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B Hotel Alabang, Heart of the Business District

B Hotel Alabang

For the past couple of years, I’ve been frequently going to Alabang to visit my good friends who live in the area but I was never really able to take the opportunity and explore the full vicinity – apart from their houses. So, you can imagine the excitement felt when Tina and I were invited for a stay at the B Hotel Alabang!

Alabang, a developing part of the city with brand new hubs for food, drink, malls, events and hotels in the South. It’s also one of Muntinlupa’s biggest business districts, which B Hotel just happens to be nestled in the heart of.

B Hotel  Alabang

B Hotel is a member of the Bellevue Brand, a chain of hotels and resorts which have a reputation for top of the line facilities and great, Pinoy-brand hospitality – knowing the prestigious name that stands behind the hotel, one can’t help but look forward to a quality visit and staycation. While it’s a 3-star hotel and certainly not as luxurious as Bellevue’s other projects, B Hotel is undoubtedly a great place to stay at a price that doesn’t hurt the budget.

B  Hotel Alabang

The prime location is another reason to book. People who want to stay within the bustling city or businessmen who need to be near the office will love the B Hotel, located in Madrigal Business Park; which aside from businesses hosts lots of restaurants and shops like the ones in Alabang Town Center – so you’ll hardly ever find yourself bored.

Aside from our overnight stay, this was going to be a Meet and Greet and Introduction for the new menu of their in-house restaurant, the Prime Cafe – this made my foodie friends and I all the more excited to experience B Hotel Alabang.

Checking In

The facade of B Hotel is a sight in and of itself – the modern building framed with greenery fits in well with the high-end aesthetic of the entire street. We entered the hotel to be greeted by kind, helpful staff and a spacious lobby with high ceilings, equipped with comfortable seating areas you could wait in while pending check-in – but really, you’ll barely be using them since we personally didn’t have to wait very long.

B Hotel Alabang
B Hotel

Even if you did have a wait, the calming ambience and hospitality (we were immediately welcomed with juice!) are sure to make time fly by quickly. Definitely, the staff here boasts the 5-star service that the Bellevue brand is known for.


To get to the rooms, visitors are given a key card which activates the elevator and the hotel rooms which is really reassuring for travelers who want to make sure all of their things are as secure as possible.

The Room

We got a matrimonial bedroom. It was quite big, so space definitely isn’t an issue. Upon arriving we were greeted to the sight of a soft, fluffy bed and pillows, as well as a television with lots of local and cable channels to entertain you throughout the day.

B Hotel Alabang Room
B Hotel Alabang Room

The room is equipped with chairs, a large work desk, complimentary dental and bathing kits, and a minibar with free water, cups, and a water heater so you can get your fix of a hot cup of coffee or tea without having to leave the room. The bathroom is clean and even built with a bidet.

B Hotel Alabang Bathroom
B Hotel Alabang Bathroom

The hotel room also comes with free wifi – it was really strong so we used the opportunity to immediately get to work. But there were times when Tina and I literally just ended up relaxing on the spacious, comfy bed – I’d watch Netflix while she would play Candy Crush (yeah, that’s how you know we were really on break), with our laptops completely out of reach. The hotel room is decorated with modern decor and nice, warm lighting that really makes you want to sprawl and out and laze around – the high speed wifi definitely aggravates that desire all the more.

B Hotel Alabang Keycard
B Hotel Keycard

If you want to let some light in and draw open the curtains, you’ll be greeted to a nice view of the perimeter behind the floor to ceiling windows. It’s definitely a good spot to watch the sunset after a long day.

B Hotel Alabang

They also have other rooms available depending on your needs, like the penthouse suite which boasts condo-style decor, complete with appliances for your cooking and dining needs for the full experience of a home away from home.


  • GymB Hotel Gym
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi: Found on the second floor – you have to register at the front desk first, though.
  • Pool: If you want a pool, you can ask for a shuttle at the front desk and they’ll happily take you to Bellevue (the sister hotel). There’s a shuttle back to B Hotel if you need to return, it’s very easy and convenient to get a ride between the two establishments. The place is only 5 minutes drive to Molito, it’s in the business district too.

Prime Café

Prime Cafe
Prime Cafe

I’ll send the new menu for this

We had a full night of celebration with Jinki Vidal, live entertainment and unlimited gin tonic.

The Breakfast


Our stay came with a complimentary breakfast buffet – a delicious spread with plenty of choices and good coffee to top it all off. You can stack up your plate with pancakes, sausages, pork & beans, and much much more. It definitely doesn’t disappoint a hungry tummy.


All in all, if you’re looking for a great place to stay in the South business district near all of the fun and events in Alabang all for an affordable rate, the B Hotel is a wonderful choice you won’t regret – the prime location is one thing, but the great service and complete facilities offered will make your stay as comfortable and memorable as it gets. Tempted to book your very own staycation in the heart of Muntinlupa? You can visit or contact B Hotel with the information below:


B Hotel, Alabang

2107 Prime St., Madrigal Business Park,

Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780

Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact number: (02) 828-8181


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