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Beef & Liberty Hong Kong : Burgers worth waiting for

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong : Burgers worth waiting for 12

Beef & Liberty

” A great hamburger takes time to make, we think this one will be worth the wait”

Beef & Liberty, originally from Shanghai, set up shop in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district and has since been the go-to place for burger lovers and basically anyone else who appreciates good food. Being the food junkie that I am, I decided to give it a try along with three of my friends. And I must say we were not disappointed.

The Restaurant

There's the owner and the chef
There’s the owner and the chef


With its large space, floor to ceiling windows, wall murals and overall industrial vibe, Beef & Liberty pulls off the perfect ambiance for a burger and craft beer restaurant. It’s casual but sleek; it looks and feels like a place where creative ideas are born.

The Appetizer

Chili fries, ribs and sweet potato
Chili fries, ribs and sweet potato


We kicked off our meal with the Chili Cheese Fries (HKD68) from their Specials Menu. It was simple but still very tasty.


The Burgers

beef and liberty burger


We ordered the Chili Burger and the Lamb Burger for our main dish. We split them between the four of us. The custom-baked buns were particularly good – they complemented the meat really well.

chili burger beef and liberty


The Chili Burger (HKD118), which had jalapeno slices, caramelized onion and harissa yogurt, was so delicious. The meat was tender, juicy and perfectly cooked. It had the perfect amount of heat – enough to satisfy my taste for spicy food but not too much to overpower the flavor of the patty itself.

lamb burger beef and liberty

The Lamb Burger (HKD108) was also very satisfying. The mint yogurt and cumin went along splendidly with the Welsh lamb, which was really flavorful and had just the right amount of the gamy taste.

Overall, we found both burgers exceptional. The portions were generous, but not so big that you would feel bloated afterward. More importantly, they didn’t leave a greasy sensation in our mouth, which can be a problem with other gourmet burgers.


The Desserts


Eton Mess
Eton Mess

For our first round of dessert, we ordered the Eton Mess (HKD63) which is a meringue dish with whipped cream, strawberries and berry coulis. It was a very sweet affair and was such a pleasant change to our palate.

warm skillet cookie and cream
Warm Skillet cookie and cream

But nothing could prepare us for the heavenly delight that is the Warm Skillet Cookie & Cream (HKD59). Perfectly sweet and chocolaty, a mixture of warm and cold, it’s everything a dessert should be and more. This is definitely a must-try.

The Drinks


The drinks
The drinks

For our refreshments, we got the Moscow Mule (HKD80), Young Master Classic Ale (HKD75) and the Summer Cup (HKD85). Along with the burgers, they made for a perfect combination.



If reading this has made you want to drop by this place, make sure to visit on a Wednesday to take part in their Wednesday Keg Days. From 6 p.m. onwards, they will be opening a Young Master Ale keg and serving it for free (FREE!) to anyone until it runs out. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for other special events and promos

Address : 23 Wing Fung St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Photography by : Kay Dulay

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47 thoughts on “Beef & Liberty Hong Kong : Burgers worth waiting for

  1. The place looks so modern, I love it. I can stay there for an entire afternoon and not get bored. The food looks really good too, I’m a huge fan of burgers with jalapenos.

  2. I am a bit wary about prices when I am on vacation, so this one seems expensive. But I admit the burgers look very good and tempting to try. I hope someone treats me here, hehe. – Fred

  3. Amazing interiors! The presentation of their food is simply impressive. The burgers look small but stuffed/filled which I think is enough for individuals. But I’m more curious of the ribs in the appetizers. How did it taste like? 🙂

  4. Modern looking restaurant and really shows that the owner is a foreign because of the vibe and the food. Food looks appetizing. Esp the cookies with that cream pouring. Omg

  5. Lamb burgers are my favorite burgers! I wanna try Beef & Liberty Hong Kong’s! My husband on the other hand would love a ridiculously spicy burger, the Jalapenos ain’t going to cut it when Habaneros don’t anymore haha. Great review!

  6. The burgers look great. And so do the desserts! So, it seems to be a place to go to if one likes burgers!

  7. The food’s presentation is simply impressive and the place interior is just fine. But I guess, the foods there are quite expensive. Nevertheless, having a munch of a Lamb Burger is something I haven’t tried yet

  8. Love the post, made me hungry though! But anyway, it’s quite sad that burgers are now getting the “unhealthy” and “quick food” quote now, however this article should go viral. Because burger can be really delicious and healthy at the same time!

  9. OH wow, those pictures are incredible and drool worthy! I love finding a good burger no matter where I go, looks like you found a good one!

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