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9 Fun Things to Do to Kill Time While Traveling

Playing golf, taking pictures of awesome sites, going on an adventure tour, and going to local festivals and events are all fun, exciting things to do while traveling. However, to pass the time, we recommend you focus on other activities that are way more exciting than you may think. We start our list of fun activities with online casino gaming.

Play Online Roulette

One of the activities you could engage in to pass the time while traveling is online casino gaming or, more specifically, online roulette. As fun as it is, online roulette gaming may not be possible for everyone. As you know, not all countries allow locals and foreigners to engage in online gambling activities.

However, if you are visiting the Philippines, Japan or Macau, playing online roulette on your mobile device or laptop is an excellent option to pass the time. Travelers to the Philippines have some of the best iGaming options at their disposal, and to learn more about the best online roulette sites in the Philippines, check this page.

Learn More About the Country You Are Visiting

If you find yourself bored while visiting a foreign country, reading is an excellent option to pass some time before you move on to your next adventure. Even though you may want to be surprised by certain tourist destinations in the country you are visiting, it is also a good choice to prepare yourself.

Grab an online brochure or a book that explores your holiday destination to do so. Fortunately, numerous online sites have thousands of eBooks at your disposal, such as Scribd,, Issuu, Overdrive, Open Library, and Google Bookstore. Even if you do not have an eBook reader with you, you can access the content of these sites on your mobile or laptop device.

Spark Engagement with Reading Books

Speaking of reading, another excellent idea to pass the time while traveling is to pick a couple of exciting books from Scribd or other sites mentioned in the previous section. If you do not have a stable Internet connection, you can always grab a paper book which provides a more natural experience.

Whether you are a fan of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code or Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, picking a new book instantly transports you to a wonderful world, and as soon as you know it, the time has passed. If you are into reading, make sure you carry your favorite books on every trip.

Watch Movies and Series on Netflix

If you are more into visual entertainment, we recommend watching movies or your favorite television series on Netflix or some similar streaming platform, such as Amazon Prime, HBO, and Hulu. Suppose you have an account at any of these streaming platforms. In that case, you have hundreds of different movies, series, and documentaries at your disposal at all times if you have an Internet connection.

We recommend you look at the latest Netflix series Selling Sunset, Inventing Anna, Emily in Paris, and Tomorrow. Netflix series You, Dark Desire, Gone for Good, The Blacklist, Behind Her Eyes, and The Woods are excellent choices for fans of thriller and mystery.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music

While all activities to pass the time while traveling are super exciting, listening to music is the most preferred pastime by most travelers. If you want to jam to rock, pop, jazz, or blues tunes, Spotify is the best option as it has all.

If you have a premium account on Spotify, you can enjoy your favorite music any time and any place, even if you do not have access to the Internet. Other options aside from Spotify to listen to your favorite music are Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Qobuz, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora. Each of these services includes a ton of high-quality audio content to keep you entertained for hours.

Consider Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is an awesome way to kill time, especially if you are traveling to a country far away from your home. When meeting people whose native language is different from yours, you get to kickstart your learning adventure by trading the knowledge.

When visiting a foreign country, make sure you communicate with locals and do not be afraid of asking them for help. You should also ask people to speak their native language even if you struggle with understanding all the words. Aside from communicating with locals, you can also benefit from linguistic support online.

Sent Postcard to Your Friends and Family 

If you want to surprise your family and friends while on the road, send them a letter or, even better, send them a postcard. While sending a letter is a bit more serious, sending postcards is an excellent way to kill some time while traveling and do something nice for your loved ones.

To buy postcards for your family and friends, the best option is to visit a local gift shop. You also need to buy stamps. Every postcard should include the delivery address and the recipient’s full name. Before you send your postcards, check the pricing for sending internationally.

Grab Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are not only a fun, engaging activity but also an activity that can help you calm and mentally clarify. If you want to kill some time and you do not feel like exploring different tourist attractions, grab an adult coloring book.

According to reviewers, the best adult coloring books are on Amazon. One of these is MantraCarft’s Adult Coloring Book with awesome animal designs. From Amazon, you can also purchase Sasha O’Hara’s coloring books which cost around US$5. For just US$7, you can also get the Good Vibes: Don’t Give Up adult coloring book sold on Amazon.

Write Your Journey Memoirs

Even if you are not into writing, writing your journey memoirs is one of the best options to kill some time while on the road. Needless to say, traveling creates some of the best memories. If you want to record all those great things you have seen and experienced while traveling, a travel memoir or journal is the best option.

Aside from writing down what you have experienced on your journey, you can also include in your memoir fun anecdotes and even slang you have learned from locals. For the most cohesive narrative, you can use popular journal apps, such as The Five Minute Journal App, Day One, Dabble, Me, Daylio, and Journey cloud.

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