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Azzurro Hotel, A good place to stay in Pampanga

Azzurro Hotel Review

Pampanga is an easy drive from Manila. With the P2P from Manila to Clark, it makes it even easier. Hence, I find myself back and forth from Manila to Pampanga this year. Seems like it’s a fast developing area and have you heard? They are turning Clark into a Green city, isn’t that great?

This April, we attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Pampanga. Instead of going for the day, we decided to make a weekend out of it. I wanted to explore more of Pampanga. Thanks to a newly found friend, Armela, we got to try a lot of interesting restaurants in Angeles, Pampanga. Well, mostly, we did a food crawl. I always thought that Pampanga’s food was only about exotic meals which is why I never took to it. Only now did I realize that OMG, there is a lot of really good restaurant in Pampanga that’s worth going back for but I will talk about that in a different article later on. That being said, I know that I will constantly visit Pampanga this year and explore more of its terrain and its cuisine.

FrontRow Hot Air Balloon Festival Clark

During this weekend, we chose to stay in Azzurro Hotel not only for its distance but also due to the promising feedback I heard.
The hotel is located at 4895 Mon Tang Avenue, McArthur Hi-way, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines. A place packed with bars, restaurants, entertainment shops, and malls, which made the hotel’s strategic location as a provider of convenience, granting access to numerous establishments within walking distance.


Reasons to stay with Azzurro Hotel

Convenient Location

Even at their website, Azzurro Hotel stated their pride in the ideal location their hotel has. A quick check on their location at google map and you’ll see orange pins spread across its vicinity, indicating the array of dining areas around the place.
There’s also a nearby shopping mall, convenient stores and plenty of well-known banks, providing access to everything you need without the hassle of traveling far-away. Most of the places we found to be part of the Where to Eat in Pampanga are within walking distance or a short drive/ tricycle away from here.

Night Life

My friends living around the area said that the streets around Azzurro Hotel never sleeps, and I attest to that. Aside from the nearby bars and resto, The Capri Lobby Café and Bar at Azzurro Hotel also hosts live music and flow of mixed cocktails during the night time to provide guests entertainment even during the wee hours. Don’t worry, I still slept peacefully on the 4th floor despite everything that’s going on in the rooftop. But if you’re in for a nightcap, it is a good place to hang out.

If you are one of those who has had a long day and would love to relax instead, then a 5-minute walk away from Azzurro Hotel is La Armonia Theatre Spa where you can have either a massage or you can also opt to have a foot spa or a foot massage while watching your favorite movie.

My friends and I opted to do a foot massage while watching Mama Mia ( complete with 1 box of popcorn and unlimited Iced tea). Let’s rewind a little, we had just finished watching Tulauk, a re-enactment of Jesus’ life but in Kapampangan. No, I do not understand Kapampangan but context clues and well, I love musicals and I know the stories from before so I just enjoyed the acting and the music. Occasionally, Armela or Allan will translate what’s happening so I get a grip of what’s going on.

Azzurro Hotel  Pampanga

Unfortunately, it was set in an open field where heavy rain suddenly fell. I was drenched from head to toe. Luckily La Armonia Theatre Spa had a bathroom complete with toiletries that allowed me to shower before having a foot massage.

Azzurro Hotel’s Room Selection

The interior design and selection of earth-toned hue as the room’s color palette, made the quarters on Azzurro Hotel feel spacious, neat and relaxing to the eyes.
Our chosen room consisted of two beds; fast wifi-a handy inclusive since I always need it with my line of work; and, a bathroom with good running water.
Aside from our room, there’s also five more bedroom selection and lists of amenities each chamber have: 

• Wifi
• Private Bathroom with shower
• Air-conditioning unit
• Coffee/tea making facilities
• Dressing table
• Electricity adapters
• Hair dryer
• In-room safe• Iron and ironing board
• Telephone
• Complete set of toiletries
• Writing Desk
• Cable TV
• Wardrobe
• Refrigerator

Standard Room
Room size: 30m²
Price: 4,500

The standard room has one bed, working desk and dresser, which is enough facilities for business travels, couples or someone whose checking in for a short amount of time.

Deluxe Twin
Room size: 35 m²
Price: 5,000
The two bed of the deluxe twin room, is suitable for a family of four, providing both the children and parents separate sleeping areas.

Deluxe King Room
Room size: 22.75 m²
Price: 5,000Couples or business travelers looking for a room with a great city view may opt for their Deluxe King room. The King size bed and breath-taking scenery overlooking the bedroom is a worth it splurge for those who are visiting for leisure.


Junior Suite
Room size: 45 m²
Price: 7,000
The room provides a king size bed, living area, and a connecting Deluxe twin room to accommodate a group of 5-6 people. The city view from the Junior Suite would be a sure hit for your family or friends.

Deluxe Suite
Room size: 50 m²
Price: 8,000

The Deluxe Suite has a king size bed, lounge area, in-room spa, and bathtub, providing the guests with the services to relax their selves thoroughly during their stay.

Executive Suite
Room size: 52 m²
Price: 10,000

The spacious flat and the amenities to entertain visitors made the executive suite, ideal for those who plan to host a party on their room. The place has a living area, dining room, kitchen, and bar, plus the spectacular view of Mt. Arayat from the convenience of your chamber.


• The rates mentioned above are for one (1) night stay only (check here for promos and updated rates)
• A charge equivalent to one (1) night stay will be charged for late or no show guests.
• Canceling your reservation should be done three (3) days before your appointed stay.

Hotel Facilities

The Capri Lobby Café and Bar-

Inclusive of the room packages is a free breakfast meal held at the Lobby. During my two-day stay, they served different dishes, which made me assume that they have different daily menu breakfast, and that’s fantastic because you won’t be saturated eating the same type of food if you plan to stay on the hotel for a few days.

If you’re afraid to miss the breakfast meal, the staffs will inform you for the last call of the kitchen refilling the food.

Terraza Roof Deck Restaurant-

As I mentioned earlier, they offer live music, snacks, and cocktails to go with your night parties-It’s also open 24/7 so you won’t worry going out of the hotel to grab a bite.

Jet Jacuzzi Pool and Sauna

Situated at the Hotel’s rooftop is a jet Jacuzzi pool where you can relax. We all look for a pool every now and then especially during this summer season, this may be small but it’s good enough if you just want to relax. It’s not a lap pool. It’s more for sit, chill, talk and have a jet massage.


While the gym is small, the tools and equipment they have are enough to sustain your daily fitness workout.


• Front desk 24/7
• Room Service 24/7
• Housekeeping Services 24/7
• Conference Room
• High-Speed Internet – Wireless
• Airport Shuttle Service (Surcharge)
• Shuttle Service (Free/Surcharge)
• Tour desk

We truly enjoyed our stay in Azzurro Hotel. Honestly, the location is it’s biggest draw but apart from that the service, the food, and the room made our stay even better. My friends and I all came to the conclusion that this is a good base while going around Pampanga.

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