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Presotea Starts Brewing in Robinsons Magnolia!

Presotea Milk Tea

Ahh, milktea! Bless the day it was invented. Or rather, that day when some enterprising businessman decided he could flood the streets with it and the public will be grateful. Today, milk tea shops can be found almost everywhere, with new names and flavors popping up all the time.Tina and

Why you need to visit Asheville, North Carolina (Plus, things to do in Asheville)

Things to do in Asheville

Tina and I have been wanting to tour the USA together for quite some time now. We’ve both visited on separate occasions, but never together. Last 2016, I spent around 6 months exploring the USA. This year, I spent nearly 3 months exploring even more parts of the country.Trip planning

Slab City Salvation Mountain and East Jesus Day Trip: Art in the Outdoors + Salton Sea

Sidelining to The Slabs, The Last Free Place In America When people say that America is a free country, they only know half of the story. Truth is, the place can get pretty much constricted, across all fronts. There are rules and regulations everywhere (like all civilized places), and freedom is