic

It’s an ultrasound procedure so it is super gentle on the skin and you won’t experience any irritation! It’s painless and there should be no swelling. It is far more ideal to liposuction which is an invasive procedure and thus is prone to several risks such as infection and organ damage.

This treatment normally takes less than an hour. So you can expect to go about your normal day immediately after. It reportedly reduces 3-6 cm of your waistline in just 3 treatments. Focus Shape is perfect for those who, even with a healthy lifestyle, find it difficult to blast away those love handles. Experts recommend that a healthy lifestyle must still be maintained to maximize the benefits of this procedure.

Beyond Care Wellness

Though I’ve heard about it from some friends and online personalities, it was my first time to try something like it so I was curious. My technician was very nice and accommodating. She explained to me what she would do and what I should expect after the procedure. She said there wasn’t much to expect (such as any pigmentation or discomfort) and she was right! We started by measuring my waist just to show that there’s an effect after. The whole session took 30 minutes but it was painless. My skin felt normal and I’m sure it wasn’t just a placebo effect. It immediately felt a bit tighter so I can imagine how much more effective it would be if I kept coming back.

Beyond Care Wellness Clinic

         These kinds of procedures aren’t exactly for weight loss. It is for shaping the body and eliminating and stubborn fat. We know what it’s like, we do sit-ups or we eliminate rice and sugar from out diet but that little belly bulge is still there. This treatment is perfect for that. It is most suited for people whose body mass index (BMI) does not exceed 30.

We also tried RF frequency treatment on my arms and face. When I went out people did see an effect on my face. Immediately after, I felt my face was tighter and oddly enough, smoother. My arms are one of my more neglected areas and I felt a slight warming which can also be expected from the procedure. Feeling warm though is harmless.

Beyond Care WellnessBeyond Care Wellness

Again, Dr Cecil says that even if the procedure is non-surgical, you may observe effects almost immediately. These are rather short-term though and you might require several sessions for these effects to be more visible and long-lasting. I’ve mentioned it before and I need to emphasize it again: you should still keep ensuring that you have a proper diet and exercise. One session wouldn’t cut it but then it’s a good start.

My friends tried different treatments. Some of my friends tried the Black Doll or carbonated facial and the led light which I have tried at Ms. Esthe’s clinic in Bonifacio Global City. It is also non-invasive and pain-free and is great for minor skin problems. It is a quick procedure which would take up just 10-15 minutes of your time. Carbon lotion which serves as a photoenhancer is first applied. The machine then produces short and high-intensity pulses of light which eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores. It also does well in getting rid of dead skin cells and handling skin issues like any pigmentation or scars.

Just like Focus Shape, you’d need multiple sessions to see long-lasting results. For the Black Doll facial though, 4-6 sessions would be ideal to see a more radiant complexion. When I come back next time, I might also give the Black Doll facial a try.

And thanks to the friendly staff and their excellent service, I am sure I’ll be coming back.

I really enjoyed my stay there and I was impressed overall by the establishment. Beyond Care wants to be able to provide care beyond the clinic. Their clients’ health and well-being are their top priority.  Their staff includes licensed and well-trained doctors, nurses and aestheticians. Being under their care made me feel like I was in good hands.

Packages and Promos right now

Beyond Care Wellness QC

         Thanks to their Heart’s Month Promo, I was able to avail of a 75% discount for my Focus Shape treatment since I went with a friend. If you go alone, the discount is just 65%. Their treatments are not very costly either and you get a bang for your buck. Their current packages and promos are the following: (insert picture)

         Their treatments are worthy of being mentioned. For acne scarring, try the Glow Light treatment or the Mesotherapy. Glow Light uses modern LED technology to target acne scars specifically. Mesotherapy involves the use of needles which merely touch the surface of the skin to allow serums to more easily be absorbed by the skin.

         For skin pigmentation, Beyond Care also provides mesotherapy like what I mentioned earlier for acne scarring. They also provide Glutathione and Vitamin C IVs and laser treatments for hyperpigmentation. Glutathione has become really popular in the Philippines and it has become a key ingredient in soaps. This particular treatment though involves the infusion of glutathione into the veins. A great side effect is that it also helps boost immunity as it is a powerful antioxidant.

Beyond Care Wellness QC

         If you feel that those late nights are causing eyebags, you might benefit from Beyond Care’s mesolipotherapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP, for short). PRP is effective for undereye circles because of the tissue-rejuvenating ingredients in their serums. It helps repair the collagen and elastin under the skin. The serum is then injected into the skin.

         If you feel like your face needs a bit of a lift, you can try the Power Cell Lift (Fine Threadlift). This procedure requires some anesthesia but the pain is close to negligible. The face will be threaded with the help of tiny needles. These threads are absorbable and are an effective way to help lift the eye area.

         In Beyond Care, the client is definitely Queen! It even has hair revitalization treatments for hair loss and for dull hair. Both treatments are for the sake of hair growth and scalp stimulation. You can try fractional needling or PRP. According to some scientific studies, fractional needling is in fact effective for hair regrowth. This is done by causing microtrauma on the scalp which would trigger the wound-healing response of the body. This procedure is similar to those done by plastic surgeons for the treatment of scarring and hyperpigmentation. I might actually refer a friend of mine for this one because he’s been meaning to grow his hair.

Beyond Care Wellness QC

         Beyond Care also provides laser hair removal and other anti-aging treatments. Its diode laser hair removal is already a well-known procedure so it does not require much explanation. The Vampire Facial (for anti-aging) is pretty interesting. It looks quite scary in photos (because it’s like a vampire was feeding on you) but it is popular with international celebrities. It provides a combination of PRP and microdermabrasion. The PRP is different from those applied in other facials because a key ingredient is the presence of platelets in blood which stimulates cell rejuvenation.

         Another interesting RF treatment is thermalift. It’s an FDA-approved non-surgical facelift which uses mild heat to tighten skin. It allows for the tightening of the collagen underneath the dermis and you also see immediate results!

         Other anti-aging treatments include Deep Meso Rejuvenation, Glow Light, and Lip, Nose, Chind and Cheek Sculpting (Fillers). If you want something more known, you can avail of a Face and Head Therapy Massage. Botulinum Toxin Injection or botox is also another well-known procedure used by celebrities worldwide.

Beyond Care Clinic

There is definitely something for everybody here. Once you’ve figured out what cosmetic problem you’d like to address, you’d find that Beyond Care would be able to give you a definite answer.

         My treatment with Beyond Care is really a first for me and despite my being a newbie, I left the clinic confident and glowing. I received many compliments at work and with my friends and family after just one session. I will come back and I am thinking of bringing a few friends who are also fans of anything beauty-related. I’d have to say that their treatments are best for both men and women who are on the go.

         Beyond Care may be found at Unit 1519, 15th Floor, Entrata Urban Complex, Civic Drive, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City (Alabang Branch) or Unit 3C, The Symphony Towers, Tower 2, Esguerra Cor. Timog Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City (Quezon City Branch). They are open from Monday to Friday until 9pm. On Saturdays, they are open until 7pm. For reservations or questions, you may contact the Muntinlupa Branch through the following numbers: 0917 506 6035 / 8846 2614. For the Quezon City Branch, you may contact these numbers: 0917 570 2272 / 8799 7602. You may also conta

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