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Bacau Bay Resort in Coron Palawan: Reasons To Stay in Bacau Bay Resort Hotel Review

Bacau bay Resorts Coron Palawan

Coron is definitely the central point of the tourism hub in the islands. Its pristine waters and breathtaking scenery seem like something you could only view on a postcard. This world-class destination is best known for its crystal clear freshwater lakes, underwater World War II wrecks, limestone rock formations, abundant coral reefs, and amazing white sand beaches.

I can never get enough of Coron, Palawan. It’s the definition of paradise on earth for beach-lovers like myself. The municipality of Coron takes up the eastern half of Busuanga Island, the biggest island out of the group of islands named Calamianes located at the Northernmost end of Palawan.

Coron is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. I got to explore this paradise on earth while staying at one of its best resorts, Bacau Bay. With the Bacau Bay Resort as my headquarters, I got to experience firsthand the wondrous things that Coron has to offer.

How to Get to Coron

There are two main ways to get to Coron from other parts of the Philippines: by plane and by ferry.

By Plane

There are several daily flights from different areas of the Philippines heading directly to Busuanga Airport. You can choose to take off from Manila, Cebu, Clark, Puerto Princesa, or El Nido. Once you arrive at Busuanga Airport, you’ll need to catch a jeepney ride that lasts up to 30 to 45 minutes to reach Coron Town proper. To get to Bacau Bay Resort, a quick 5-minute tricycle ride from Coron Town is all it takes.

By Ferry

If you’re in no rush to get to Coron, you can book a Ferry ride to take you directly to Coron Port. From Manila, you can book a Ferry ride from 2Go Travel which is an 11-hour journey. Passengers will be assigned a bunk bed for the whole trip and have access to the ferry’s amenities. If you’re traveling from El Nido, Montenegro Lines has a daily ferry trip that takes no more than four hours to reach Coron Port.

The best part of arriving at Coron via ferry is that Coron Port is just 10 minutes away from Coron Town proper, just a tricycle drive away.

Reasons to Stay in the Exquisite Bacau Bay Resort

Coron Palawan Resorts Bacau Bay Resorts
Bacau Bay Resorts Coron Palawan Swimming Pool.

Bacau Bay Resort is just a quick 5-minute ride West of Coron Town. It’s idyllically located at the coast with its 1.6-hectare property surrounded by mangroves. It feels like we were escaping into our very own tropical paradise. The resort offers 80 luxurious guest rooms, beautiful open spaces sprawled with gardens, and a full-service spa. The serene ambiance of the resort makes it the perfect place to relax.

The resort is just outside the town proper, ideal for guests who want peace and quiet. Its slightly remote location posed no problem for us as Bacau Bay has everything we might need during our stay. The food, the recreational activities, the coffee, you name it.

It’s fairly easy as well to explore Coron from the resort. They have their port and offer guests exclusive tours to the many attractions of Coron.

That’s just the gist of the reason why you should stay at Bacau Bay Resort. Here are some more:

On the way to Serena Pier

Boasts on Wellness

Bacau Bay emphasizes ensuring their guests will have a healthy stay. Their facilities are top-notch that encourage guests to get up and be active while surrounded by the serenity of nature. Their gym is open 24/7. Guests can use it at night upon request. The gym equipment is top quality and surprisingly complete for such a modest space.

There are jogging paths that can let you explore the resort. It makes up for a very idyllic jog with the resorts relaxing scenery. What’s more is that when Bacau Bay has high occupancy, especially during peak season, they offer yoga sessions in the garden.

I especially like that they have the facilities for badminton, kayaks, and standup paddleboards.

But my favorite facility that Bacau Bay offers is their full-service spa, Alon. The name alone had me hearing the relaxing sound of the waves as they crash onto the beach. They offer several services including Swedish Massages, hot stone massages, and Thai Massages. 

We opted for the 1-hour combination massage that was priced at Php 800.00 and it was worth every centavo. The entire massage was incredibly relaxing. I love that our therapists were so attentive. We were asked beforehand what pressure points and which massage oil scent we prefer.

The Food is Delicious

Amihan Restaurant

Like everything else in Bacau Bay, the food is top-notch. We were served most of our meals at their Amihan Restaurant. It’s located right above the resort’s pool and guests have the option to dine at the restaurant’s open-air terrace surrounded by greenery.

I really like that we had a wide array of options of international cuisine at Amihan. All the meals we had were so good. Amihan gives a fine-dining experience using locally sourced ingredients. We have a buffet breakfast every morning from 6 AM to 10 AM. Makes for a perfect start to the day. 

Come lunchtime, our group shared a la carte dishes at Amihan. We were served Four Cheese Pizza and Frutti de Mare Pizza. The ingredients used for the toppings were evidently fresh and the consistency of the crust was just right. We also shared Aglio Olio and Bolognese Pasta which were cooked with just the right amount of flavors. The two pasta dishes were certainly a standout.

It seems like Amihan transformed into a romantic and chill spot come dinner time. We were excited to be served our four-course meals. Everything was made to perfection. We had a great start when we were served oyster soup. I had to request a second serving because of how good it is. We had another appetizer salad topped with mango vinaigrette.

Surf and Turf! The Meal to die for

Now for the main course, the highlight of the night: Surf and Turf. It’s cooked to perfection with a full lobster baked with delicious garlic served with mouth-watering steak. Highly recommended to everyone who is staying at Bacau Bay.

The meal was ended with a serving of dinner: a sweet trio of custard cake, lava cake, and churros. This was a great way to end the day.

Pugon Cafe

Bacau Bay has another restaurant called Pugon Cafe that serves fresh pizza from their Brick Oven and delicious hot coffee. It was sadly temporarily closed during our stay but we were treated to a welcome dinner at the cafe during our first night at the resort.

Every dish for the night was prepared using amazingly fresh ingredients. Our palettes were spoiled with a hearty bouillabaisse soup made up of fresh fish, squid, and local clams called Kibao. The main course is the unforgettable fall-off-the-bone Baby Back Ribs. We never had baby back ribs this tender. It was served along with grilled vegetables and grilled Samaral fish.

Serena Pier Bar and Isla Bar

Serena Pier Bacau Bay Resorts Bar

Bacau Bay also has two bars for guests to enjoy unique concoctions and cocktails while socializing with friends and other guests at the hotel. The Isla Bar is located by the pool and is open from 8 AM to 11 PM. We especially love sipping some cocktail or two at Serena Pier Bar located at the resort’s own marina where we got to enjoy the sunset (more on this later). Serena Pier Bar serves tropical-inspired cocktails and snacks and is open from 8 AM to 11 PM.

The Rooms are Big and Spacious

We stayed at one of Bacau Bay’s Deluxe Rooms. It’s more than enough for two adults with 35 sqm of space. The room is beautifully decorated with a modern oriental design. I especially love the seashell details on the blanket. 

We were spoiled with the amenities in this room: two queen-sized beds, LED TV, an alarm clock with speakers, a mini-fridge, a safety deposit box, a tea percolator, and an espresso machine. We also received a goodie basket! The best part is the floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors that open to the balcony overlooking the gorgeous bay.


If you want a more luxurious experience, Bacau Bay Resort also offers 15 Premier Suites, each with a bigger space of 47 sqm and a king-sized bed. They also have a Presidential Suite made up of 2 bedrooms and 144 sqm of space. Every room in the resort comes with a balcony to treat guests with amazing views and complete amenities.

The Coffee is Good

We had our own espresso machine in our deluxe room and that alone makes the stay at Bacau Bay 100% worth it. What can I say, the coffee was delicious. One of the best parts of our room for sure.

Sunsets at Serena Pier Bar

Another highlight of the resort is that it has its own port. No need to visit the town proper to enjoy the famous Coron sunset by the ocean, you can enjoy just that at Bacau Bay’s port while enjoying a sip of a delicious cocktail at the resort’s portside Serena Pier Bar.

Don’t forget to take a stroll on the docks during the sunset. The view of the sunset with its soft hues of yellow, pink, and orange and the mangroves by the water was just spectacular. You can enjoy the view while sipping on your cocktails at the Serena Pier Bar’s nettle beds above the water.

The Staff are Super Attentive

No resort experience can be called truly amazing if the staff are not 100% professional and attentive. Bacau Bay Resort has that and more. From the moment we stepped foot in the resort, we were greeted with warm welcomes from everyone, including their friendly GM, Gilbert Uy. 

Their service was exceptional. All our needs were catered to without us even asking or before we even thought of asking for anything. While checking in, we were treated with refreshing lemongrass drinks and our luggage was automatically sent to our rooms when we were having lunch.

On our second day, we were sent to the Marina with a package of tanning pillows, towels, snacks, and refreshments. We feasted on a Boodle Fight at Banol Becah for lunch and were treated again with surprise snacks as we hiked down Kayangan Lake. When we returned to the resort’s port from the day of island tours, we were greeted again with drinks and cold towels. The staff’s hospitality was just astounding!

The staff and crew of Bacau Bay make up for half of the great experiences we had during our stay in Coron.

Things to Do in Coron

From Bacau Bay’s posts, we got exclusive access to the top destination and fun activities in Coron. The resort offers exclusive tour packages to guests and we are not about to let this opportunity to experience the wonders of Coron pass. We spent three days at Bacau Bay and three days discovering what Coron has to offer.

Here’s what our itinerary looks like:

Day 1: Arrival at Coron

On our first day at Coron, we were escorted to Bacau Bay by a resort staff holding a placard. It was a warm welcome and we were escorted straight to our respective vans that will take us directly to the resort.

Once we checked in at the resort and settled into our rooms, we explored the facilities of the hotel. Bacau Bay has everything from a function hall, restaurants, bars, a 24/7 gym, a full-service spa, an activity center for kids, and recreational activities like kayaking, sungka, board games, lawn tennis, and many more.

We spent most of our day 1 at the resort kicking back and relaxing. We swam at the pool, get treated to delicious food, and enjoyed the sunset at the resort’s private jetty. We ended the day with great food for our dinner at Serena Pier Bar.

Day 2: Exploring Coron

Day 2 is when the excitement kicks in. Our group visited the top destinations in Coron with the help of the amazing staff of Bacau Bay for our Coron Island Tour Package.

Kayangan Lake

The first stop on the tour is Kayangan Lake. Probably the most iconic destination in Coron and is also the most photographed spot in Coron. The lake boasts to be the cleanest lake in the country. We hiked up the cliff to get a full-scale view of the beautiful lake and the surrounding limestone formations. It was a sight to behold. We hiked down and enjoyed a swim in the lake.

The amazing overlooking view of Coron

Barracuda Lake

Another breathtaking destination on the tour is Barracuda Lake. We got to try freediving and swimming with the fish. We got to see the limestone cliffs stretch down deep below the crystal clear waters of the lake. It feels like we were in another world. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera to capture the beauty of this surreal destination.

Twin Lagoons

Twin Lagoons

Next up, we visited the famous Twin Lagoons, two saltwater and freshwater lakes separated by a narrow opening. We got to snorkel at probably one of the prettiest lakes in the country. We crossed through the small opening which was slightly unnerving but certainly makes up for a unique experience.

Lunch at Banul Beach

Come lunchtime we arrived at a gorgeous strip of white sand with limestone cliffs at its backdrop called Banul Beach. We had an amazing Boodle Fight at one of the beach’s cottages courtesy of Bacau Bay.

Coral Garden or Shipwreck

The last activity before getting back to Bacau Bay is kayaking and snorkeling to view the Coral Gardens. You also have the option to go for a dive 10-15 feet under the water to view Skeleton Wreck, a sunken Japanese shipwreck from WWII.

Kayaking at Coral Gardens for Sunset

Day 3:

On Day 3, our last day at the resort, we got to use the outdoor pathways through Bacau Bay’s gardens. The resort has them everywhere. It’s hard not to stay active when all the facilities are at your disposal.

After our morning workout, we cooled off at the pool. The water feels great in this summer heat. The sun loungers are the perfect place to relax, take some refreshing drinks, and enjoy our stay in Bacau Bay.

Mt. Tapyas

One of the last popular destinations we visited in Coron was Mt. Tapyas. Climbing Mt. Tapyas was a different but good kind of experience just of how different it was compared to all the lagoons and pristine tropical locations we visited. 

Climbing the paved pathway and stairs up the mountain can be done by anyone. But the 210-meter climb is a test of endurance, especially if you’re not used to activities like hiking. Mt. Tapyas is the second-highest mountain on the island and is very accessible from Coron Town.

The climb up left me gasping for air but the view was all worth it. I recommend climbing up during sunset to get an amazing view of Coron. A great view to end our experience in Coron.

Santino’s Grill in Coron Town

Once we got back down, we decided to have a meal at the local Santino’s Grill located at the heart of Coron Town, and it’s famous for its baby back ribs. We were so delighted with the selection that they have. Everything item that we picked out was mouthwatering. We tried everything that we could.

We started with their Sugpo Soup which was perfect. The flavors were tickled our palette and the ingredients were fresh. We also had their crab which was so good. We can tell that they serve the freshest ingredients. We also had chicken cashew which was made with just the perfect mix of flavors, nothing is overpowering. 

And last but not least, their famous baby back ribs. The ribs melt in your mouth. Just describing it makes my mouth water. It seems like everything we tried in this restaurant elicits an “oh my god” from us because their food was that good. We highly recommend eating a meal at Santino’s Grill whenever you’re in Coron.

Why Visit Coron

Coron is practically synonymous with paradise in the Philippines. What’s not to love? It’s one of the best diving destinations in the world with its crystal clear waters, shipwrecks, and thriving coral reefs. It’s a total dream to visit even for us non-divers. Swimming in the lagoons makes for unforgettable experiences and the people are warm and welcoming, especially if you stay at one of Coron’s best resorts like Bacau Bay.

How to Book Bacau Bay Resort Coron Palawan

Address: Governor’s Drive, Sitio Jolo, Poblacion 5, Coron, Palawan 5316

Contact Number: +639957603444, +639957603445



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