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Best Rooftop Bars in NYC


Ah, a night under the stars with a cold drink in your hand. Nothing can beat that… except for a night under the neon with a cold drink in your hand! There are some great rooftop bars in NYC, and I wish I could have spent a night at every one of them! Check out a few of these on your next visit to the city that never sleeps.

Pod 39



All that glitters isn’t gold, but I think I struck gold when I found this place! Sitting under the strings of lights was like dining beneath the flightpath of fairies. It is a pretty popular Midtown venue that is more decently priced than most, so it tends to get rather crowded! Still, all of New York City is crowded, so that can be expected. The drinks are good, but the best part of Pod 39 is the gorgeous view of the New York City skyline. Wow! That alone is worth the trip up.

Hyatt’s Bar 54

Hyatt Bar 54


It doesn’t get trendier than Times Square at night. Partying in the heart of New York City is best done at a bar with a view, like Hyatt’s rooftop bar! For those staying at this spendy hotel, the location is convenient. For everyone else, the fight through traffic to get there is still more than worth it. Bar 54 is the highest rooftop bar in New York City, at 54 floors up. This bar’s most popular drink is the cocktails, which you can pair with some light gourmet munchies. Insider tip: sit outside. You can see the twinkling lights of the city from the best seat in town.

Hotel Hugo

Hotel- Hugo

Azul is the name of this scenic bar, and as the Spanish name suggests, its theme is Latin. The Cuban atmosphere of this place fits in nicely with surrounding Soho, and offers some of the yummiest Cuban food you’ll ever try. The bar itself has stunning views and a great look. It looks just the like the photos you see online! The one drawback is that the bar is closed for rain and during the winter.

230 Fifth

Spend your evening in New York City’s largest rooftop garden! Unlike some rooftop lounges, this one is open just about every day of the year. It offers umbrellas and partial heating, too, so it’s not only available but also comfortable. You can enjoy a delicious cocktail served with fine dining rooted in both American and Asian traditions.



This Manhattan rooftop bar is open day and night. It allows you to take a look at the city from above, rather than stay grounded in a place where the sheer magnitude of the city can be overwhelming. Breathe in that fresh air and sip a drink alongside the hipsters of the city. At sunset, the views are just breathtaking. At night, the atmosphere is more like a club, so pick the time of day that’s best for you.

Cantina Rooftop


If you like Mexican, this is the rooftop bar for you. This place has great barbacoa tacos and good drinks, too! One nice thing about this place is that the restaurant also has indoor seating, so you can still get a seat with a view on day with wet weather. Still, the outdoor seating is the beast part of the place! It’s a festive venue with a good menu and even better views of Manhattan.

Gallow Green

Gallow-Green- NYC
Photo from Rooftop Pub Crawl

Gallow Green is not far from Cantina, but it seems a world away from Cantina’s Mexican vibe. Or a continent away, to be more accurate. Gallow Green is a cross between a theater and a rooftop bar. The whole thing is covered in greenery, so you’ll feel like you’re in a charming country estate garden. During your meal, you’ll be served by waiters with fake British accents and get caught up in an interactive dinner theater experience! It’s all a bit corny, but it’s a lot of fun, too. You’ll also get to enjoy the usual rooftop experience of stunner views and good drinks.

The Press Lounge

The- Press-Lounge-NYC
Photo from The Press Lounge

Most New York City rooftop bars are pretty crowded, but The Press Lounge is not. And it’s not because the food stinks, it’s because they don’t let many people in at once! It is a very classy, so you have to look sharp to get in. In fact, there is a dress code. If you aren’t dressed nice, you aren’t going to get past the doors. However, getting fancy is worth it. The view from the top is a 360 degree view of the city, including the Hudson River. Go at sunset for the very best experience.

Top of the Strand

Photo from Top of the Stand

No children allowed! This place is a great bar for a date night. The view is great, both inside and out. Actually, the set designer for Sex and the City decorated the interior! The setup is nice and airy, with both tables and cushioned benches with brightly colored pillows. Another really cool thing about this place is that the roof retracts to give an awesome outdoor atmosphere when the weather is nice. The food is great, and you get more for your money than you do at a lot of other places.

Le Bain

Party rock is in the house tonight! Ok, so that song is so last decade. But Le Bain is totally trendy, and it’s definitely a great place to party. They even have a heated plunge pool! This place gets really wild, and you have to be ready to make quite a night out of it when you go. The bad part is that it can get hard to get in here. The people at the door are selective about who gets inside, and the entrance criteria is not clear. One thing is for sure, though you have to be dressed super nice and also act super nice. Once you get in, the party is awesome!


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