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What to do in Mahabalipuram : My Ayurvedic Healing Massage Experience

In the last entry about Chariot Beach Resort, I barely brushed over my experience of getting an Ayurvedic massage. But it was a really unique experience for me that it deserves its own entry.


Along with the other interesting activities at Chariot Beach Resort, this special kind of massage caught my eye as a new experience I could get onboard with. Having a massage right across a great view of the ocean is fantastic on its own. But with such a special experience as the Ayurvedic massage, it’s definitely the best hit, and a fantastic reason to want to visit Chariot Beach Resort . It was nice to have this especially after the adventure outdoor activity they have in the property.


What is Ayurvedic Massage?


To start with, it’s a massage native to India that is said to have a healing effect on the mind, body, and spirit thanks to the effects of the oil in relaxing and repairing the body by releasing toxins and allowing the body to absorb nutrients. It works on the concept of man being made of five elements that make up each part of who we are. The benefits of this massage include: healthy blood circulation, relaxation, better sleep, smoother complexion, and toxin release.

That’s a lot of benefits. Massage by itself already has tremendous therapeutic effects on the body. But combined with their special oil that is so soothing on the skin, having an Ayurvedic massage proves to be a unique experience altogether.


It was my first time to have this particular kind of massage. I was really curious to try it out. And thankfully, it did not disappoint.

It starts with your massage therapist leading you into the room, facing the bay. You lie down on an intricately-carved and uniquely-shaped wooden massage bed. Above, there is a pot of oil that gets manipulated by your therapist to apply generous amounts of oil on your body immediately.

My massage therapist was from Kerala and she did an excellent job with the massage. The combination of those strokes and the beautiful view of the waves along the shore really did it for me. It really felt like a healing experience with how both my mind and body were able to just relax and let go of the stresses of the day. While spending the sunset is really breathtaking out on the beach, I think that watching it from the massage room while getting a relaxing treatment would have been just as enjoyable.


That said, Ayurveda uses a lot of oil compared to other kinds of massages because of the belief that the oil has plenty of therapeutic effects for the body, and allowing it to be absorbed by the skin will make its effects work even better. It did feel super relaxing to me. In fact, my favorite part of the massage was when they applied lots of oil and worked on the pressure points on my head. It was when I was most relaxed during the massage. My masseuse certainly knew how to work those hands, and found my sore spots. They were able to bring that healing touch quite efficiently, and I was really happy with the results. The warm oil being dripped from a dangling pot may have been a factor. It was relaxing even before the massage even begun.

It is said that Ayurvedic Massage is best done in the morning to be able to release toxins and promote absorption of nutrients early on. But I felt that it would be hot in the morning, especially because of the oil. But there is a ceiling fan so I might be wrong about that. Still, I opted to have a massage late in the evening so that it’s cooler. I don’t think it affected the experience that much. But because the massage relaxed my body and made my mind feel really alive, maybe it would have had a great effect and made me more able to do tasks throughout the day.

After the massage is finished, I was directed to shower right after, to be able to get the excess oils off. Conveniently, there is a shower located inside the room. And it’s really refreshing to take a bath right after the massage. You can just feel the stress go away.Chariot-Beach-Resort

That said, I really do recommend having the Ayurvedic massage at Chariot Beach Resort. All the stress of the day when taking a trip just melts right off. Afterwards, I felt ready to start exploring again, just like having a fresh start. If I were to go back to India, this is definitely on my list of things to do again.

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