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The Best of Romblon, Romblon

Romblon Romblon

The Marble Capital of the Philippines, the Province of Romblon, have more hidden gems than many of us are aware of. To get to know of these gems, I suggest you start your exploration in its capital town of the Province, Romblon. Let’s find out how to get the most on your trip to Romblon town.


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What to See:


  1. Cathedral of San Jose (St. Joseph Cathedral and Belfry)



The St. Joseph Cathedral is the oldest Catholic Church in the Province of Romblon. It was built, through the leadership of Augustinian Friars with limestone and bricks. It has been declared as a National Cultural Treasure in 2012.


Every 2nd week of January, Romblon celebrates the Biniray Festival. They conduct a procession of the image of Nuestra Señor Sto. Niño de Romblon around the Romblon Bay to express their faith and pay homage. This 12-inch tall image of their patron has been on the island since 1582 or for over 435 years. It is believed to be a miraculous image due to many miracles, especially granted personal favors, that have been attributed to it. In 1991, its original image, however, was stolen and has only been recovered last 2013.


2. Fuerza de San Andres (Fort San Andres)


Fifteen minutes away from the Romblon port, you can find the Fuerza de San Andres. This is one of the two watchtowers built during the Spanish colonial era. The forts served as the island’s first line of defense, especially against the Moro pirates. The second fort is the Fuerza Santiago. But, only Fuerza de San Andres has been preserved.


You’ll need to pay P20 pesos as an entrance fee to go up the Fuerza de San Andres. It is 200 steps high. When you reach the top, the view will take your breath away. You could see the island’s panoramic natural beauty from its busy town and port up to its calming mountains, white beaches, and blue waters.

Romblon-Romblon3. Bon Bon Beach

Bon Bon Beach Romblon

At Bon Bon Beach, you’ll have to go through an area where there are sharp boulders of rocks. It’s only a small area. Just be careful on your steps. Once you pass by that area, you’ll have a complete access to a powdery white sand beach which is a perfect swimming area for a family with small kids.

Romblon public Beach

When you get there during a low tide, you can walk along the sandbar and can then head straight to the nearby island called Bang-ug island. During a high-tide, approximately three-fourths of the sandbar will still be accessible. You can still enjoy a stroll, photo shoot and swim in there.

Bon Bon Beach

4. Nonok Beach

Bon Bon Beach doesn’t have amenities. So, I highly suggest staying at Nonok Beach Resort. It is only beside Tiamban Beach which is also a pristine beach to visit.

Nonok Beach Romblon

For only P50, you can already access the area with amenities. For an additional cost around P1500, you can rent their room with air-conditioning and bathroom. You can also rent their dining area and kitchen located on the second floor where you can prepare your own meal. Island

Cobrador Island is located in the northeast of Romblon Island. 45-minute boat trip to this island will surely be worthwhile. The island offers many interesting attractions you can visit.


Aside from the white sand beach, the Island has Nagoso Cave or Ilaya Cave, which was believed to be an ancient burial cave. Around the island, different rock formations can be seen but may only be reached through boat ride. The island is also a jumping-off point to different diving sites.

Cobrador-Island-Romblon5.Visit the Marble Factories and souvenir shops

Visit the marble factories and souvenir shops. You’ll be able to see how the locals shape and further process the boulders of marbles. You can notice too that different shades of marbles are available. They are export quality materials since they don’t get broken easily.

In the marble shopping center, you can buy souvenirs made of marbles at very affordable prices. You can also request a personalized engraving on your marble key chain.

6. Walk along the Port / Harbour area


Walking along the Romblon Harbour area can be relaxing. Its overall ambiance is comparable to a European harbor.


Along the harbor, you can meet friendly locals. You can get a quick chat and get to know more about the island from the locals’ perspective.

7. Visit the Romblon Sign


Near the Romblon harbor, you can walk around the Freedom park. Then, take a photo shoot with the Romblon welcome sign made of marbles. Just the perfect spot to take your cover photo for your Romblon Town trip.


8. Eat in JD and G Pizza


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